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Rewritten July 16 2010

A Flowers Friendship. A Fox's Loneliness.

Ch.1 The story begins

This is my first Naruino fanfic. Actually this is my first romantic fanfic ever. Enjoy!

Naruto strolled down the street in an excited state of anticipation. He had finally convinced Sakura to let him take her out on a date and she was waiting for him at Ichiraku. All he had to do was impress her enough that she'd agree to a second date and his "Dating Sakura" plan could come to fruition. But how to impress her? He supposed he could write her a poem like Lee had done for Ten-ten, than again he never was the type to put feelings onto paper. Shikamaru had said to get her chocolates, the woman's natural weakness, unfortunately all Naruto had was three dollars. He couldn't afford nice chocolates and he doubted the Sakura would be impressed with a candy bar. So what?

"Agh! Isn't there something I can do?"

Naruto hung his head in defeat and from the corner of his eye he saw a yellowish Dandelion. Naruto picked it up and stared at it, eye's wide. Then his trademark grin broke through and he jumped glee.

"Of course! A flower! And I know just who'll sell me one for cheap!"

Naruto grinned and ran off for the shop where another certain blond was working.

Ino Yamanaka sighed reading her magazine. She was stuck running the shop on such a slow day. She wished she could be out in the village shopping or gossiping with the girls in the hair salon.

"Why can't I be there, it's not like some ones going to come in at seven in the evening."

Ino decided to drop the magazine and continue with her pet project. She brought out her favorite vase and went around the shop picking one of each flower. She put it in the vase and looked at the mass of jumbled colors and aroma's . Never before had someone attempted to make an arrangement out of completely mismatching flowers, but she could do it. She was the best there was at what she did. Still though, as time went by she hadn't gotten very far at arranging it. She sighed and heard the door chime.

"Hello, welcome to the Yamana- oh, it's just you Naruto."

"Wow, thanks for the warm welcome, who ever heard of customer appreciation?"

"Shut up Naruto, what do you want?"

"To buy a flower of course."

"Really?" She said noting how he was dressed "Well who's it for? Hinata finally pluck up her courage?"

"Huh? No, w-why would you ask about H-Hinata?"

' That was strange.' She thought. "Well never mind, so are you gonna tell me who it's for?"

"It's for Sakura-chan."

"Forehead?" Ino yelled, "That klutz finally agreed to go out with you?"

"That's not a nice thing to say about Sakura-chan Ino." Naruto scolded, "And as a matter of fact she did."

'Wow, Sakura must be wearing down.' Ino thought, "Well then, what kind of flower do you want?"

Naruto grinned and lifted the Dandelion he was holding for Ino to see.

"I want something like this." He said overzealously.

"You want a weed?" Ino asked in disbelief.

"What? No!" Naruto said exasperated, "I want something with the symbolism of it. This Dandelion was growing from a crack in the street. It shouldn't have been able to grow, but it didn't let anything stop it from becoming what it wanted to b, from doing what it most wanted to do. It lived, and it brought what little beauty it had with it."

Ino raised her eyebrows, touched at Naruto's speech. She had never heard someone describe something so insignificant so beautifully. She didn't think Naruto was capable of it.

'But I guess every one, even Naruto, has a moment of insight.' She thought.

"Okay then" She said aloud, "I think I may have the perfect flower. Wait here for just a second."

Ino moved from behind the counter and looked for the flower. Naruto decided to go over to Ino's flower arrangement and check out how the flowers were. He began picking each one and began taking in their scent's. No one knew this about Naruto, but he loved flowers. He had always had a heightened sense of smell because of the Kyubi and flowers just seemed to soothe him. He set the flowers back in the vase and heard Ino's shriek of anger.

"What are you doing?"

"Huh, what? Hey! Ino, what the hell?" Ino shoved Naruto out of the shop and he fell onto the street. He got up and glared at Ino in confused anger. "What did I do Ino?"

"You've ruined my flower arrangement, that's what! Now I'll have to start all over again!"

"Sorry, I didn't know." Naruto said, looking away ashamed. Ino relaxed a bit and her anger subsided.

"It's alright I guess. I shouldn't have blown up like that. Here, it's on the house."

Ino handed Naruto a pinkish-yellowish flower with long curving petals and a slightly glowing stem. Naruto looked at it in wonder and Ino giggled internally at how innocent his face looked.

"Wow, it's beautiful." Naruto said in awe. "Thank you Ino-chan, I really appreciate it."

"Hey!" Ino said as Naruto ran off. "Make sure you treat forehead right!"

"I will!" Naruto yelled back and disappeared around the corner.

Ino smiled to herself. 'Good luck Naruto' Ino turned back into the shop and went towards her flower arrangement. She looked at it and was shocked. It didn't look ruined at all. In fact, Naruto had put the flowers back in a way that looked head and shoulders above her own. It still wasn't quite there but…

"Hmm," Ino said thinking, "This here…then this…"

Naruto took a deep breath and walked over to Ichiraku's. He sat down next to Sakura who smiled at him.

"Hi Naruto." she said. She looked him over and her eye's landed on the flower. "Wow, is that for me?"

Naruto smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I thought you might like one and Ino helped me pick it out."

"Wow, thank you." Sakura beamed at him and gave him a hug. Naruto stiffened and could feel his face getting red. Sakura let go and took the flower, putting it in her hair.

"So, you hungry Sakura?"

"Starved! I haven't eaten a good meal all day!"

Naruto smiled and slapped down on the counter.

"Alright then! Hey old man Ichiraku!"

"Well what can I do for you Naruto, Sakura."

"Remember when you said the day I bring a girl over for a date you'd let us eat for free?"

"What! You remember that! You were only seven years old at the time!"

"Hey, don't tell me you wont go through with it."

sighed and took both of their orders. As Naruto ordered, Sakura couldn't help but smile at the way Naruto showed his innocence. That was the biggest thing she liked about him. He may not have been able to bring Sasuke back the first time, had to fight nearly all of the Akatsuki, and even deal with finding out his father was the Yondaime, but he was still so innocent, seeing the goodness in of everyone.

"Sakura, are you okay? Your face is all red."

Sakura blushed more deeply and concentrated on their newly arrived food.

"No everything's fine. Just thinking about how nice it is being with you right now."

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else Sakura-chan."

After the two of them ate Naruto led Sakura into the park. They walked to the top of a small hill and crashed onto the soft ground staring up at the night sky. The stars twinkled and danced as if for them.


"Yeah Sakura?"

"Why have you chased after me for so long? You never gave up, you just kept trying."

"Because I love you." Naruto said easily.

Sakura thought about this for a second. "But I don't love you." she said.

"I know, but that just means I'll have to make you fall head over heel's for me. All I need is a chance."

Sakura smiled to herself. "That's what I thought you'd say. Okay."

"Okay what?"

Sakura sat up and looked at Naruto with a wide smile. "I'm gonna give you that chance. I'll be working at the hospital nonstop for the next two weeks, but as soon as I'm done your taking me out again."

Naruto grinned and Sakura bent down to kiss him on the cheek. She got up and began walking away.

"Sakura!" Naruto yelled. Sakura turned at Naruto's voice and saw him sit up with a grin.

"Sakura, I'll sweep you off your feet, just you wait."

Sakura beamed and left while Naruto fell back down and watched the stars.

Ino walked up the steps to the Hokage's office. She was excited, she hadn't been on a mission in a while and she needed a bit of action. As she got to the door she ran into Naruto. She fell back but Naruto reached out and grabbed caught her by the waist.

"Whoa! Sorry about that Ino-chan, I didn't see you coming."

Ino felt herself getting angry and was about to yell at Naruto when she realized she was in his arms. She quickly moved away and stood up straight, brushing herself off.

"Yeah, well watch where your going next time. I'm going to meet the Hokage for a mission."

"Oh? Well so am I. "

Ino groaned. She knew where this was going. Another mission with this annoying knucklehead. Well it couldn't be that bad, after all Naruto had grown a bit more mature. They entered Tsunade's office and sat down. There was an eerie silence between the three blonds as they continued to eye each other.

"Alright then," Tsunade finally said. "Naruto, Ino, your being assigned to an "A" rank mission. I need you two to go to the land of flowers and track down a certain man, this is his picture."

She handed the photo to Ino and she memorized the face. Naruto did the same then destroyed the photo.

"He has valuable information and plenty of money, which is why you two were chosen. Ino, you'll have to invade his mind and take anything you can on the info we need, trust me when I say you'll understand when you get there. Now you Naruto, will handle any of the thugs, mercenaries, or ninja's that the target might have hired as protection. You need to protect Ino at all cost's we cant lose this info. Good now go and do your best out there."

"Right!" they both said.

"Good, now then your dismissed. Oh, and one more thing, while on your mission you'll need a cover identity. You'll be known as Mr. and Mrs. Rokudo, a young couple on vacation."

"What!" Naruto shouted. "But-but-I and Saku-" Ino elbowed him and looked at Tsunade.

"Alright Tsunade-sama, we understand."

As the pair rose Ino couldnt help but dwell on Tsunades words. 'Trust me when I say you'll understand when you get there.' she had said. 'Why not just tell us now? What are you trying to hide?'

The two teens walked out and Ino glared daggers at Naruto as the door closed.

"Don't. Ever. Embarrass. Me. Like. That. Again. Dammit Naruto it's only a cover, and as much as I hate this, I've been waiting for a mission for too long. I wont let you mess this up for me."

"Alright Ino, if you say so." Naruto said coldly. He turned and walked away in another direction. "I'll meet you at the gate in an hour." he called behind.

Ino was a little disappointed in herslef for already causing Naruto to drop the -chan in her name. So little people did it, she was happy with the thought that they were finally becoming friends. In anycase there was nothing she could do about it now so she went down the stairs and left to her house to get ready.

As Naruto and Ino set out Naruto was quiet the whole time. Ino felt uncomfortable in the silence of the usually loud and laughing blond, and tried to start up a conversation.

"So, Naruto, how was your date with Sakura?"

"Huh? Oh it was great! She really loved that flower you picked Ino-chan."

'Maybe I didnt mess up.' Ino smiled and tried to keep the conversation going. She didn't know too much about Naruto and now that they were being forced on such a long mission why not start now?

"So since it's like a three day trip to the Land of Flowers, you mind sharing one of your famous stories?"

Naruto perked up and told Ino some of his stories of when he went training with Jaraiya. Ino saw the good it did Naruto to talk about his deceased master. She knew that kind of pain, and it was good to talk and reminisce about the good time's with them. Time seemed to fly by and before they knew it, it was already night. They set up camp and were sitting opposite each other around the fire while Naruto spoke.

"-And then they heard it. Thump-thump, thump-thump. The man was going crazy while the children were huddled around the fire, terrified of the sound that seemed to be coming from everywhere. Thump-thump, thump-thump. Then the man collapsed onto the floor and was dragged off into the forest. The children screamed and that's when it happened. From behind them, out of the bushes, it rose up-"

Ino suddenly heard a rustling behind her and was grabbed from behind by the real Naruto .

"And it ate them!"

"Kyaa!" Ino screamed.

Ino and Naruto rolled onto the ground laughing at Naruto's little surprise attack. The Naruto clone that was telling the story poofed out of existence, leaving the two blonds alone together on the floor. They continued laughing and turned to stare up at the starry sky.

"Sigh. Naruto?"

"Yeah Ino-chan?"

"That was fun and all-"

Ino punched Naruto in the head and he cried out in pain.

"But if you ever scare me like that again I'll murder you!"

Ino got up and brushed herself off, her long platinum blond hair flowing down behind her. She walked over to the tent they had set up and zipped it shut. Naruto rubbed his head and laughed. He laid out his sleeping bag and settled down next to the fire.

"Good night Ino-chan."

"Good night Naruto." She said from inside, and immediately dozed off. Naruto took off his jacket and set it aside when he noticed the broken hair clip on the floor. He picked it up and noticed the fine scent.

"Hmm. Almost like Violets." Naruto smiled and rested his head on the pillow, the hair clip underneath.

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