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Ino fingered her favorite hair clip as she happily strolled over to the Hokage's office for her newest mission. She still couldn't stop herself from playing with it even though she already had it for three weeks now. Still, she just loved the way it felt to her, after all, it was the most thoughtful gift anyone of her friends had ever given her, not that the boy who did really understood that. Just that morning during training Naruto had asked why she even chose to wear it now that her hair was completely tied up in a pony tail now.

(Flashback begins)

"Because," she had said, "It's incredibly special. No one's ever given me something like this before." Ino winked at Naruto, knowing he would get embarrassed and wasn't disappointed as she saw the red tinge in his cheeks.

"I still don't get it, but at least you don't hide half your face anymore. You…look nicer that way." Naruto grumbled.

This time it was Ino who's face turned red. She lost her focus and one of Naruto's clones were able to poke her in the ribs.

"Kyaa!" Ino screamed as she toppled over onto the floor in a ticklish fit. Naruto laughed and reached down to lift Ino back onto her feet, but she quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him down to the floor to barrage him with "Tickles of Doom" as she liked to put it. After the long tickle war (in which both sides had used shadow clones) they collapsed near each other on the forest floor.

"Wheeze-your fun-puff-Ino. I'm glad I can just hang out with you." Naruto said looking at the clouds.

Ino felt her face heat up but brushed it off as being exhausted. "Yeah well, your actually better than I thought you'd be Uzumaki."

(Flashback ends)

Ino laughed at her antics of a few hours ago. She opened her eyes and was slightly surprised that she had already made it to the Hokage's door. She reached for the handle then suddenly shifted to the side and turned to poke Sakura in her forehead. Sakura was stunned at how fast Ino moved and didn't have time to block the incoming finger.

"Oww!" Sakura said as she rubbed her forehead, staring at Ino. "What was that for Ino-pig?"

Ino smiled slightly. She had sensed Sakura's presence creeping up on her and had struck at just the right time. Her 'Sensei' would be proud. Recomposing herself she looked at Sakura apologetically albeit a bit smug.

"Oh, sorry forehead. I didn't realize it was you. I just felt someone following me once I entered and thought it was some kind of pervert. No hard feelings?" She said extending her hand.

Sakura blinked and moved her hand forward hesitantly. "Yeah…sure, whatever. Did you just say you 'felt' me? Since when could you do that?"

"Uh…well I've been doing some intense training for the past month and I just mastered it. Anyways what are you doing here? I thought you'd be on a date with Naruto or something." Ino was taken back a bit at how Sakura tensed up when hearing Naruto's name. Something was definitely wrong. "Hey, you okay?" Why do you look so angry?"

Sakura sighed and crossed her arms. "Naruto is…I'm…I don't know! I just…"

"So it does have something to do with Naruto." Ino said, her inner gossiper taking over. "What'd he do?"

Sakura sighed again and looked away. "He was supposed to meet me today at this nice new place I found for breakfast. I waited for, like, two hours and he arrived all sweaty and tired. Plus, he wouldn't even tell me where he was before that or why he was late! I mean, who does that? Is he trying to hide something from me? Agh, I just…I cant stand him sometimes!"

Ino began sweating bullets as an overwhelming sense of guilt hit her. She didn't know her little antics would cause her friends this much strife, and now Sakura was going all psycho/paranoid on her. This did not bode well for her. She looked back at Sakura who noticeably calmed down and smiled at Ino.

"Thanks for listening Ino, I needed to say that. C'mon, lets go get our mission." She then moved forward and opened the door for them.