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Sora's Legacy

A beautiful blond woman sat on her couch just staring at the T.V. with not much on her mind. She had just finished cleaning the house and later it would be off to work. A life like this was not even close to how she thought it would've been. She could barely even believe her life was how it is herself. In that school, she never thought she'd be freed, but then again, she never thought that she would fall for someone younger than her either…

The front door slammed open, breaking the blond from her thoughts. There in the doorway stood her six year old little red-headed daughter.

"Momma, Momma, I had a great day at school today. We drew cool drawings and I climbed to the very top of the monkey bars!" the red-headed young girl smiled brightly as she ran over to her mom.

"Oh really now, Rinaka, where you afraid?" the blond smiled softly at her child, a child she never would've thought she'd have.

"No, I'm not a sissy, I'm not afraid of anything!" Rinaka announced proudly. The mother snickered in amusement and ruffled up her daughter's hair. "Momma… We were talking about families today in class…" Rinaka's smile faded away from her face.

The blond didn't like where this was going, but she urged her daughter on, she would have to find out some day, "And?"

"Everyone else had a mommy, a sister or brother, or a pet… and a daddy. Momma, who's my daddy?" Rinaka looked up at her mother with her deep blue orbs that rivaled both of her mothers' shrouded in pain.

The blond sighed, "Rina, you don't have a daddy," Rina's eyes got a sadder, "but you had another mother." The young girl's eyes got wide with curiosity.

"Really! What was she like? What was her name? Why is she not here?" The red-head's questions poured out of her mouth before she could control them.

Another amused snicker came from her blond haired mother, "Her name was Himoto Sora, the same surname we have now, and she was a strong beautiful woman, who had a strong sense of justice… I suppose I should start from the beginning." As she said that, she decided that Sora would want to tell it to be told in the way she would've liked to hear it as a child.

"It all started long ago, before you were even born, Rina. It started when Sora joined this… palace. In this palace there were many princesses, but they were not free and the evil demon lord made sure to it that they weren't." The mother paused to see her daughter looking captivated in the story.

"Sora was a special girl, the only one that came to the palace not as a princess, but as a knight. She fought many… challenges and started winning the princesses' freedom. The first princess she saved was a fair princess named Koharu that she saved from… being taken, with a mighty weapon that a masked princess gave to her. The next princess was Yuki, who was abused by some of the evil demons under the demon lord. Then there was a younger princess, Tomoko, who didn't want to be saved at first, but she warmed up like all of them did." The girl paused knowing what princess came next.

Rina was practically bouncing in her spot. "Who was the next princess, who's the next princess?"

The mother sighed and continued with the story, "The next princess was mean to the prince when she went to save the princess. Her name was Date Reiko, the one who didn't want to be saved, the one that sucked up to the demons hoping to save the princesses herself. She didn't want the knight to get dragged into the dark world that she knew. This princess was always alone until the knight saved her, she saved me."

Rina's eyes widened again, "Really? Momma was a princess?" Reiko smiled at her daughter and ruffled the red-head's hair.

"Let mommy finish the story, okay?" After her daughter nodded she continued. "Next Knight Sora had to go save other princesses, she saved a lot, but most didn't stay with her like our group did."

Rinaka was so entranced in the story her mother was telling her that she didn't even noticed the growl from her stomach. The mother chuckled and started to get up to start dinner.

Small hands grabbed her wrist, "No, finish the story." The blue eyes stared at her mother intensely. "Of course, she's just like Sora; after all, Sora wouldn't want a story half done."

"Next Sora, with her princesses by her side, went to save her first ever princess, Princess Tsuki-you know, Aunt Tsuki-from the demon lord's castle. She fought courageously against him and somehow managed to win, and with that she set the whole palace and all of its princesses free."

"Wow, but… why isn't Momma Sora here today?" Reiko sighed; knowing it that the fairytale part of the story was over, and now it was for the hard part.

"Your mother Sora had a strong sense of justice even after we graduated. Her sense of justice was so strong that Aunt Yuki and she joined the military. Eventually she chose me as her wife, I don't know why it was me, but she did. Soon afterward she wanted a kid, you. We had Uncle Akane help make that dream come true. I was the one to hold you because she had obligations to the military. Soon she was sent to a different country where they had to fight. She was the strongest woman on the force."

Reiko stopped to glance at her daughter, to see how she's taking it so far, only to see the girl more focused than she had ever seen her in all her six years of living.

"Yuki and Sora were sent to the battle ground fighting the strongest of the strong. There were many harmed soldiers. One was almost Yuki, but Sora would let her old princess get hurt, and not being the smartest on the force and not able to think before she flung herself in the path of the bullet that was heading in toward Yuki." Rina's eyes widened at the image in her head.

"Don't get me wrong, your other mother was strong, stronger than anyone I've ever known, but she wasn't invincible. In the end she died with a smile knowing that she had lived her life as the noble knight she always wanted to be. She really was a noble Knight of Justice."

Rina's blue eyes filled with tears. "Momma…" The red-head jumped to her feet with her small hands into fists and exclaimed, "I wanna be just like Momma Sora! I wanna be a knight of justice just like her!"

Later after dinner Rina sat in the grass of the back yard in front of her mother as Reiko tied a dark blue ribbon into her daughter's hair. As soon as she was done, Rina jumped to her feet and placed her fists on her hips in a hero's pose.

"Oh great, look what I've done, I've created another 'Knight of Justice… I guess my idiotic knight wouldn't have had it any other way." Reiko thought as she turned her head up to night sky as a shooting start shot by.

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