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The Mortician's Son

Chapter 1: The Devoted Corpse-Seeker

"Shit," Riku cursed lowly. He ran a hand through his silver hair as he stared down the door in front of him. To his left was a broken window. About three minutes ago, Riku was idly playing blitzball with his friends, Axel, Tidus, Wakka, Roxas, and Demyx. Then, Tidus showed off his Super-Awesome, Comin'-At-Ya Starlight Kick (obviously named by Tidus, himself) and the eighteen-year-old had managed to block it from the goal at the expense of a poor window of a mansion several yards away. Being the one who broke the window in the first place, Riku honorably—and reluctantly—walked up to the doorway to confess his crime, plead for mercy, offer to pay for the window and hopefully return with the blitzball as soon as possible.

"Excuse me!" Riku called. "Our—" The silver-haired teenager made sure to least include his friends on the blame, "—blitzball crashed through your window! I'm real sorry about that!"

Riku looked over his shoulder, where his friends were waiting anxiously by the rickety, rusted gates. Half-hoping that Riku would get their ball back and half-waiting for something horrible to happen to him. The eighteen-year-old wouldn't blame them. The mansion wasn't too decrepit, the windows were opaque with dust and the curtains were drawn shut, the garden in front of the house was unkempt and dying, and the stone wall which surrounded the mansion had graffiti and cracks in it. Riku had also curiously peered inside through the broken window.

The only sign of inhabitance in this house was the lone light on the second floor.

"I don't think anyone's home," Riku said to Axel.

"But the light's on," the redhead pointed out. "Someone should be home."

"Yeah, but don't you think they'd answer by now?" The silver-haired teenager said.

"Maybe you should just go in and get it, Riku," their blonde, mullet-mohawked friend, Demyx suggested.

"But wouldn't that be breaking and entering?" Roxas, a petite blonde with a lopsided hairstyle, said.

"Maybe they just left the light on, yeah?" Wakka said. "You know, to make thieves think they're home. My parents do that all the time when we go out."

"Your parents are paranoid, Wakka," Tidus teased.

"Say what you want, Tidus!"

Meanwhile, Riku knocked on the door again. "Hel-lo! Anyone home?" he called.

The silver-haired teenager listened to see if anyone was coming.


"Just go get it, Riku!" Axel said. "I mean, the inhabitants are probably just sadistic psychos who'll probably gas you, cut you up and make a windchime out of your genitals."

Riku turned over his shoulder and shot him a heated look. "Thanks, Ax," he said sarcastically. The silver-haired teenager wanted to turn back, but the blitzball was the most treasured keepsake of Tidus' father, Jecht, who would freak if he found out what happened to his beloved ball. No, he wouldn't freak, he would probably hit all of six of them (including his own son) with his car, back up on their bodies to make sure they were dead and then set their corpses aflame with alcohol and a match. There was no doubt about it.

The eighteen-year-old shuddered and, fueled by his fear of a far more violent death at the hands of his friend's father, placed his hand on the knob.

The doorknob turned easily and Riku casted a final glance at his friends before stepping inside. He had now stepped into a large room, with a large sort of case in the middle of it. There were doors on either side of a room, which gave way to a long window with a view of the backyard, and wide staircase that lead to the second story. The floor was only seldom littered with debris and there seemed to be dust everywhere, but the deterioration wasn't too bad.

"Excuse me!" The silver-haired teenager called, his voice echoing through the mansion. "Sorry for intruding, but I really need to get our ball back!" He crossed the room, looking for the lost object. It was nowhere to be seen. Occasionally, Riku paused in his search to hear for any noises that gave away the mansion's inhabitants. (Assuming it had inhabitants.) Riku looked to the open door on his right. Perhaps the blitzball went in there.

The eighteen-year-old cautiously peered inside before physically walking in. A small, low table was there. The floor was chipped, the wallpaper in tatters, and the walls were dirty like the rest of the house. There, in the corner, was the ball.

Sighing with relief, Riku walked into the room and bent down to pick it up.

He didn't notice the pair of eyes watching him from underneath the table, but he did, however, hear a distinct creak.

"Hello?" Riku turned around and tried to pinpoint where the sound came from. "Is anyone there?"

A pale hand edged out from underneath the table, and the silver-haired teenager felt fear rock down his spine and paralyze his kneecaps. Wide-eyed, he stared as an arm followed after the hand, slithering along the floor. Another hand and arm inched out from the table and Riku's heart leaped to his chest.

'Run!' he told his legs, but they would not move. 'Run, run—Oh God!'

The fingers clawed into the floor and, in jerky movements, a chocolate-brown tuff of hair slide out from under the table.

…And then the head...

…and then the neck...

...and then the body, cladded in a dirty, black sweatshirt...

… and then finally the legs snaked out, wearing denim jeans…

Riku could not even muster the energy to scream as he continued to watch the creature crawl closer to him. The thing lifted its head, showing a fairly human, boyish face with sunken, blue eyes and rasped with a voice as if it's vocal cords were sandpaper, "…You…"

It continued to move towards Riku with its shaky, erratic, dreadful movements, its stomach dragging along the floor. The eighteen-year-old's legs crumpled beneath him and he felt his bottom hit the ground, fingers tight over the surface of the blitzball. Riku could not look away.

The thing had finally managed to crawl its way to the silver-haired boy's knees. Riku heard it speak again. "You… you…" It repeated. One of its hands gripped the eighteen-year-old's shirt so hard it its fingers threatened to tear through the fabric. Meanwhile the other clamped onto his arm hard and the creature pulled itself up so that its eyes—which were a surprising, lively blue-were leveled with Riku's.

"You would…" the creature whispered, a smile forming on its gaunt face, "you would make… such… such a beautiful… corpse." It's last word blew weakly passed it's slit-like grin and then the thing let Riku go, fell face-first onto the floor and did not move. For a while, the silver-haired teenager gawked at it and then, regaining his wits, decided that it was better to flee now that the thing wasn't moving. Shoving the body off him, Riku bolted out the door and was out within moments.

"Hey, Riku!" Axel's face had a huge grin on it. "Look Shorty, I told you he was alive! And he got the ball back! Good job, Riku!" The redhead glanced back at Riku. His eyes immediately notice his friend's heaving shoulder and pale face. "Hey, are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost or something."

"F-fine," Riku managed to say. "I… It was nothing. Nothing at all." The silver-haired teenager looked over his shoulder and towards the entrance of the mansion, half-expecting the demented brunette to crawl out of doorway, chasing after him.

His five friends exchanged wary looks before shifting their eyes to him.

"Did you see something?" Demyx ventured.

"No. No, I didn't see anything. Must have been—I don't know. No, nothing…" the eighteen-year-old babbled.

"You know I think I have some money on me," Axel said giving a grateful change of subject. "Let's head back into town and buy some ice cream."

"Sure, that sounds great!" Tidus said. "Here, let me get that, Riku." With some difficulty, he pried out the blitzball from Riku's hands.

Wakka placed a hand on his shoulder and steered the shell-shocked teen in the right direction. "You'll be fine with a food in you."

"So what did you see?" Axel asked as he laid on his back on Riku's bed. They were in his room. Riku was sitting on the floor, watching the TV. Axel pushed himself towards the end of the bed—close to where the silver-haired teenager was-and let his head hang over the edge, eyes focused on his best friend.

"Don't feed me that 'nothing' crap," the redhead waved his left hand, "I know you saw something. You wouldn't be this… jittery if you didn't."

"I'm not entirely sure what I saw…" Riku said. "And anyway as long as I don't see it again, I think I'll be fine."

Axel frowned, and shut his eyes. "I guess so…" he said, sighing.

'I don't think I'll ever see it again…'

That was what Riku thought as he headed to school that morning, as he was talking to Axel at the lunch table along with his other friends.

That is until he saw a pair of familiar brown hair and royal-blue eyes peering at him in the distance. Riku, who had a straw between his lips and was drinking chocolate milk at the moment, gasped and had a coughing fit (nearly staining his blazer uniform in the process) when he saw it again.

It was sitting at a table at the other end of the lunchroom, staring at him intently. Was it haunting him?

Axel had been sitting in front of Riku and turned his head to see what his friend was looking at.

"The mortician's son?" Axel twisted back to face his best friend again. "Is that who you saw in the mansion?"

Riku nodded, eyes fixated on the dark figure in the distance.

"Well, it's no wonder you seemed so scared out of your wits! God, I thought you saw some sort of walking, bloody hand or something yesterday!" Axel said, sipping some of his strawberry milk out of the carton and looking incredibly relieved. "That kid's pretty creepy. I wouldn't be surprised to catch him at the mansion."

Demyx, who was sitting at Riku's left, dug his elbows into his ribs a little. "I heard that he's nuts. He was probably there burying a body or something… or stashing away some of his dad's corpses. Ugh…" The mullet-mohawked blonde shuddered visibly.

"I heard that he's a witch! And he steals the cats from Professor Vexen's dissection freezer to use as sacrifices!" Tidus, who was sitting on Riku's right, added. "I mean, look at him! The light above his head is flickering!"

True enough, the incandescent light above the brunette's figure was flickering, as if he were in some sort of scary movie.

"I'm told the lights always do that when he's around," Tidus continued. "Yuna had a class with him once and she said it was true!"

"Does he have a name?" Riku asked.

"Sora. Sora Leonhart, I think."

"Why haven't I heard about him until now?"

"Well, in case you haven't notice, Riku, he's a bit horrifying," Axel chimed in. "We prefer to ignore him and pretend his doesn't exist for our mental benefit." Roxas giggled.

"I don't think he's so bad," the blonde said. "It's not like he's attacked anyone so far."

"Ah, Roxas. This is why you're gonna be carried off by some pedophile one day," Axel grinned and patted Roxas on the head much like he would pet a puppy. The blonde frowned at him.

Tidus leaned over a little. "He's looking at you pretty intently, Riku. Did you do something to him yesterday?"

It was true. Throughout the conversation, Sora hadn't broken eye contact with eighteen-yeard-old, hadn't even blinked.

"I-I'm not really sure…" Riku said, throat suddenly tight.

The bell rang (Sora still hadn't stop staring at the silver-haired teenager) and Riku and his friends left the lunchroom to head to their classes.

Riku was thankful for the escape. He hesitantly thought back to yesterday's events. He was pretty sure it was Sora who had scared him. Sora, a human. Albeit a creepy human, but a human nonetheless. That put his thoughts at ease. Riku had spent his previous sleeping hours reliving every gorey horror movie he had ever watched and fearing that he had seen a vengeful ghost that would eventually follow him home.

The silver-haired teenager walked to his classroom and sat at his respective desk. He drummed his fingers on the surface as he waited for class to start. A chill ran down his spine and the lights dimmed and sputtered.

'What was that?' he thought as he looked around.

The door opened little by little, and Sora Leonhart stepped in.

Instantly, the classroom went quiet, as if some sinister specter had appeared in the room. Riku's eyes widened with shock. The brunette was staring at him as he quietly crossed the still classroom, the lights blotting out and coming back on as he passed underneath them, until he reached Riku's desk.

"I'm… sorry…" the boy said, speaking unusually clear. "For… yesterday, that is, at the mansion. I shouldn't have… gotten on top of you like that… I know that was really scary… and… I hope that I didn't tear your clothes… You're very pretty… Shame… I'm sorry."

Sora bowed a little, and then he turned and headed out the door, quietly as he came.

The moment the door closed the classroom was alive with talk.

"YOU AND SORA LEONHART HAD SEX!" Axel shouted at Riku after school, pointing an appalled, accusing finger at his best friend. "SORA LEONHART HAD SEX WITH YOU!?"

Around them, other students immediately began gossiping, students who already heard the notorious rumor and students who were now acquainted with the new rumor alike.

The rumor that Sora Leonhart and Riku Yorushi had sex in the mansion yesterday.

"IT WASN'T LIKE THAT!" Riku shouted back, red in the face and frustrated that he had to repeat his story for the umpteenth time that day.

"Then—then what is this I hear about him getting on top you! And him ripping off your clothes and—"

"It was a misunderstanding!" The silver-haired teenager stopped the wrong, mental image before it could surface. "Okay, he did get on top of me, but there were no clothes ripping! Or ripping off! No clothes were harmed in our encounter! Why does everyone think that we—"

"Well, teenagers, clothes ripping, and two individuals alone in a mansion and getting of top of each other kinda hints at something, Riku…"

"And that says a lot about how people perceive teenagers as a collective group…" The eighteen-year-old grumbled.

"So if Sora didn't have sex with you, what were you two doing?" Axel asked with a curious brow raised.

"Nothing! Nothing happened!" Riku let out a frustrated sigh. "I mean. I found our ball, and then he crawled out from under the table, which scared the absolute shit out me, and grabbed onto me for some reason, let go and I ran for it. We didn't have sex!"

"You mean he didn't have sex with you." It wasn't a question, it was correction.

The silver-haired teenager threw his best friend an exasperated look. "Does the wording even matter?"

"Yes, since he supposedly was the one who got on top of you. Unless he was, you know, riding you—"

"Oh God, Ax, please stop." Riku raised both hands defensively.

"All right, all right…" Axel said. "You were the one who asked for the clarification…"

After school, Riku decided to visit the old mansion again. Once again the second floor light was on and the silver-haired teenager assumed that this was because Sora was inside.

Riku poked his head through door cautiously before proceeding into the mansion.

Sora was on his hands and knees in the middle of the room, his back to the eighteen-year-old and mumbling to himself.

Irking a curious eyebrow, Riku announced his precense.

"Sora!" he called.

The brunette paused momentarily to look over his shoulder at the eighteen-year-old and then shifted his focus back to the floor.

Riku took a loud step forward, testing to see if Sora was going to frighten him away. The brunette looked too engrossed in what he was doing to notice and so the silver-haired teenager slowly moved to where he was.

Now that Riku was up close, he saw that Sora had a crowbar in his hands and wedging it into the tiny space between the floorboards. The brunette had already made some progress in disemboweling the floor as there was already a hole about three feet wide in front of him.

"What are you doing?" Riku asked.

"Looking for corpses," Sora answered without turning to him.

The eighteen-year-old felt his shoulders raise a little with slight revulsion and shock. The brunette continued.

"Look at this place," he said, patting the floorboards affectionately with one hand. "It's so old and decrepit. Someone must have hid a body here!" A smile cracked his sunken face while his features darkened in a terrifyingly demented way, as if someone had placed a flashlight underneath Sora's chin. Except that the brunette seemed to be accomplishing this effect naturally. And in plain daylight too.


"Wonderful!" Sora said happily, his demented grin growing. "When I find it, it's going to be so wonderful!" He picked up the pace with renewed gusto. "I can't wait. Can't can't can't wait! I hope it's the body of a brutal murder! Maybe with a mutilated face! Or missing fingers! Or perhaps the murder chopped it up and put in several places!"

Riku fought down the urge to gag during Sora's delightful little monologue. "But wouldn't it smell bad?" he asked. "Since it's a rotting body and all?"

"Nah, a bit of lyme, bleach and air freshener hides the smell well enough," the brunette answered simply.

'How the hell would he know that!' The silver-haired teenager thought, his mind reeling.

Riku decided that the conversation needed a dire dose of normality so he changed the subject. "Um, Sora? About what you said at school today—"

"What about it?" Sora wrenched apart another floorboard with the crowbar and stuck his head in. The silver-haired teenager was a little surprised at how the smaller teenager unabashedly put himself in potential danger (after all, God knows what lurked beneath the floorboards) but he continued on.

"It's just that—Well, did you have to say it like that?"

"Like what?" Sora withdrew his head from the hole, a disappointed look on his face. He turned to Riku. "I was only telling the truth," he said to the older teenager. "Or are you frustrated because it sounded like I was having sex with you?"

There was that weird use of diction that implied that Riku was on the bottom in all this, but the silver-haired teenager ignored it. In fact, he was a bit surprised that Sora—being the social recluse as he was—knew the sexual implications of his words.

A silence fell between them. Sora waited to see if Riku was going to say something, but he didn't.

"There's nothing I can do about it now," the brunette said as he wedged the crowbar into another space between the floorboards. "You'll just have to explain everything to anyone that comes and asks you about it."

"Shouldn't you be the one explaining? You were the one that said it like that."

"Do you really think that people will be coming up to me for clarification?"

"Good point." Riku thought of something else to say. "Hey, Sora?"


"So you… hang around this mansion looking for dead bodies?"


"So yesterday, you were…" The silver-haired teenager trialed off to let him finish.

"I was waiting underneath the table to see if a killer would come by and stash his bodies," Sora said. He set aside the crowbar, crammed his fingers on either side of a loose floorboard and with a grunt pulled it free, nearly toppling back as he did so. "I'd been waiting under there for three days."

"Three days!" Riku repeated, alarmed.

"Yeah. I didn't want to move around too much or it'd give my presence away. So I stayed there."

"What about the bathroom?"

"I didn't eat or drink."

'OH MY GOD…' the silver-haired teenager thought to himself, mind-boggled over how much effort Sora put into scavenging. "You really go all out on this body search thing, don't you?"

"It's my passion."

The silver-haired teenager dug his heel into the floor and turned his leg inward and outward. "Isn't that kind of depressing? To be focusing on death all the time?"

"No," Sora said simply. "Don't you have homework to do?"

"You have homework too, don't you?"

"I finished it."

Riku figured that there really wasn't anything else to say and it was time for him to head home. "I guess I'll be going, then."

Sora raised his head. "Actually, can you… stay here?" His brilliant blue eyes locked onto his own and suddenly his face seemed very human. "I… I'm sure I can... help you out with something that you don't understand. Not that I'm calling you stupid or anything, but in case you need help, you're welcome to stay and do your homework here."

"Sure," Riku said, sliding his backpack's strap off his shoulder. "I don't mind."

The corner's of the brunette's mouth turned upwards into a surprising smile sweet enough to melt a glacier. And for that one moment, Riku understood that Sora was just a simple, misunderstood, lonely person, who—

Sora's face became terrifying, "The killers like pretty people. If you stay, I'm sure someone'll come and I'll get to see them kill you." Sora turned back to his work, continuing with newfound vigor complete with a disturbing laugh.

Nevermind. He was wrong. Sora was strange. Strange, strange, strange.

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