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April 17, 2010

Burbank, California

Orion blinked. What was he doing on stage with Jeff and Lester? The last thing he remembered, he was at Twin Pines... Confused, he left the stage, and was soon accosted by Casey, who began asking him questions about some project located in New Mexico…

Meanwhile, as they stopped dancing, Devon held his wife's gaze.

"So, you're not mad anymore, Babe?" Ellie shook her head.

"I get why you wanted to leave, but we're not going anywhere." She looked over at her dad, who was talking with Casey. "I can't lose my family again." Devon nodded. "And," Ellie continued, "I understand why you kept Chuck's secret. But no more secrets, okay? We have to be honest with each other."

"Are you kidding? Trust me, Ellie; I could never lie to you."

December, 2010

Outside a movie theatre

Chuck and his father were lined up to see "Tron Legacy," completely psyched that Hollywood had finally made a sequel to "Tron," even as they wondered whether it could possibly measure up to the original.

January 31, 2011

Twin Pines Cabin

Alexei Volkoff marched in, eager to settle this. Sure enough, there was Orion, sitting in the darkness. How on earth, he wondered, as he cocked the gun, could his beloved Frost prefer this man to him?

"You still haven't figured out the solution, have you?" Orion asked, smiling.

"What solution?" Volkoff asked.

"Did you get that, Charles?" Orion asked.

"Got it, Dad," Chuck said, stepping out of the shadows, a grin on his face, before he turned to the computer and fed it the spliced recording of Volkoff's password ("Death is the solution to all problems").

May 29, 2011

Project Quantum Leap,

Stallion's Gate, New Mexico

Al exited the Imaging Chamber after Sam leaped. He paused on his way into the Control Room. Something was different. He had the strange sensation that he had come to associate with his mind assimilating new memories from a changed time-line, but he couldn't tell, yet, what had changed.

"Hello, Al." Al gaped, looking at the very-familiar face.

"What are you doing here?" the observer demanded.

"You sound like Mary. I've still got plenty of time before I have to pick her up for the rehearsal dinner." At Al's blank look, the scientist continued, "Sarah and Charles' rehearsal dinner, remember?"

The new memories started—slowly—to click into place.

"Right, Stephen, I remember." After Ellie and Awesome's party, Casey began asking Stephen questions he couldn't answer (after all, the leap had Swiss-cheesed his memories of the project). Soon enough, the questions had led Stephen here. He had joined Project Quantum Leap shortly after the fall of the Ring. Ziggy had helped him locate his wife, Frost, who had spent all those years undercover at Volkoff Industries. In turn, Orion was doing what he could to try to bring Sam home.

"I figured I could spend some more time working on the retrieval program before I go. Hey, want to see some photos of Clara?"

February, 2011

Palm City

Sam had leaped again. As he breathed in the cool night air, he tried to get his bearings. There was something covering the upper part of his face—must be a mask—but why…? There was a boy a few yards away, holding a comic book, standing next to a woman, the boy's mother, Sam guessed. She seemed to have just noticed Sam's presence. Her eyes widened in shock, she clutched the boy to her protectively, and began to scream.

"Trip! Get inside and call 911!" Dana Faraday yelled.

"Oh, boy."


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