The Outlaw
By: Tellemicus Sundance
Chapter 1—City of Ashes

July 31, 1991

-Written by Robert Lodgeson – International Magical Press

In this day's edition, we continue the story of the strange behavior that has recently begun cropping up in many specimens of various dragon reserves. In recent months, many dragons have begun exhibiting strange symptoms that have many of the brightest researchers and experts stumped. They seem to be experiencing elevated levels of mating desire, greater than usual amounts of aggression, and an increased metabolism.

One researcher had this to say when this reporter asked for a statement. "We were already expecting a higher than normal amount of new hatchlings from this season's mating. However if this strange phenomenon continues as such, I estimate that we'll be seeing double or even triple the number of hatchlings by summer's end."

We will have more on this story as it develops…

Harry PotterReign of Fire

January 14, 1995

-Written by Elizabeth Bale – The Daily Prophet

New evidence has at last come to light of the strange new dragon behaviors in the preserves. It has only recently been discovered that a peculiar new magical supplement has developed in the dragons' diet. This nutrient seems to be the cause behind the recent population explosion of the dragons, as well their increased aggression. However, the discovery of this nutrient may have come too late, experts say. In just this past year alone, the number of dragons in all known preserves has grown to be nearly ten times that of what their original estimates had been. This has many experts greatly concerned, given the limited preserve areas that have been set aside for them.

"If the population continues to grow, even at its previous pace now that we've begun taking steps at extracting this nutrient supplement, I fear that the dragons will one day soon overrun the boundaries and begin searching for new nesting grounds. The boundaries of all preserves utilize a very unique and ancient form of magic designed to keep the dragons contained within. But I fear that should too many dragons exist within these boundaries at one time, they will eventually fail due to the obviously high amounts of power that are required to Confound and contain such a highly magic-resistant creature as a dragon.

"And at that point, we will likely have lost the means to contain the species any longer. Muggles will learn of their existence and the Magical World by extension. When that happens, we will all be in serious danger, from the Muggles as well as the dragons themselves."

However, this reporter believes that the representative is jumping at shadows. Despite how many of the beasts may live within them, the preserves were designed and built for the specific purpose of containing them. And with the significant increase in magical knowledge and power in the centuries since the preservations' creation, we have gained much more efficient methods of containing and reacting to whatever problem comes our way. Let the dragons breed all they wish; they shall never breech our wards or resist our most powerful and modern of spells and magic, so says this reporter.

Harry PotterReign of Fire

June 25, 1996
Tuesday, 8:49pm

Young twelve-year-old Quinn Abercromby was not in a good mood, for obvious reasons. He had just received the results of his test earn a scholarship. He had failed to pass. He had worked and studied as hard as he possibly could to earn that scholarship, his mother had made sure of that, because they couldn't afford to send him to a school without one. And what made this failure even more stinging was that fact that he was fairly certain his mother would refuse to ask for any favors from her divorced husband. He tried to look for the silver lining on this dark cloud, but he frankly couldn't see any possibility of this ending well.

Needless to say, this morbid subject was on his mind as he made his way towards his mother's work. She was part of the new Underground Docklands Extension Line Project, one of the primary engineers of the Project in fact. Sadly, they had been experiencing a great deal of trouble since the very beginning, whether it was old or broken equipment, badly planned tunnel routes which were based on old and largely unhelpful maps, or just poor morale in general. Indeed, the weather had been quite dreary as of late as well, a perfect analogy of the morale of the workers.

Before he knew it or was 'ready' for it, he was standing before his mother Karen. She leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the forehead, which allowed her to get a good whiff of the new scent he'd picked up just moments earlier. "Have you been smoking?" she asked, teasingly.

"No, I've told you—I only smoke when I've been drinking," he answered, with none of his usual enthusiasm present in his voice. Karen picked up on this and his mood immediately.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

He didn't answer right away, instead walking slightly past her to place his bag on her makeshift desktop behind her, before digging through his bag for the thrice-damned failure notice. He handed it to her without comment, absentmindedly digging out the Zippo lighter he'd been given by his father just minutes before he walked out of his son's life. It was a nervous habit of Quinn's to play with the Zippo when in the presence of his mother or when he was feeling anxious or angry, both which he was feeling in spades at the moment.

"You know what it says," Karen said quietly, unable to keep the disappointment out of her voice. "The scholarship was worth three thousand a year, we don't have that sort of money."

"Maybe we could ask Dad to pay?" Quinn suggested, hoping against hope that she'd agree or at least give the suggestion some thought. But her deep sigh and questioning glance was all the answer he needed to hear: no. With regret, he muttered softly, "Sorry."

"Karen?" a voice spoke up from behind her. "We've got a problem at Number 4. Jess says he's hit some kind of 'void'."

A few minutes after his mother had walked off to deal with the problem, Quinn decided to take a look for himself. After all, given his scholarship, it struck him as a pretty good chance that he'd be doing this kind of work himself in the all-too-near future. He followed the sounds of the screaming drills, quickly coming upon the man he knew as Jess as he was withdrawing the massive drill to take a peek into the exposed hole. Apparently he didn't like what he'd seen and was in an especially bad mood as well, "That bitch hasn't got a clue what she's doing."

Turning around, Jess easily spotted Quinn. His face went through several expressions before settling upon annoyed resignation. "Hey… Quinn. So, what brings you to the asshole of the world?"

"You're passing through it," Quinn pointed out with an even tone, despite his slightly narrowed eyes. "What does that make you?"

That comment almost drew a smirk from Jess as he let out a laugh that hinted towards his obvious lack of amusement. After glancing back at the cave, he turned and held up the torch, he said, "Here, why don't you go inside and have a wee look?"

Quinn took the offered torch and moved towards the small drill hole without comment. The narrow, circular rock walls still had hot water running along them from the drill. But he paid it no mind as he crawled through the hole and into the cavern beyond.

Harry PotterReign of Fire

London Airspace

Lieutenant Walter Wilkes III couldn't help stare at the devastation below him. Many buildings were blazing, throwing up layers of very thick black smoke. He couldn't even begin to count how many automobile accidents there were that were lining the straights or how many people were running through the streets and sidewalks, screaming bloody murder. Who or what could've done this? It couldn't have been terrorists because it was far too widespread and disorganized. Plus there were apparently multiple emergency callings about a large flying creature attacking, the people kept screaming 'Dragon!'

Despite himself, Walter couldn't help but roll his eyes at that. Dragons? Yeah right! But from the cockpit of his Apache attack helicopter, Lieutenant Wilkes couldn't spot anything…incriminating, much less a dragon.

"Bravo One, reporting negative on enemies visual," his team leader said over the radio. "Report in, Bravo Team."

"This is Bravo Two, no visual."

"Bravo Three, nothing."

"Bravo Four, I have no visual," Walter chimed, his eyes straying across the scorched cityscape below him.

"Copy that," Bravo One replied. "Alright, regroup and return at—"

Static suddenly cut the radio transmission off, catching the other helicopter pilots by surprise. A split-second later, an explosion lit up the smoky night sky about three miles off to Walter's portside.

"Command, Bravo One is down!" Walter called out immediately, already swinging his Apache towards the failing debris. "I say again, Bravo One is down!"

"Roger, Bravo Team, seek and destroy!" was the order that was issued in response.

As Walter was rushing his Apache towards his fallen team leader and friend, he noticed a dark shape in the smoke rushing towards him as his radar blared out an imminent collision warning. "This is Bravo Four, I have incoming!"

Though the numerous fires below offered a small margin of light that was reflected off the smoke and clouds, it wasn't enough for Walter to get more than a glimpse at the large shape charging him. Glancing at his targeting computer, he cursed loudly to himself when he saw that he couldn't seem to lock on to it. Glancing up again, his eyes widened, it was almost upon him! Squeezing the controls, he sent out a volley of high-caliber machine gun fire towards the shape. Even over the roar of his Apache's engines and rotator blades, he could hear a loud bestial screech of pain as the bullets struck it.

Moments later, the shape collided with his helicopter and latched onto it. The unexpected and high amounts of extra weight immediately sent the vehicle noise-diving uncontrollably towards the city thousands of feet under them. "I'm hit!" he was yelling over the radio. "The thing's hanging on me! I can't break free! We're going down!"

As he was yelling and fighting against his controller, trying to level out his machine, he saw the shape beginning to pull itself up in front of his cockpit. A large, ugly head pulled itself into view and Walter couldn't help but realize one thing: those reports about dragons hadn't been pranks! "It's a dragon!" he yelled as he watched it open its mouth and begin taking a deep breath. "Bloody hell, it's a—!"

He never got to finish his sentence.

Harry PotterReign of Fire

Ministry of Magic, Atrium

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom," Dumbledore said calmly, holding his wand at the ready.

"I find that hard to believe, you old fool," Voldemort answered just as calmly as his adversary. "I am well aware that the Ministry is far too busy handling that dragon to have taken notice here. But I promise you that when they do arrive, I shall be gone and you will be dead!"

He promptly sent another Killing Curse at Dumbledore but missed, instead hitting the security guard's desk, which burst into flame. From his position, Harry couldn't help but anxiously wait and watch as the battle begin the two most powerful British wizards began…and promptly ended prematurely.

From high above them came a mighty crashing sound that sent dust, debris, and tremors down from the ceiling. But the loud noise didn't just end there. It grew louder and louder with each passing moment, vaguely reminding Harry of the sound of falling tree; a groaning sound that grew steadily louder as the further it fell until it finally broke free of its weakened trunk and toppled to the ground. Both of the elder wizards halted their battle to look up at the ceiling, along with Harry and Bellatrix, just in time to see the ceiling give way, a dense conflagration of flames and rubble following the collapsing structure.

With his attention focused on the falling Atrium ceiling, Harry didn't Voldemort's final attack until after he'd already launched it. A massive conflagration of Fiendfyre came rushing forward towards Harry. Where the headless statue had once been shielding him from the battle, it was now effectively pinning him to the wall and he had no way of angling his wand to aid the Headmaster or protect himself. Thus, he was unable to do anything but watch and quietly yell as the wood, rock, asphalt, and fires rushed towards and around him. But before it could reach much farther than halfway to its destination, a sudden massive tidal wave of water from Dumbledore materialized and swamped the demonic flames and drenched Harry accidentally, slowly but surely dousing the fire.

In the meantime, Voldemort and Bella did the most sensible thing a fully-trained wizard or witch could've done: they Disapparated to places unknown. Dumbledore, suitably distracted by saving and protecting Harry, barely had time to lift his wand and begin blasting away at the debris as best he could in a frantic effort to reach and protect Harry. However, thanks in part to Voldemort's parting shot, there was simply too much for even him to handle alone. But Harry had the worst of it. Again because of the statue holding him in place, he wasn't able to move or protect himself from the still falling debris.

By a strange twist of fate, it was a falling piece of marble that had struck the statue just hard enough and at just the right angle to allow Harry to wriggle free. Dodging and blasting at the caving-in ceiling with an absolute abandon, he hurried over towards where he'd last seen Headmaster Dumbledore before the chaos blocked his view. He couldn't stop himself from crying out in pain as several bits of asphalt and timber crashed into his shoulders, back, and bounced off his head. It bruised and cut his skin and clothes and cracked several bones with no regard. Even his glasses were knocked flying, which were immediately crushed afterwards.

"Professor!" he yelled out, trying to be heard over the din of the collapsing building.

But it was an effort used in vain, he couldn't hear anything besides the crashing of the rubble and he couldn't see anything besides a plethora of hazy colors and objects. Due to this blindness, he didn't notice the danger he was in until after he'd already lost his balance to the large amounts of rubble that was littering the floor. Combined with a perfectly timed boulder that struck his right shoulder, he was sent careening to the ground, screaming in pain as he drew into a fetal position. However, it seemed that Lady Luck had once again smiled upon Harry.

Had he not been in that fetal position, he wouldn't most assuredly have had both his legs and waist crushed under the weight of a large support beam that crashed to the ground quite literally right in front of him. As it was, he only cringed in pain and fear from the might crash of the wooden pillar slamming into the floor, partially shielding him from the raining debris. Looking up and around the pillar, he gasped at what he saw was coming next. All the debris that had been falling up this point could've only been called the 'appetizer'. If his fuzzy vision wasn't deceiving him, it looked like the 'main course' was about to be served. He couldn't help but closing his eyes and cringing, awaiting the inevitable.

It was a moment of mind-blinding panic and fear for Harry. He had no doubt in his mind that he would not survive what was about to come crashing down upon them. He couldn't even think; his mind and body had quite literally frozen in fear. All that remained within him was instinct. That instinct was screaming at him to run and find someplace safe. But how—where—anywhere! He just needed to escape right now!

In a burst of accidental magic, Harry Disapparated mere seconds before the granite ceiling came crashing down and would've crushed him into little more than Potter-jelly.

Harry PotterReign of Fire

Diagon Alley

It was a scene of complete chaos in the magical alley. The first attack on their secret alley came as a complete surprise, during which the Daily Prophet, Flourish and Blotts, and the Magical Menagerie were all set ablaze and were blown apart by powerful fire blasts. People were running amok trying to make sense of the situation they had found themselves in. After a couple of minutes, many of the vendors and owners of the other shops, torn from their sleep and beds, had raced out into the alley to identify the causes of the fires. By then, the flying culprit came back for another pass.

In the dark of the night and the din of the burning city, all that could be determined of the culprit was the low, but strong strokes of large wings in the smoky air. It wasn't until after the creature's second flyby, which ignited seven more merchant stands, that the wizards were finally able to realize the sheer magnitude of the disaster they were facing. It was a dragon!

It was then that the true chaos began. Looters, thieves, criminals, and anyone who desired something from one of the shops broke loose of normal society's laws. They broke down the doors of whatever shops remained untouched and began pillaging all in sight. The riots quickly spread from Diagon Alley all the way into Knockturn Alley, which inevitably triggered a large-scale battle between the less-than-reputable people and creatures inside.

The goblins, quickly sensing the danger to their stockpiles of gold, closed and secured Gringotts as several scores of their finest warriors filed out of secret passageways and set up a perimeter around the bank. A few foolish or arrogant wizards attempted to provoke the goblins into joining the fighting, but they were quickly and efficiently dealt with by the cold, savage creatures.

It was only then, about a half hour and three more passes by the dragon later, that the Aurors and many other Ministry officials finally arrived on the scene and attempted to bring order to the chaos: attempted being the keyword. Should they have had no more attacks by the renegade dragon, then it was highly likely that they might've been able to bring the riots under control and save both alleys from total destruction.

But, mere minutes after their arrival, the dragon came back for yet another assault. First, it destroyed The Leaky Cauldron, which the Aurors had been in the process of converting into a hospital. This attack resulted in no less than twenty deaths, including the owner's. Then, as it was passing over, it struck the only other building that wasn't on fire, Ollivander's. The dragon fire, when it came into contact with the high-potency magic of the shop and the countless wands stored within, triggered a massive magical explosion that lit up the night sky and showered the lands with multi-colored sparks for several miles around. Whatever those sparks touched, if it wasn't magical or living, quickly burst into flames, spreading a much wider ring of destruction than anything the dragon had caused to that point.

It was an extremely large sparkling explosion that was plainly visible to even the many Muggle satellites in orbit. But because the concentration of the blast was focused skywards, it resulted in only one direct death (Mr. Ollivander himself) because he had been unable to flee the shop before the dragon scorched it. However, it was thanks to this explosion that the angry dragon fled the immediate area to continue its rampage further south and west, heading towards the suburbs.

Sadly, it wouldn't be until many, many hours and pointless fighting later that things would slowly trickle to a halt in the war zone that the Alleys had become.

Harry PotterReign of Fire


Screams and tremors, explosions of sound and heat, clouds of dust and smoke, it was these things that snapped Harry out of his fear-induced funk and had him looking up and around in confusion. He found himself lying upon the ground in a filthy alley. Fires were fiercely burning the buildings above and around him. Unsteadily picking himself up off the ground, wincing and groaning against his multiple injuries, and reassuring himself that he still had his wand, Harry moved towards the street ahead him. He could see the crowds of people running about in a chaotic fashion, screaming and pointing up into the skies above. The cars and buses in the street had all come to a halt, apparently after multiple fender-bender accidents.

Where was he now? He didn't recognize the street he was on since he's hardly spent any time in London. What was going on? Was it some kind of gas leak that triggered a large explosion? That was the only thing that Harry could really think of at the moment that could've caused such a tremendous amount of damage, enough to even affect the Ministry's underground building. Speaking of which, what had happened to the others? He hoped they were okay, but he had no way of knowing until he found a way back to them.

That was when a loud, eerily familiar roar pierced through the din. After what he'd gone through last year, Harry could've recognized that roar in his sleep. It was a dragon. A dragon had gotten loose in London? Where was the Ministry? Why weren't they dealing with this situation already? Or how did it already get this far along already? What was happening?

Looking in the direction that the roar had come from, Harry was among the hundreds of people who spotted the telltale silhouette of a large beast flying low over the burning city, spewing deadly flames down upon the buildings with no hesitation. Despite the fear and realization of what was coming that struck him due to what he was seeing, Harry couldn't help but stare. Why did that hazy outline of the dragon look kinda familiar? Not the dragon as an individual of course, but the species. It vaguely reminded him of Norbert, Hagrid's former pet dragon hatchling. But then again, he'd never been a real expert on the different species of dragons, excluding Horntail hens and baby Ridgebacks.

"If only I had my Firebolt," Harry couldn't help but mutter as he stared up at the blurry form.

Seeing the dragon beginning to swing towards his location, Harry quickly turned and hobbled into the streets with the hundreds of Muggles who were also fleeing for their lives. With his wand firmly in hand, Harry rushed forward with the crowd as fast as he could move. He could hear the wing beats and feel the scorching fires moving quickly closer. It was almost on him! He pushed himself to ignore his pain and run faster. But it seemed that it wasn't fast enough, a faster runner knocked into him and sent him tumbling to the ground. As he fell and rolled to the side, multiple people stepped on or kicked him in their blind rush to escape. He was rolled and kicked until he met the curb and bumped into a crashed car.

As he was pulling himself to his feet, Harry noticed two things right away. First and foremost was the wing beats were quite literally on top of him. He could feel the hot winds rushing over him with each flap the dragon made. The second thing was he felt more than saw someone trip over his still-extended legs, sending them crashing to the ground next to him. It was a little girl, at least five years old.

"Fiona!" a woman's voice rang out as the brunette tried to turn around and fight against the crowd to reach her fallen daughter.

Time slowed to a crawl as Harry took in the situation and reacted. He reached out, grabbed the quickly recovering girl, and yanked her backwards into his chest as he turned his back. A split-second afterwards, a wall of dragon fire swept across the road and sidewalk as the dragon drifted to the other side of the road. The hot flames incinerated or scorched all things within their path of travel, which included the fleeing people as well. Though the fires only lasted a few moments, those were the longest moments of Harry's life as he shielded the girl from the scorching flames, almost certainly frying his backside in the process.

Once the flames had died down, Harry stood and lifted the girl with him and together they faced where they had been running. All that remained of the crowd was ashes and smoke.

"Mummy?" the girl called out, panic in her voice as she looked towards where she knew her mother had been. "Mummy?"

"Your Mum's gone," Harry said softly as he knelt to pick up the girl.

"No, Mummy!" the girl yelled, tears beginning to fall from her eyes as she fought against Harry's grasp to reach for the pile of ashes. "It's not true! MUMMY!"

"Your Mum's gone," he repeated a bit more forcefully. "But I know she'd have wanted you to live. So, come with me if you want her to be happy!"

Not waiting for the girl's response, he picked her up and started heading back the way they came, away from where the dragon had gone. Harry tried to block out the girl's repeated cries for her mother as he tried to correctly remember where the Grimmauld Place was located. Without being able to return to Hogwarts, it was the safest and (most importantly) the closest place he could go at this point. 'I swear that if Voldemort's the one behind this, I will make him suffer for what he's done here.'

"MUMMY!" the young brunette's cry went mostly unheard and ignored in the chaos and death screams of the city around.

Harry PotterReign of Fire

June 26, 1996
Wednesday, 12:01am
Diagon Alley

Cornelius Fudge was not a happy Minister of Magic at this moment. First he'd been awakened from his much-needed sleep by a frantic Floo caller. Then he'd heard the most ridiculous report of his entire career, in his opinion. An unknown attacker was burning down Diagon Alley? Utterly ridiculous! He had ranted extremely violently at the unfortunate soul who had the misfortune of calling him (it was Weatherby if he remembered right) for several minutes before finally calming down and issuing a few basic orders. The Aurors and other Departments were already scrambling to intercept the enemy, but it would take them some time to get organized, given the late hour.

Peeved that he'd be missing out on his sleep, Cornelius had decided to pay the Alley a visit in person, rather than journey to the Ministry and be swamped by mountains of pointless paperwork. No, he knew what he needed to do and it wasn't hiding in the Ministry or at home. This was his moment to secure the total loyalty of the people, he realized. People wanted a leader who would step forward when things got tough. With Dumbledore missing and that damned Brat-Who-Lived at Hogwarts, this was the most golden opportunity he could've asked for. Just why did it have to take place now? Nevertheless, after at least an hour, he had finally managed to dress himself, collect his wits and wand, and then Apparated directly to The Leaky Cauldron…or the flaming wreckage of what remained of it.

The Alley itself was nothing short of a maelstrom of chaos. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't seem to get anyone to focus on him for more than a few seconds. The Aurors were too busy trying to stop the looters and rioters. Other Ministry officials were busy trying to extinguish the raging dragon fires and saving what merchandise they could of the shops before they too were burned to a crisp, only to be attacked by the Aurors who saw them carrying the goods and assumed them to be yet more thieves. Duels, magic, and even brutish muggle brawling between two or (usually) more parties was steadily tearing the Alley to even greater pieces than the dragon fires already had. After almost an hour of stumbling through the fighting and getting hit by several stray curses and jinxes, all the while trying and spectacularly failing at organizing the defenders and Aurors, Fudge had finally thrown in the towel and took up refuge near the only place that the rioters were avoiding (and with good reason). The goblin guards were leering knowingly at him, keeping their weapons firmly trained forward to ward off any potential attackers, as he sat down upon a piece of debris near him and fought to get his breath back.

"Minister, is that you?" a familiar voice called out.

Turning his weary head, Fudge spotted a very welcomed sight, Lucius Malfoy carefully walking towards him. Finally, someone of real magical talent and political importance to show his face! Perfect! With such an important and influential member of wizarding society present, he could further project the image of a strong, brave leader who seeks to protect the people, whereas Dumbledore only intends to spread fear and chaos with hearsay of You-Know-Who returning from the grave. Now he just had to give the illusion of being in control of the situation, or (in this case) in the process of getting control.

"Ah, Lucius, what a surprise to see you here," Fudge greeted pleasantly, attempting to mimic one of Dumbledore's most patented traits: calm under fire. "How can I help you this fine evening?"

Lucius' face was a slightly red and he was breathing rather heavily as he gently grabbed Fudge's shoulder and angled him towards a small opening between two nearby stores that didn't look like they were about to collapse. Once he was sure that they had at least a small portion of privacy, Lucius turned a grave look upon Fudge, which honestly spooked Fudge's already high-level paranoia. "Minister, I have unfortunate news to inform you. The Ministry has been destroyed! By Potter and Dumbledore!"

"What?" Fudge roared, who wasn't even heard over the din of the Alley. "Are you sure of this? How do you know? How do you know it was them?"

"I saw it with my own eyes, sir," Malfoy said loudly. "When the emergency call came, I made my way to the Ministry and was able to catch them in the midst of breaking into the Department of Mysteries Hall of Prophecy. A few other loyal employees and myself attempted to subdue them, but they brought the ceiling down upon us."

"You're fortunate to have survived!" Fudge stated amicably.

"I barely survived," Lucius muttered under his breath. That little part at least was the honest to goodness truth; he did barely survive the cave-in. "The Ministry has been destroyed and we've already lost Diagon Alley. I've been informed by Ms. Bones that we're reorganizing at the Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade. I was sent to collect you, Minister."

Nodding, Fudge turned as he loudly declared, "Thank you for informing me, Mr. Malfoy. Let us be off then!"

With his back turned, Cornelius Fudge never saw Lucius raising his wand and quietly muttering out a single word. "Imperio."

(AUTHOR'S NOTE) Man, oh man. What is up with me these days? I finally get a bit of free time (as much as I loathe and enjoy it), and I suddenly begin conjuring up completely new story ideas. Granted, this particular story idea is one that I've had on the backburner for almost 8 years. I'm not kidding. When I first saw the movie 'Reign of Fire', I had felt so incredibly inspired to use the same general concept for an HP story. Sadly, I just couldn't think up any possible plots to go along and enhance the story with beyond the opening problems. Until now.

It's amazing how watching a new movie can help inspire or reorganize a person's story. And I have to say that I'm so happy that that new 'Robin Hood' came out because it's given me an entire plot to build on and augment this idea with. I hope you all can enjoy this one. Unlike 'The World Beneath', this is definitely going to take place in the 'modern world' and our scarred protagonist is going to be dealing with some very serious problems as a result.

Oh, one final note. For the moment, I have no real pairing for Harry. Excluding a few canon pairings (Hr/R), they are mostly up in the air. So, to resolve this issue, I'm posting a poll on my homepage. Please check it out at your earliest convenience so I can determine which lucky lady our hero will fall for.