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Fear, Anger, Remorse.

All the deaths at his hand, all the lives ended before their time, and every dark twisted memory he had sealed away in his mind was rushing through him. Like a river of torment it was, making him relive every single thing he had done in the name of his former master who lay on the floor below his current one, his armor scared, his system's heavily damaged, and even his mask, the very same mask that had brought much fear into the heart of this man was shattered.

But before this man did not lay his former master, but the creature that had caused more suffering than both him and his former master had. This, monster had broken more lives than an army could kill in years of constant fighting, turned more souls to the Dark Side than all the temptations in the galaxy.

This man, monster, demon whatever you would call him, on his knees was a Sith lord, and emperor to the entire galaxy, Palpatine.

All the Fear, all the Remorse, all of his Anger was directed at palpatine, for the last few hours he had been fighting, killing, destroying everything in his path to save his friends from his own mistakes. He had beaten storm troopers, guards, and even his old master, Darth Vader in order to complete his mission, but one still laid in his way, torturing his new master, Master Rahm Kota, a man who he himself was once assigned to kill.

This sparked a tremendous amount of anger that he had not sensed sense Vader had betrayed him once again on the planet ofCorellia.

He clashed with the Emperor, with this lightsaber in hand; against the force of Palpatine's force lightning, burning anything, creating fear in anyone in its path.

It was a long battle, debits were ripped from the surrounding walls, and imperial guards arrived and were ripped to shreds by both combatants, lightning scorched everything around them.

As the smoke cleared the emperor laid face down, beaten by the man's relentless force strikes. The man stood tall, his body, his soul was covered with marks and scars that were far deeper than anyone could ever know.

The scars from his years of being a sith apprentice would never heal, the things he was forced to do by his master, the anger it fueled it, that was born from it, all his anger, all his rage, all his regret was aimed at this frail old man, who was the most vile, most despicable monster disserved nothing but every ounce of his hatred he had.

Palpatine's head sprang to the look at the man.

"You were destined to destroy me"

He was confused for a moment.

"Do it"

He knew he was manipulating him, he knew this is what he wanted, but he didn't care.

"Given to your hatred"

He activated his lightsaber.

"He's beaten, let it go."

Rahm stood behind him, still shackled, still in pain from Palpatine's attacks, but his mind was more focused on his friend, someone in need. Rahm knew of his hatred, from the first moment he had seen him, he knew of the hatred in his heart, and wasn't about to let him given to it.

"It's a Trick!" He lashed out.

"He's stronger than you know and he needs to die for what he's done to me!"

"Maybe so, but if you strike him down in anger…."

His mind, it let go, the hate, the rage.

"…your be right back where you began,"

He knew the path was on would just bring it all back again, return him to the dark side, to something he never wanted to go back to, to the memories of death, destruction, and fear.

"Get Bail and the others out of here, I'll be right behind you."

He turned his back on the old fool, and deactivated his weapon. His mind was his, his emotions were his, and he would never become such a monster ever again.

Palpatine was furious, he had already lost a noble successor in lord Vader, he was not about to let yet another slip through his fingers. His head snapped towards Rahm, and lashed out with a massive force of lightning, nailing him in the back, torturing him yet again.

He turned to the fallen Emperor and stepped into the range of his lightning, catching and controlling it, keeping it from causing his friend anymore suffering. As he kept the lightning at bay, he noticed a horde of stormtroopers, rushing in, no doubt to assist the Emperor and Vader, who despite his massive injuries was only a mere few footsteps away from his master.

"Go! Hurry!" he shouted.

He turned to Rahm.

"Protect the Senators!"

Rahm nodded, and along with the Senators, made a dash to the Rogue Shadow, His ship that docked with the station, a massive station, something so massive that nothing of the likes of it had been heard of before.

But as he looked on, nearby stormtroopers were heading straight for them, firing their blasters, with every shot growing ever so closer.

He looked back into the Emperor's eyes, those yellow eyes, full of hate, full of darkness; he would never become that, Never.

Closer, and closer he drew the Emperor, the fields of Lightning growing far tenser, more chaotic.

He stared into this monster's eyes, looking into the void of darkness, remembering all the suffering he had cause because of this man, Kota, Kazdan , Shaak Ti, Proxy… ends here… more suffering will be caused because of him.


He unleashed every ounce of power stored in him, the power that the Emperor wanted, all directed towards him, all of it to protect them all.

Bail…..Kota….. Juno…it ends now.

A massive explosion engulfed the chamber, the Emperor the troopers, Vader, they were all caught in the explosion, while Kota along with everyone else tuned back and saw what had occurred.

Kota was shocked by his friend's actions, but to honor his request, he turned his back on this cursed station and processed onto the ship, knowing that Galen Marek, a Jedi, had finally become one with the force.


It's something Galen wasn't strange to. The last time it happened, he was furiously beaten by Vader before being thrown through the main deck of the Executer, a under construction imperial dreadnought, and Vader's flagship, into the void of space itself.

The pain he felt was so intense, not only did the wounds Vader had inflicted on him took their toll on his body and soul, but the very thought of this betrayal almost shattered his mind completely, his master, the man he treated as a father had murdered him without even a thought, it was unbearable.

But even now, with him leaving this world, none of these feelings, no fear, no anger, no regret were present.


He chulked, "Never thought it be like this….."

He expected it all to be over with, the fighting, the anger, the missions, Proxy trying to kill him every ten minutes.

But something happened he didn't expect, hitting the cold hard ground.

"Ah shit, what the….?"

Galen slowly got to his feet, his wounds from his battles with Vader and the Emperor were still present, along with the strain his final move he used had inflicted onto himself, he didn't expect it to hurt this much, well he didn't expect to be alive ether.

Where was he?

This place, it was not like anything he ever seen before, a massive forest was suddenly behind in place of the horde of storm troopers and Vader had stood and in the distance he could make out a city, of what kind it was, he could not. It sort of reminded him of Felucia, massive plants grew from every direction, but they were all the same kind of trees, nowhere near as bizarre, but how he reached his place was more of an issue to him than the plant life.

He started forward toward the city, but with each step he took, the pain in his only increased, blood was even dripping from his hands now, containing Palpatine's lightning left far more of an impact on him than he thought.

But to him, his hands could fall off for all he cared; he had to find out what happened to his friends, even if he had to die all over again.