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'inner hollow'

I have a very wait, scratch that...I have a terrible feeling about this.

Those words were echoing throughout Galen's mindfor the last few minutes. In those said minutes, Galen was being lead throughout the Seireitei itself by the Captain Commander's lieutenant, oh and Rangikutoo, she showed up about five minutes after they left the office. She was most likely the cause of the very loud shouting that took place only a few minutes before she showed up, and it all started with one simple word.


Apparently, the tenth division's Captain returned from the meeting not so long after Galen had left, but not before his lieutenant could finish cleaning up the mess she created. So to escape the frantic and punishing antics her Captain's yelling would create, she decided to follow, its not like she wasn't curious right?

But as they came ever closer to the First division, a thought struck her and she raced past Galen, leaving the former sith to his thoughts and came beside the Commander's own lieutenant.'

"Hey, Sasakibe." she whispered, trying to keep the conversation between the two of them.

"Yes Lieutenant Matsumoto? is there something you require?" he replied.

She quickly took a glace back towards Galen, who was looking at the scenery around them before answering.

"Well...why do you think the commander wants to "Test" him? what did he do?"

Sasakibe only shrugged, "The boy has done nothing wrong, the Commander was informed of his abilities and wants to see their full extent."

Rangiku looked relieved for a moment before turning back to look at Galen once more, who was looking straight ahead while flipping his lightsaber in the palm of his hand. While many others couldn't, she could see many emotions running though him, confusion, anticipation, fear, she could see all these things, but there was one other thing she saw in this eyes, and that was...loneliness. She could see it, those eyes, his eyes were the eyes of a person who's life had not been to kind to him, a life of pain, of suffering...something she knew all too well.

But of course, before she could dive deeper into these long forgotten memories, a certain mustached lieutenant beside her broke her line of thought.

"Ah, here we are." his British-like accent gained the attention of his pears, setting their gazes on the front gates of the First division.

As the gates opened and the three walked inside, a new thought emerged from the young jedi's mind.

Well...lets see who gona "test" me...whoever it is better be lucky, they're gona need it.

'Aw whats a mater king? Bored? Stressed? You look like you need some sleep'

Ichigo didn't reply to that thing, he didn't like it or did he deem it worth of getting any reply, well that and the fact it was annoying the crap out of him at the moment. For he would never admit it to the annoying white stain that lived in his inner world along with Zangestu, but it was right. Ichigo was in fact bored, bored of standing in this training arena located in the first division. And he was stressed, but this stress was the soul reason he was in this mess in the first place.

Flashback: 30 minutes ago.

Ichigo stood there, against the wall of random building inside the Seireitei, as he peered around the corner, he spied his target, the tattered hoari blowing in the wind as the bells chimed. For the determined and greatly annoyed Captain of the eleventh division, with his giggling pink haired lieutenant on his shoulder was still searching for the substitute shinigami.

Shit...he still hasn't Given UP yet?

'Nope king, and I don't think hes gona be anytime soon'

Shut it, I don't have the time to deal with you!

The only response Ichigo got from his inner demon was the sound of it's annoying laughter. But the moment it died into the silence of his mind, Ichigo turned his attention back to the task at hand, Kenpachi.

"DAMN IT, he got away, you see where he went Yachiru?" he roared at his lieutenant.

"Hmmm...Oh I think Ichi went...that way." she replied, pointing in a random direction.

And without a moments notice, a giant dust cloud engulfed the area The battle crazed Captain burst off into the direction Yachiru pointed him in.

Ichigo quietly inched himself around the corner and carefully looked around for any sign of his crazy, spiky haired stalker, and once he saw no trace of him, Ichigo let out the largest sigh of relief he could muster. For the last few hours Kenpachi had been chasing Ichigo throughout the Soul Society, and after the little event at the fourth division, it looked like he'd never escape. But now Ichigo could relax, now that Kenpachi was off running towards nowhere in particular, Ichigo was sure he would be safe.

And with that, Ichigo pushed himself off from the wall and started walking in the opposite direction...well until a certain raven haired midget came into his sight...and he was sooo close.

"What are you doing Ichigo?" Rukia asked in an annoyed tone.

Ichigo let off a scowl before answering, "Why do you care midget? its none of your business."

A vein popped on her forehead before instantly nailing Ichigo with a serious kick to the head.

"None of my Business? I've been looking for you for the last HALF AN HOUR YOU MORON!" she shouted as her foot rammed even farther into Ichigo's skull.

"Then how and the hell did you find me." came Ichigo's muffled reply, it was kind of hard to talk when your fave was buried half an inch into the ground.

Rukia huffed, "Well, hearing Captain Kenpachi sceaming the name ICHIGO and causing destruction only a moron like Kon could miss wasn't that hard."

"Well...what do you want?"

Rukia's expression became serious, "The Captain Commander has a request for you."

She let up on his head and allowed Ichigo to get up, and after seeing the confused expression Ichigo was wearing, she started to explain what the commander wanted from him and why. It about a good five minutes to explain EVERYTHING to Ichigo, but when she finished there was only one question he still wanted to asked her.

"So why do I have to do this..." Rukia put her hand up to explain again but Ichigo cut her off "..and don't tell me some bull like its the 'Captain's Commanders wish' I really don't care what gramps wants me to do."

Rukia only signed, pulled out a small little device, and showed it to Ichigo.

He only stared blankly at it and asked, "What the hell is that?"

Rukia smirked, "This new from the Research and Development Institute, its been built especially for Captain Zaraki Kenpachi."

Ichigo paled the moment that name was spoken, instantly getting a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"This device can pinpoint the Reiatsu of anyone in all of the Soul Society..." Rukia grinned "...something very useful for someone who can't search for it themselves..."

Ichigo's skin turned ghostly white as the realisation of what she was implying, if Kenpachi got a hold of that and actually figured out how to use it, it would turn every moment of his visits to the Soul Society into a living, breathing, personal hell for the rest of his known life.

Still in shock, Ichigo could only whisper, "Please...don't...I'll"

Her response was quick and in Ichigo'sperspective, very painful when she smacked him in the face with the device.

"I"ll tell the Institute the Captain "Smashed it", but only if you go to the first division, and wait in the training ground" She then grabbed him by the collar and forced his face to be only mere inches away from her, "Got it?"

He only nodded and started walking away once she released him, leaving the grinning shinigami to enjoy her clear victory, at least until she heard him mumble something about a" Short annoying black haired midget". Lets just say the impact of the device on the back of Ichigo's head did leave a mark.

Flashback ends.

Rubbing the bump that now adorned the back of his head, Ichigo could only sigh as he continued waiting for his mystery opponent to arrive.

And out of complete randomness, the moment that sigh left his mouth, hes spotted a trio of figures stepping out of the arena's front gates, Even from this distance he could tell who the first two figures were, that long blond hair and that annoying mustache, he could already tell it was Rangiku and the Captain Commander's lieutenant...meh he could never remember that guy's name. But the third figure was alot harder to figure out, but all Ichigo could guess was that this guy was his opponent.

As the three strangers got within about five yards from Ichigo, Sasakibe broke off from the group and approached Ichigo.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, as the lieutenant of the first Division I have been fortunate enough to introduce you to your opponent.." he then took a step to the right and gave Ichigo a good look at his opponent, "...Galen Marek."

The four of them stood in silence as the two warriors got a good look at each other, but then out of complete randomness, both of their jaws instantly slammed into the ground, leaving a confused Rangiku and Sasakibe staring at them.

Rangiku was the first to really respond to the situation, "What the hell is wrong with you two?"

With her input finally breaking the silence, the two of them lifted their jaws off the ground and pointed at each other with different reactions on their faces, Ichigo with one of total surprise and Galen with one of anger and frustration.

"YOU!" Galen and Ichigo shouted simultaneously.

Rangiku was dumbfounded by the reactions these two were giving each other while Sasakibe just stood there with a indifferent look on his face.

"...what?" she asked.

Galen's and Ichigo's heads flashed around to stare at the shinigami before shouting their reasons at the same time.

"THis is the guy who fought Kenpachi while the Bastard was chasing me!" Ichigo replied.

"THIS is the Bantha Fodder! who trashed my room back at the Fourth Barracks and THen just Ran away!" Galen shouted with rage.

The two of them just looked back at each other and began to argue, with Ichigo trying to explain his actions and with Galen shouting at him for running away from his opponent and never coming back to explain. Rangiku just shook her head at the two arguing men while Sasakibe was looking at the crowd of people that was entering the arena.

"SILENCE" came booming throughout the arena along with the sound of a fairly large cane smashing against the pavement.

The four of them where now staring at a fairly large crowd of people at the rim of the arena, with the Captain commander looking at them.

"Lieutenants, please leave the those two and join us over here." The commander announced to the two shinigami.

As they walked off toward to join the crowd, the Commander then set his sights on the competitors.

"Galen Marek," Galen turned toward the Commander, " My fellow Captains and I have decided that after your encounter against Captain Zaraki, we need a more descriptive display of your abilities."

Galen then turned to his opponent as the Commander continued to speak, " You two shall engage each other until I deem so, understood?"

Ichigo only shrugged in response, "Whatever gramps," he then turned to Galen "Lets just get this over with."

Galen just chuckled and removed his lightsaber from his belt, " Sure, lets."

He activated his lightsaber and charged at Ichigo, who barley had time to pull out Zangestu and block his strike. His eyes widened as he saw the cloth that covered his blade start to burn the moment the two touched. He jumped backwards in response and ripped the cloth before it could reach Zangestu's hilt.

"What the hell..." was all he could say as he stared at the weapon his opponent was wielding.

But he didn't have time to admire it for long as Galen rushed towards him and unleashed a fury of strikes towards him. Ichigo could barley swing his massive cleaver in time to block these moves from coming between one centimeter to Ichigo's flesh.

Having enough of this Ichigo delfected one of Galen's swing to his left and swung back towards Galen's chest, but his blade never got close enough as it was caught in midair by...nothing.

Ichigo looked towards Galen and was shocked to see his arm extended midair, with his hand clenched and pointing towards Zangestu.

"What..." Ichigo sputtered out.

"Whoever said that this would be easy?" Galen said with a smirk.

And with that Galen swung his arm down and brought Zangestu down with it, impaling it into the ground. But before Ichigo could remove his blade, Galen released a massive force push and sent Ichigo flying to the opposite side of the the arena. As Ichigo slammed into the wall, he looked up and noticed Zangestu flying toward him and impact the wall, only a few inches away from his head.

Pulling his weapon out, he turned back in his opponent's direction, only to see Galen rushing towards him.

Galen tossed his saber at Ichigo, who brought Zangestu up to block it. As he deflected it off to the side, it returned to Galen and met with Zangestu. The two traded blows back and forth until Ichigo disappeared in the middle of a strike to his chest. Galen looked around in confusion until Ichigo reappeared about twenty feet away.

"How?" Galen asked.

It was Ichigo's turn to smirk, "Shunpo...nice trick isn't it."

A nod was his response, "Indeed."

Galen then tossed his saber once again at Ichigo, who dodged it. But when he looked back he saw Galen rushing towards him once more and was firing off a horde of force pushes. Ichigo ducked, wived, and dodged most of them until one finally caught him in the chest, sending him flying about five feet backwards and onto the ground. Galen then jumped into the air, catching his lightsaber in the process and stabbed down, barley missing as Ichigo rolled to the side.

Ichigo quickly regained his foot hold as Galen rushed toward him again, both throwing more strikes against each other.

Renji chuckled as he watched the display before him, catching the attention of a certain raven haired friend beside him.

"Whats so funny?" she asked.

This only caused him to laugh further, " I just can't believe Ichigo is getting his ass kicked by this joker."

Rukia only sighed in response to her friends arrogance, but laughed when a stray chunk of stone smashed into his face.

Galen smirked at Renji's punishment as he nearly grazed Ichigo's arm with a single swipe and channelled a large sum of power into his blade and smashed it down into the pavement, creating a force shockwave Ichigo couldn't avoid.

Ichigo grimaced as the shockwave made contact, but instead of the pain he expected, the force of the wave only knocked him into the air. But his eyes widened when he saw Galen charging a massive amount of force into his hands. Galen grinned as he unleashed it, creating a giantic blast that collided with Ichigo's torso. While coughing up blood, Ichigo was sent flying once again, but crashing into the wall this time around.

Ichigo gritted his teeth as he used Zangestu to hoist himself up. Raising with zanpakto into the air, he released tremendous amount of his power into the blade.

Galen was suddenly hit with a terrible feeling of getting smacked by something worst than one of Vader's right hands. He realized what was coming and used the force to create a barrier out of rubble just as Ichigo called out a name and he swung with his massive cleaver down towards Galen.


"Getsuga Tenshō!"

The destructive wave broke through the pavement and rushed through the arena towards Galen. It smashed against the barrier he crudely created in his haste, leaving nothing in its path. Galen rubbed his arm and took a knee, his arm took a good grazing from that attack after his barrier failed, barley able to dodge it in time.

Reactivating his saber, Galen made a dash at Ichigo, closing the distance between the two. Ichigo raised Zagestu in a defensive stance as Galen drew closer, but was surprised when Galen swung his blade while still a few feet out of reach. But massive wave followed the swing and smashed into Ichigo, once again sending him into the wall.

As Ichigo crawled out of the rubble, he was met with the end of Galen's saber at his throat.

"Are you finished?"

Ichigo's response was swinging Zangestu at Galen's own throat, who blocked it with his saber. Galen just frowned at this and stuck out his other hand and pointed it in Ichigo's direction.

"Sorry, this is going to hurt." Galen said in a remorseful tone.

Ichigo crouched and furowed his brow in confusion until he saw sparks coming out of his fingers, and almost screamed in pain when the lightning burst out of his hands and made contact with his skin. He quickly released another getsuga tenshō, Galen only dodged it, deactivated his saber and continued the onslaught of lightning.

Ichigo struggled to stand as the pain was great, but he raised Zangestu and pointed it at Galen, allowing the remaining amount of cloth wrap around this arm, the rubble around them started to shake as his power poured out of him, even shattering some of the smaller stones, but with one word he took it to the next level.


The arena was covered with his dark power as it engulfed everything, even forcing Galen to stop his flow of force lightning and jump back a few steps. As the intensity finally died down enough, Ichigo rushed at Galen, his new speed catching him off guard and leaving him with a large slash over his left shoulder. Galen paid little attention to his wound, for his attention was now focused on Ichigo's Bankai form.

"What is that?"

"Tensa Zangetsu". was all Ichigo said.

And with that Ichigo disappeared from sight, confusing most until he reappeared right behind Galen and attempted another strike, only for Galen to block it with his saber, with much more added difficulty this time around. Ichigo continued this tactic many more times, until finally disappearing completely. Galen was confused until he noticed him reappearing constantly around him.

Galen, greatly annoyed decided to end this and released a massive repulse that sent Ichigo flying once again, who actually recovered midair and flew towards Galen. As he drew closer Galen noticed darkness starting to seep out of his blade, and only assuming what could come next, he used the force to uphill a boulder and create a mini shield.

"Getsuga Tenshō!"

The massive getsuga quickly tore though the makeshift shield and impacted Galen, but with the shield taking the blunt of the impact, Galen made it out with only a shallow cut on his torso and was sent flying into a wall, leaving a great impact upon the wall.

Ichigo smirked and started to walk back to the crowd when a small rock bounced against his head, he turned in surprise to see Galen still standing in the creator his getsuga created, his face now hooded. Cracking his neck, Galen used his mind to force every stone in the arena and caused them to turn and shift above his head. And with a quick flick of his fingers, lightning burst from his hands and endowed them with its destructive power. With seeing this new development, only one word rang though Ichigos mind.


Galen quickly tossed his saber at Ichigo, who quickly dodged it in return, but was not ready for the storm of lightning enriched stones and boulders that came flying at him. Quickly dodging ouy of the paths the projectiles created, the crowd was amazed with the explosions of stone and lightning they created once they touched something. But while Ichigo was concerned with his decoys, Galen took his chance and force dashed toward him and connected a swift kick to Ichigo's chin. Charging a massive force push, Galen unleashed it at Ichigo hoping to send him flying and finally end this duel. But Ichigo quickly released yet another getsuga, its power clashing with Galen's own attack.

With neither strike giving at all, their combining forces mixed and turned within each other until their powers met their peak and caused a massive explosion, sending both combatants flying in opposite directions.

As the smoke cleared, everyone noticed the massive crator in the center of the training grounds, and the two still stand opponents staring each other down. Galen clutching his lightsaber in his trademark reverse grip in his left hand and his right hand flowing with lightning. And Ichigo, holding Zangestu tightly in his battle stance awaiting his opponent.

As the two rushed into battle once more, a booming noise tripped them up and caused them to fall smack dab on their faces.

"Enough, we shall call a few medics to heal your wounds, afterword I would like to speak with Galen Marek, Dismissed!" came the commands of the Captain Commander.

In the following minutes a few members of the fourth division came running through the gates of the training grounds and rushed up to Galen and Ichigo. Once they reached the two they imedntly started healing their wounds, and while they were startled by the many scars Galen was carrying with him, he did not care, he was only thinking about his future conversation with the Soul Society head honcho.

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