…An unknown location in Colorado Springs, early morning…

The clone of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson were jogging on a hiking trail in the mountains.

"You sure this is what you want to do?" Daniel asked him as they rounded the turn of the last leg of the trail.

"I've though about all of my options." Jack replied as he huffed and puffed while Daniel remained unaffected by the exertion. "The Air Force offered to set me up. I even thought about going back to high school and doing it all over again."

"But?" Daniel prompted.

"Well, Jack and I are different. Unfortunately, I'm not him anymore. Which is why I took you up on your offer."

The teacher and student continued to run in silence along the trail for a long time.

"You know, there is a chance that you will run into him sooner or later," Daniel mentioned.

"I know," young Jack said, "It's unavoidable. But it'll be weird."

"Yeah," Daniel agreed, "It would be weird."

"But, with your offer on the table…" Jack said, "It just seemed right. Ya know?"

"Yeah," Daniel said. They continued their jog for a long moment of silence.

"So, when am I going to be spending whatever amount of time with other old people?" Jack asked with a kid like smirk which belied his true age.

Daniel looked at him for a long time before he answered, "I want to make sure you have the basics before I send you to anyone. And, I want you at least up to beginner 'gate traveler level before you go anywhere without me. So it will probably be a year or two."

"Daniel, are you being overprotective?" Jack asked as he looked over at his friend.

Daniel shrugged as they came to a stopping point.

"At least tell me something about any of these old people that you're friends with," Jack said as he almost collapsed into a heap once he stopped.

"Well," Daniel said as he crouched down, took a sip from the bottled water and handed it off to Jack. "There's one guy that I've known for quite a while. I met him back when I was a Gladiator, we were Templars together."

"You were a knight?" Jack asked as he looked Daniel up and down in an assessing manner. He had to redefine his friend from the pacifist that he knew from past experience. "Isn't that a secret society?"

"I was part of the original 9 founders, Jack," Daniel explained, "the secret society part came after we were scattered. Anyway, this guy I'm talking about… at one point, he was Hugh Conte de Champagne. He was in the Watchers with me back in the 80's and I found out that he's still in the Watchers, but a different branch."

"Okay," Jack said as he sipped some more water, "You have the Watchers that watch the Immortals and there are other Watchers?"

Daniel nodded as he sat down on the ground.

"What do they watch?" Jack asked as he sat down next to the older man.

"Other things…" Daniel said cryptically.

"What the hell does that mean?" Jack snapped.

Daniel gave a long suffering sigh; he knew this was going to be a long explanation, "Contrary to popular belief, the Earth did not begin as a paradise…"