Chapter 1 – Unbroken

Here I was, back in this damn cage again… I will never be broken. Not by any master, I will not give in. All these masters had damn wussy excuses for trying and they never succeeded. None will break me, ever…

"Keep yourself in line kid! You're gonna cut your skin if you keep this up!"
"Shut up!"

Akira slammed himself against the front of the cage and snarled at the slave master. He was a complete rabid slave, acting like such a feral dog. His former slaves, or even the slave market master, knew why Akira was so violent but he was, end of that issue. He hated being here every single time. That would be expected, considering how this was his 7th time being sold. Cold, hard chains were attached to him and to the bars of the cage. Akira tried getting the chains off but it was no use. A blond boy came by his cage in the slave market.

"Hi! You seem like a good slave. Let me pet you!"

"Get away from me, you damn kid!"

The boy jumped back then smiled again. He loved that Akira was being so "playful", at least that's what he called it. It was entertaining to the boy, even though this slave was being totally violent. He decided to say his name to Akira.

"My name's Rin! I think you're nice! Anyway, I gotta go. Bye!"

Akira just growled and stared at Rin angrily. What did that kid know anyway? He didn't know what it was like to be a slave, to be treated like poorly every day. Every bruise was a heavy burden and every cut stung with a heat. All these things Akira received from his seven former masters and he hated it. He practically despised everything that came near him. Just thinking about all this made him so angry.

"Fuck this!"

"I told you to shut up!"

Akira felt a large whack on the back of his neck. He fell to the cold, steel floor of the cage and breathed heavily. He could barely take so much, even though his wild spirit was untouched. The chains hurt his wrists and the cold touch of iron and steel almost stung his body. It was barely a day after being sold back to the market.

It seemed like Akira was gonna have to stay here permanently this time…

The master/slave boarding house was filled with masters and their slaves, forced to do anything. There so many unnatural noises coming from every corner of the boarding house, most of them not being so pleasant either. Down in the masters' lounge, all the slave owners came down for drinks and food while their slaves were working upstairs. There was conversation among the masters… except for one.

This tall master stood at the window, looking at the rain falling outside. He seemed to be disgusted with the other masters, considering the look on his face. He was dressed in black leather clothing with a sword at his side. His hair was black as a raven and blood red eyes.

"Hey, Shiki! Over here!"


"When are you gonna own a slave finally?"

"None of your fuckin' business."

This master, Shiki, all in black, walked out of the master's lounge and upstairs to his quarters. He sat down on the bed and looked outside, with the rain continuing to fall. Owning somebody didn't matter to him, what mattered is that he lives. His eyes always seemed so cruel and emotionless to all the masters, even the other slaves have seen how cruel Shiki could be.

I have no time to deal with such worthless slaves who have no damn life left. No human is worth possessing, neither is any animal.

That same night, back in the slave market, Akira was being so miserable. His head was down, with the chains still attached to his arms. He wished he didn't have to come back to this slave market anymore. Hopefully, this was his last time here. But which master would ever take him now? Akira was sold 6 times to every cruel master possibly known. There's no way anyone would take him now. The rain continued to fall on the cold metal and even though it was winter, the time of freezing rain, it almost felt like a hot sting to Akira.

I'm gonna die here… no one can help me.

"Damn it!"

Akira punched the cold floor of the cage so hard that a bruise came on to his hand. But right now, he was used to every kind of pain there was. No other pain could possibly get him under control. Would he ever have a master to break him? Of course not, because no other one could do it. As Akira looked back on his past, he was never afraid of chains, whips, bleeding, bruising or anything now.

I will never… be broken.

The next day, the clouds peaked out over the city, with barely any sun rays at all. It showed just how truly filthy and awful the streets were. The rich and the poor divided by slaves and masters lives. But someone was walking the streets, all dressed in his usual black clothing… and he usually never did. Shiki walked by the slave market and looked cruelly at all the other slaves. But then, one young boy caught his eye. A boy about 18, chained up to the bars of his cage, looking ferocious and foam coming from his mouth. Shiki smiled cruelly at him and Akira spotted him too. But when he did, he screamed at the top of his lungs in a cruel voice.

"Stop looking at me!"

Akira didn't like Shiki for that moment. He was growling and thrashing in his cage like a wild animal. The master in black walked over to him to get a good look at the young slave. But even though he was smiling so cruelly, Akira kept growling at him, telling him to back off.

"You… I want you…"

"Shut up!"

This was it, Akira had a new master. It's not that liked him because he didn't. In fact, he hated his new master. But if this was the better life for him, then so be it. The chains were unhooked from the bars Shiki dragged him off. Akira tried to squeeze out of the chains but they were too tight.

When both came back to the master/slave boarding house, it was a busy morning. All masters were enjoying the life downstairs while the slaves were working themselves off to please their masters. But all of them were surprised when they saw Akira and Shiki together. They never thought he would a slave, ever. When they got upstairs, the young slave scrambled on to the bed, tied himself up with the chains and growled more to his new master.

"You're an interesting slave, to be so rash and naive."

"Don't insult me! And stay away!"

The cruel master in black slapped him across the face hard and Akira's head hung down. Was that all he could dish out? He wasn't even affected by it. He was still having a violent face, eyes red and a red mark across his face as well.

"You haven't been broken have you?"

"I said shut up! What the fuck would you know about me?"

"Maybe I should do the pleasure of breaking you myself."


A/N: This chapter was kind of a pain to right because I wanted to keep this at a steady pace but trust me, it'll get better from here. So, Akira is Shiki's new slave. What will happen now? Find out in chapter 2!