Chapter 4 – Heat & Tension

I can't see anything… I can't let Shiki break me… I have to get myself out. But why can't I leave?

Darkness covered his vision and Akira's body temperature rose up high in a few seconds. The fear of what was coming to him covered in the inside and outside of his body. Luckily he couldn't see and it was probably for the better that he didn't.

"Why don't you get your act together?"

"I… I won't…"

"Then it's about time you break."

Akira became frightened of Shiki's words, as he whispered them to his ear, beginning from base of his neck. This was the first time he felt his master's voice so close. The breath from Shiki's voice was hot that it just heated Akira's skin even more. His voice resonated so clearly to him. The heat of his voice dove into his slave's heart, making him even weaker. Something caught Akira completely off guard, when he felt his master's tongue up his neck right behind his ear. So this is what Shiki meant by breaking him.

Akira became even more uneasy when he felt his master take off his shirt was well. His soft skin was exposed to those piercing red eyes and when Shiki's hand was on his shoulders, he felt that Akira's skin was sweating. He knew his skin was hot as the touch of his own mouth went all over his skin. The slave's temperature was rising up so fast, just by the touch of his master. Tears wanted to pour out from him, but the touch and feeling of him was a lot to burden for Akira.

"Breaking is what you desire…"

What came next really frightened Akira, almost to death. He felt Shiki's hand come down to his waist and then between his legs, gently stroking his thighs. His slave started to groan, as if in pain, but what if it was pleasure and desire? It couldn't be because Akira hated him, he really did. Nothing made sense anymore… Shiki was sexually harassing him but even if it was painful, it was somewhat strange to him.

"Let's see what you feel…"

Suddenly, Akira felt his master's hand on his member, which made his body tremble as an earthquake. This hurt so much like hot irons and a stinging sensation making it's way into his body. Sweat was pouring off his face and chest, just making things worse. This wasn't good… Akira couldn't even speak or talk back to Shiki now, he was completely silent. The touch upon his throbbing member just caused more sweat and tears on his face and body. He wanted the blindfold off so he wouldn't be so uneasy.

Akira tried lifting up one hand to get the blindfold off his face. But instead, his master took his hand down and pressured his whole body down on the bed. He groaned as he was pressed down with force. Shiki kept his hand down on his slave's throbbing member while whispering to his ear.

"You're not allowed to take it off, not until I'm finished with you."

The heated intensity from his master's touch just kept getting worse and worse for Akira. His body continued to shake with fear, wanting the stinging pain to stop. He knew what Shiki was like now – as soon as he broke somebody, he would toss them away. He couldn't let that happen to himself, there was too much pride for that. Akira tried to say something, but just made loud moans instead.

"You throw… me… away… when you're… done."

Shiki pressed him further down, creating more pressure and heat on to Akira's body. He was insulted, thinking that his slave knew him so well. To get his message clear, he inserted his finger into the opening underneath Akira's member, having body fluids leak out instantly. The young slave moaned very loudly, almost like a scream.

"I won't throw something away simply because I'm bored with it. Only a half-hearted owner or master would do something so disgusting. I'll never do that."

Underneath the dark blindfold, Akira's eyes welled up with tears. What did he just say? He wouldn't give him up, for anything? The young slave's heart started beating very fast. Suddenly the pressure from Shiki's touch inside of him got more and more unbearably painful. Akira finally couldn't take it and bit his own skin, with a muffled scream. He just wanted the pain and the heating intensity to be over. The hot breathing from Shiki's voice came to his slave's ear once again.

"You know, that will cause you a scar."

Akira couldn't speak because this sexual feeling hurt so much. Finally, a thrust came from his master. He screamed so loud from the pain of inside him. Every single feeling and touch from Shiki, his own master, was a hot and stinging pain. Even though Akira couldn't see, he knew that he couldn't feel any clothing on him either. He flinched at every touch, feeling and through that his master gave to him.

Finally, after so much pain and torture, Akira's blindfold was taken off and a sheet was pulled over him. Shiki was not surprised to see his face. In fact, he smiled cruelly when he saw Akira's face entirely red from all the tears and sweat. Hopefully, he broke him for good. The leather braces were applied back on to his slave's wrists and ankles. Shiki stood up and grabbed his sword and was about to go out again. He decided that after this breaking, Akira would hopefully be rid of his rash behavior.

"You're finally broken… now be a good boy."

When Shiki said that, he turned to Akira with that usual cruel face upon him, his smile and the sultry yet piercing eyes of his. As his slave, he decided to look back but instead of an angry look, it was a sad and it looked like he was finally broken. His master finally left the room and Akira was left alone to think to himself.

I can't be broken. He just… sexually interacted with me, that's all. And I hated it too… I hate you…

"What the fuck do I do now?"

Every night was always the same since Akira was claimed by Shiki as a slave. He would sleep everything that day off and just relax. But he couldn't sleep this night, not after their sexual interaction. While trying to get to sleep, he kept thinking about the same things over and over again. His face turned red because he couldn't get the heat of his master's voice off of his body, as he could still clearly remember it.

As he was thinking to himself, Akira heard footsteps beyond the door. He hoped it wasn't the worst person to come at such a time like this. But sure enough it was… Shiki came in and sat down on the bed next to his slave. But why would he come back in the middle of the night?

"What are you doing here?"

Shiki looked back at him with his cruel smile he always had on. He didn't know why Akira had to ask that since they had that master/slave bond. So he answered the usual like he always did, just teasing him.

"Maybe because you're being a good boy right now."

That was just a tease to Akira. The young slave didn't answer back. He was too quiet ever since everything that happened. He kept his eyes on Shiki, his face red and saw that his sword was covered in blood while he cleaning it. He just couldn't fall asleep and it was his master's fault. Akira just wanted to leave and never come back, but he couldn't? Why? Shiki spoke again to his slave while looking after his blade, with that usual cruel smile.

"You can't sleep?"


"Maybe I should break you again."

"Just shut the fuck up… I hate you."


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