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Ok boys and girls now a couple of you might have read what you thought was discontinued stories Flight of the Fallen and Change my life but your wroung I am continuing them I am just haveing issues right now and to top that off this story has jumped out at me and I will working on it too.

On a cold dark night in the middle of the woods I look around and see from out from behind a 100 year old oak steps a person. No not a person a ghost from my past. There standing infront of me is a image i haven't seen in seven years gold eye stares out from beneath messy bronze hair with a crooked smile. "Oh Bella it's so good to see you again I have missed you so much.". I blinked twice to make sure that the image wouldn't dissappear and when it didn't I felt a rage envolpe me. "What bullshit is this Edward." I mockingly repeated him "Oh Bella it's so good to see you again I have missed you so much. My ass if you missed me so much why did you leave me alone? Didn't I mean anything at all to you? Don't you know how much I cared for you? I began to feel a burning start down my arms and my fingers started clenching. Without thinking I raise my hands and watched black flames jump from my fingertips slowly enveloping Edward. A look of disbelief cross Edwards face as the flames starts to climb him slowly. Edward screams and tries to run but even though he runs i can feel the flames climb him even after he has dissappeard from sight. The scream contiued untill they suddenly stopped with a loud No don't I'm sorr... at the same time I feel the flames vanish and I collapse to the ground.