The TARDIS was broke. His TARDIS was broke. This wasn't good, not even a little bit.
"Please tell me we're not in a parallel dimension again, "Rose groaned as a door appeared on the side of the engine room.
"I'm not sure, better safe than sorry though." Jack pulled out his gun moving into a protective stance.
The Doctor rolled his eyes at the pair and opened the door, after all whatever was on the other side couldn't be that bad could it?
What he saw was more surprising then he thought however.

The Doctor stared around in shock. It looked like his TARDIS, but different. It was all rearranged and at the controls..."River Song?"

"What?" River responded.

"Why are you flying MY TARDIS?" The Doctor demanded.

"Technically it's not yours." She countered fiddling with the controls.

"What? Oh damn it I regenerated?" He said exasperatedly.


"Well where is my future self? I need some parts to fix my TARDIS so we" he indicated himself, Rose and Jack, "Can go home."

"You can't talk to him right now." River told him shortly not turning from her work.

"Why the hell can't I talk to him?"The Doctor asked exasperatedly.

"You can't talk to him because you're currently in trouble."

"...WHAT! What or who is trying to hurt me this time?" The Doctor groaned, as Jack and Rose laughed; it was reassuring to know no matter what the time he was still a trouble magnet.

"I am if you don't start acting like an adult." She said threateningly.

"What are you going on about? I am an adult." He stated.

"You are, but you aren't acting like one. If you insist on acting like a child I will treat you like a child." River glowered at him.

"What do you mean? What did you do to me? Or is that Him?" The Doctor asked hesitantly as if afraid of the answer.

"I'll be good if you let me out!" A young male's voice called from the other room.

"...What did you do?" The Doctors eyes were wide.

"Treated you like the child you were acting like," She told him before raising her voice and calling back, "No, and if you don't stop asking I'm going to make you stay there longer!"

Rose and Jack couldn't speak for laughing as the Doctor stared thunderstruck.

"Hah!" A female voice giggled.

"That goes for you too Pond!"

"I've been grounded?" The Doctor was shocked and more than a little afraid.

"Actually you're in the corner. You won't stay there long though. Not unless I cuff you there." River grinned evilly.
"Why…wha…What did I do to be sent to the corner?" The Doctor asked despairingly.
"You wouldn't stop bickering like a child with Amy." River stated crossing her arms and nailing him with a glare.

The Doctor gulped as his companions collapsed into howls of laughter again; He wasn't sure he liked this new regeneration.