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It was an odd sensation when he stepped into Sora's body. Almost like walking under a waterfall of cold water. All of Sora's memories became his, and his became Sora's.

A whole new world opened up after that. One inside of Sora's head that was made just for Roxas. It was always sunny but never hot, and although there was nothing to do, Roxas never got bored. Most of the time he would just lay in one of the many fields and watch the clouds float by, picking out shapes and creating stories for whatever he saw. He would occasionally peek in on Sora, and see how his carrier was doing. Every once in a while Roxas would hear the others thoughts traveling upon the breeze, letting him know what Sora's mood was that day.

After defeating Xemnas and waiting upon the barren beach, Riku and Sora had returned home to Destiny Islands. Roxas had the feeling of vertigo after Sora stepped into the door of light and shot down from the sky upside down. It was funny how Sora's actions could still affect him in his world. As they landed in the water, Roxas felt the spray of ocean, and his view became Sora's.

It was dark. That was the first thing he knew. Second, was that he had to break to the surface to breathe. He kicked his feet and pushed his arms out, swimming towards the lighted surface.

The sun instantly greeted him, and warmed his face as he was released from the grip of the water. Quickley, he looked around for his silver-headed friend. Eventually, he popped up and together they swam towards the shoreline that held their friends. Upon reaching them, the chocolate haired hero was instantly tackled by his recent best friends: Donald, and Goofey. He wrestled around for a few minutes with them, until he saw Her. He instantly stopped and sat in the water, trying his hardest to match her brilliant smile.

As Kairi offered her hand to Sora, Roxas caught a glimpse of Naminé. Sora and roxas reached out at the same time and took the outstretched hand.

"Sora will need you now Roxas…" Naminé said as she pulled him up. Roxas quirked a brow and would have asked what she meant, but she continued to pull him up. Even when he was fully standing she continued to pull him.

Ripping filled Roxas' ears, and pain rocked his body as his body was pulled away from Sora's