He watched as she worked at her mundane job that he despised almost as much as she did. He wanted her-he had since the first time he saw her… He decided he wasn't going to wait any longer. He had planned for months on how to acquire his target, and he had the perfect plan. He looked on as she and Angela locked up and said their good nights, never knowing it would be the last time they would see each other.

She started walking to her car with him following close behind. When she was almost to her beat up truck, he grabbed her, trying carefully to avoid her kicks, but she was no match for his strength or the chloroform soaked rag he placed over her nose and mouth. Within moments, she was unconscious. He looked around to make sure they hadn't been seen and then hoisted her feather light body up into his arms, carried her to his rental car, and placed her gently in the backseat. Once she was settled, he jumped in the driver's seat and took off into the night. So far, all had gone as planned. He just prayed it continued to go his way.

About twenty minutes later, he pulled up to the house he had been living in for the past few months. He took his prize inside and placed her in the bedroom that he planned to share with her. He knew she would be hungry when she woke, so he started making something for her to eat. When it was close to being finished, he heard a small noise coming from the bedroom and went to check on her. Jasper smiled to himself as he walked into the room. His Bella was finally awake…