"When?" she asks, knowing that her bottom lip is quivering pathetically. Not really caring. Will sighs and looks down to avoid her eyes, running his hands through his hair nervously.

"About a month ago," he admits. "That's when it started."

She nods, and bites her lip to control the flood of tears that is threatening to break loose. "I should have known," she says, raising a small, sardonic smile (because if she doesn't she'll lose her mind and rip him head off and bawl like a little girl), "The way you kept going on about getting him in the Glee club? His 'talent' when – I saw those Acafella freakshows; he wasn't honestly that good!" she pauses. "You were obsessed with him since day one, admit it. God, I'm an idiot."

Will looks up, guilty. "Terr-" he says, starting towards her with arms outstretched. She practically leaps away.

"Don't touch me!" she exclaims shrilly. He doesn't. She shakes her head again and again, trying to clear the constant static of betrayal from her head, and maybe if she shakes long enough she can make the whole thing fall off her. "God, Will, how could you?" she asks, and her breath hitches at the end of the sentence. "I'm pregnant," she insists, and that's not really fair given she isn't, but he doesn't know that so the point still stands.

"I don't know, it's just... he was there, and I tried to resist, but I couldn't help myself and he wasn't all that shy about it, honestly."

"Don't you start like that!" she says. "Unless you forgot, I have met Finn Hudson. The boy is an idiot; he'd never start something like this on his own, but he'd follow everything given to him with educational authority, so no, don't you dare act like this was all his idea somehow."

Will swallows audibly. "Terri, it wasn't like that!"

"You're a teacher fucking your student!" she screams. "What the hell am I meant to think it was like?"

Will doesn't answer.

"Get out," Terri mutters.