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Chapter 4… Mine.

Seth POV

I couldn't sit in my room. I couldn't just lie in my bed and stare at the ceiling. Whether it was because I needed to take my anger out on something or because I couldn't bring myself to look up at the half naked poster of Megan Fox plastered on my ceiling, I couldn't say. I just knew that I couldn't sit behind four walls when I had some psychotic urge to kill Jacob for taking my stupid, fucking imprint where I couldn't see.

I was going to kill that boy some day, plain and simple. Nothing could compare to the hatred and jealously I felt at that moment. Nothing could calm me down; I was too far gone for that. Even running patrol alone wasn't enough to clear my thoughts.

When I finally managed to clear my head, I found myself staring at Bella's window like a creeper in the night. That's what I am, I thought bitterly. Just another stalker to her ever-growing list. My mind briefly flashing to Jacob was enough to make me growl louder and more defensively than I had ever in my entire life.

I mentally punched myself when I saw Bella run to her window, obviously concerned with what was going on in the woods behind her house. I took that as my cue to slink backwards into the woods behind some bushes in effort not to be seen. If she saw me, she might tell Jacob. And there was no doubt that Jacob would come knocking on my door demanding to know just what the hell I was doing stalking his girl.

I growled again, unintentionally. Jesus, what was it with me today? Was I trying to get caught?

Bella was back at her window in a flash, and I mentally kicked my ass. She was going to hear me. Or, worse, she would come outside to investigate; that girl had not an ounce of fear, a single gram of self-preservation in her.

"Hello?" Her sweet voice called down from her window.

Jeebus Chrispies, sweet voice? Was I turning into a chick?

"Hello? Jacob? Is that you?" Bella called down once more, and I couldn't help the whimper I let out; she thought I was Jacob, she wanted Jacob. Not me.

"Goodness, Jake. You scared me with all that growling. Please don't tell me you were fighting?" she paused, "You know what? This is getting stupid; I'm coming down."

I could just about kill myself. If there was an award for most stupid move an unwillingly imprinted werewolf could've ever done, I would've gotten the gold. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I heard her descending footsteps, and I couldn't help how my heartbeat grew tenfold. Fucking imprint; I didn't want Bella, yet it was telling my body that I did.

When the backdoor opened, I just about shat myself.

Run away. Run away. Run away. Run away. Run the fuck away, Seth. Why aren't you running away? Move, feet! Goddamn! It wasn't even my conscience provoking my thoughts; they were all instinct. Yet, my feet would not listen to the demands. The wolf inside me was telling me to move my ass or I'll be seen and then brutally slaughtered, but the imprint was planting me still; keeping me cemented to the earth.

God fucking damn it.

"Jake?" Bella's voice floated into my ears and made me whimper.

Way to let her know where you are, pup. I screamed at myself.

Bella giggled and I twitched. Like, legit twitched. My paws were trying to propel myself forward, but my body was not responding. I was stuck, stranded, left for the dead by my own subconscious.

Her uneven, klutzy footwork was becoming louder, her heartbeat was a blaring radio telling me which way I needed to be; go forward meant go back, get away from her.

"Jacob Black!" She giggled; this was a game to her. Walk into the woods alone, ten points; find the vicious, horse-sized wolf, one hundred points.

I let loose a growl, a warning; don't come any closer, little girl. But, the thing with Bella was that yes meant no and no meant yes. Her body language was all screwed up; her common sense was never there. So, of course she came closer, giggling as she went.

I growled louder, more vicious this time, and she finally seemed to get the hint. She stopped in her tracks and her carefree smile faded from her lips, a confused frown and a bend in her brow taking its place.

"Jake…?" Her voice wavered. Good.

I mentally smirked. She was afraid of me. Good. That's how I wanted it.

Bella backed up, out of the woods, as if she just realized she wasn't safe. Like she just realized I was big enough and strong enough to tear her little heart right out of her fucking chest.

God, what I would give to kill her; to not have to deal with the imprint bullshit she caused me. But I knew that killing her would, in turn, kill me, and I really didn't fancy giving up my current life. Being a werewolf had its perks; being attractive and having a killer eight back were just a bonus to the super fucking senses. And, honestly, I'll be damned if I stopped getting laid every fucking night.

"Jake." She whispered one last time, effectively taking me out of my fantasies of ripping her apart.

I growled again; my name was not Jacob, damn it.

She let out a squeal and took several steps back, even more frightened than before.

I slinked forwards, out of the woods-and completely against my will, I might add-and towards Bella. My teeth bared, my shoulders hunched, my hackles rose, ready to attack. An even more vicious growl left me.

The smell of her arousal filled my nostrils, and I'll be damned if I wasn't more turned on than I had ever been in my entire life, but also more confused than ever.

The fuck?

She didn't even know which wolf I was, and she was turned on. Goddamn it all.

I phased on the spot, not even bothering to put my shorts back on, and took the two steps I needed to in order to get to Bella.

I paused in front of her to glare into her soft, chocolate eyes for a moment.

The point five seconds for her to register that I was not, in fact, Jacob, and rather, Seth, was far too much. As soon as the shocked gasp fell from her, my lips were on hers; I couldn't hold it anymore.

She thought I was Jacob; well, honey, could Jacob kiss you like this? I thought smugly, knowing that Jacob could never have this.

What surprised me the most out of this ordeal was the fact that she kissed me back. Rather forcefully, I might add. I smiled smugly against her lips and was rewarded with her hands snaking their way up my arms and into my hair, pulling the strands at the roots.

Without much thinking, I licked her bottom lip, actually asking for permission to gain access into her hot mouth. And when she complied and opened her mouth, I found myself pushing her backwards into the side of her house as my tongue thrust into her mouth, tangoing with hers.

When Bella's back hit the siding, she moaned out, tugging my hair harder, pushing herself closer. I took that as in invitation to let my hands wander. One was trust in her hair, and the other, gripping her tight ass, just trying to hold on.

Her own hands began to wander from my hair, and down south to brush over my abs. Lord, have mercy, the little minx was only touching my abs, yet, I had never been harder in my entire life.

I grinded against her, earning a fresh breath of her arousal and another loud moan.

When my hands found themselves traveling up her shirt, she stopped, catching her breath and putting her hands on my chest; trying to push me away from her.

The wolf in me was only pissed off by this gesture. I was so close to what I wanted, but she was pushing me away. Oh, hell no.

I glared into her eyes; what was she trying to pull here?

Tears were brimming in hers, and I swear to god, I had never felt like such an ass in my entire life. What had I done? Did I hurt her? Was she injured? I swear, I would chop my own dick off if I injured her in any way.

She shook her head at me and looked down, trying harder to push me away.

I growled and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look up at me.

"No." I growled. "Look at me, goddamn it."

She complied with a scowl on her face, not offering any words as to what the hell was going on with her.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" I spat, mostly to myself, completely disgusted with what I had just done; I had let both the wolf and imprint take over, I had let them show her I was dominant in whatever just happened.

Hurt flashed through her eyes, but they quickly hardened over as her expression shifted to complete anger.

"I should ask you the same thing. Who the fuck comes out of the woods and throws himself at an innocent girl? What the fuck, Seth?" She shrieked.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer, "I don't recall any complaints from you." I smirked, "In fact, all I remember hearing from you were moans. Don't try to tell me you didn't-you don't want me. Babe, I can smell you."

Her eyes narrowed.

"I am not a piece of meat for you to just come and take." She spat.

I couldn't help but laugh at that. "Baby, if you only knew."

"What are you talking about?" she demanded to know.

Jesus, she looked hot. All pissed off and whatnot.

I couldn't help it, I kissed her again.

And, of course, as I expected, she melted into me and complied.

I forcefully shoved my tongue into her mouth, and the loud moan she let out betrayed her as I grabbed her ass and grinded into her. Her back hitting the siding again and the moan she gave off from the contact was almost enough to take me over the edge.

My mouth traveled down her neck, and I glanced up to her; her eyes were back in her head as I planted hot, open mouthed kisses down her neck. I smirked.

I was back on her lips in an instant, my hands keeping her hips in place as I grinded against her. And when she tried to move her hands down to my abs, I growled against her lips and took her hands in my one hand and held them above her head.

"No." I growled against her lips.

Eventually, I let her go; my thoughts coming back to me, telling me what I was doing. I took a step back from her in effort not to touch her.

I smirked when I took in her profile.

Bella's long, mahogany hair was ruffled and messed up beyond belief. Her pink, full lips were swollen from kissing, and her cheeks were flushed with a red that made me even harder than before. Her breathing was rough and heavy, and her black t-shirt was wrinkled and pulled up over her hips, showing off a belly button that I just wanted to lick. And her legs, god, her legs; not only were the shorts she was wearing dangerously sinful, but the way her legs were spread apart just so slightly almost had me undone; she hadn't moved an inch from when I pulled back.

"Why?" She whispered; her eyes ten years away.

I took a few steps closer to her and whispered in her ear, "Because you're mine."

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