Green Sharingan

Chapter 8

OMG! I cried. I cried really, really hard. (WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THE NEXT SENTENCE. UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN UP-TO-DATE WITH NARUTO SHIPPUDEN MANGA THEN DO NOT READ!). Sai finally meets his brother. Only to realize he is being controlled like a puppet by Sasori, who was brought back to life by Kabuto/Orochi-wannabe (No one wants to look like a pedophile FYI!). Oh, the look on his face alone made me want to cry a river. Then he finds out that there is a piece of Deidara's clay in him that will explode and completely destroy his brother! He looked like he was going to break down when he saw his brother explode! And then in the end, he ends up seeing the book Sai always wanted to show him and he smiled. He then told Sai that he didn't need to kill him anymore because Sai had set his soul free! Ah~ then as he was falling apart Sai smiled and thanked his brother before crying a bit. Crying! That hit a nerve! I just really wanted Sakura and Naruto to run up to him and hug him and tell him that they will always be there for him because he's apart of their family too!

Oh and by the way, I got 96% on my Japanese Finals! Yeah! Suck on that Kid (I'm referring to my little brother- he's in the seventh grade and still watches boomerang)! One of them was on Deidara's word 'un' and I so~ got it right. That's right! Worship me on a handmade one-of-a-kind pedestal. Okay I'm kidding. By the time you read this I will already be done with my Finals. I still have Honors Bio and Cooking to do. Jeebus Chribst (It's a new word I made up for 'Jesus Christ' that is said most often by in South Park. And by people I mean my dad. He's a preacher ya' know!). I don't own Naruto.

Sakura knocked on the hard wooden door of her master's office and sighed when there was no reply. Sakura knocked harder. Did it really take this much to wake up a twenty year old. Oh Kami. Now she was lying to herself about Tsunade's age. "Shishou! It's Sakura! Open the door please."


Sakura opened the door and entered the room rather flustered. If she had known that the door was open she wouldn't have yelled so much. "Sorry for yelling-"

"This is for you." interrupted Tsunade as she stretched out her hand. In her ruby red manicured hand was a small scroll.

Sakura frowned and took a grasp of the small scroll. It was barely bigger than her whole hand! She opened it and read the characters written elegantly on the paper. A few minutes later her lower lip quivered and she clenched the scroll. "That jerk didn't even have the guts so say it to my face."

Tsunade smiled. It seems those two became good friends. It was good to find friends like Sakura's temporary captain. He seemed very loyal. "He was sorry that he couldn't stay but he was needed desperately in his village. There are still a few attacks going on there so he decided that he could trust you to take care of the ambassador and his assistant."

"He's a coward! Leaving all his responsibilities to me! When did he leave?" asked Sakura with fury

"If you hurry he should be just in front of the gates." Tsunade smiled as Sakura dropped the scroll and ran to the front gates. That girl could be so impulsive.

Sakura ran as fast as she could. Of course it normally took he a few minutes to get to the gates but it seemed like it went on forever. She growled. What was he thinking? Did the jerk think he could get away from this? He had another thing coming! Sakura jumped over a tree.

She saw him. He was just barely passing the gates. "Oi!" he turned around surprised. "Did you think you could get away without saying goodbye? That sappy letter won't make up for it!"

He smiled, "I'll see you someday. Don't worry you don't have to escort them back to my village. It's been arranged with your hokage that she will have highly trained shinobi doing that. Goodbye!"

Sakura sniffed. "Kain you are such a douche!"

He laughed and waved goodbye as he walked away. Sakura watched him leave. She sighed. She was going to miss him. He was a good person. His village would need him too. Hopefully, Tsunade will send a few of their shinobi over there. Sakura sighed and breathed in as a fresh spring breeze tickled her face. It was good to be home.

"Sakura-chan~!" screamed a loud obnoxious voice. Sakura fell to the ground as she felt two large arms wrap dangerously around her. She squeaked as he brought her down. She frowned as she fell face first into dirt. "Na-Ru-To!" she growled.

"Ah! Gomen. Gomen. Gomen~!" he jumped off of her and lifted her off the ground. "Jeez, Sakura, you weigh as much as a feather. No wonder you're flat-" he looked down at the murderous look on her face. "b-but it looks great on you! You've got such a petite body and I bet millions of men would want to get you laid! Sai! Sai tell Sakura-chan you want to screw her." yelled Naruto.

A few pedestrians looked at the blonde with an odd glance before turning away and walking faster. Sakura growled. He was embarrassing her! "I want to fuck you, Ugly." Sai looked curiously over to Naruto. "Is that what you wanted me to say, Dickless? Though I don't see how you would know since you don't have a dick."

Sakura blushed at the way he spoke. He made it sound so casual. Meanwhile, Naruto scowled at Sakura's blushing face. Naruto was not going to be outdone by an insulting teammate. Especially, one who's fashion sense is easily questioned. "I...I want to fuck you too Sakura-chan."

Sakura stopped blushing and looked wide-eyed at Naruto. He smiled. That's right. Right around now she will be kissing him feverishly and want to go to Ichiraku's with him. Bonk! Naruto took a tight grasp of his head. Kami that hurt. "Hentai!"

Sakura walked off in a huff. That pervert. "Sakura-chan, what about ramen?"

"I'm not going!"

"But-" Sakura disappeared and Naruto frowned. No ramen again! He turned toward Sai. This was his fault. Sai just smiled and waved goodbye before walking away oblivious to the heated glare the blonde was giving him.

Sakura jumped from rooftop to rooftop to the Tsunade's office. She honestly didn't want to but she had promised her client that she would do so. Her feet were driving her insane as she applied pressure with every jumps. Would it be bad if she walked if only for a little while. No. No, it would be best to do this sooner than later.

Naruto sighed. Sakura had just returned from her self training mission and she still wasn't there with them. They needed to spend more time together. A team wouldn't function properly if they didn't spend at least an hour or so doing something eating ramen. If only he didn't say she was flat chested then they would all be laughing and talking together as a team doing team like eating ramen.

Naruto removed his hand from his pockets with keys in hand and opened his apartment door. Lazily, he walked in and locked the door. Oh well, instant ramen for dinner again. Grabbing a clean pot, Naruto filled it with water before placing it on the stove to boil. He opened his cupboards one by one before finally finding some instant ramen. He removed the wrapping and placed the block into the water to turn into what he deemed to be soft, stringy lines of heavenly goodness. He knew that it was not the healthiest of food choices but he didn't really care. Ramen is the food of gods. And he, Naruto Uzumaki, was by far the greatest of them all. It is only natural that a god like himself is to become hokage.

Naruto's mind absentmindedly wandered to what happened previously. Sure he was glad that Sakura was back. He was elated! Yet, he felt that she was hiding something from them. Was she in trouble? Did she meet the man who distorted her once joyful life with actual living relatives? He shook the thought out of his head. No. Sakura knew that she had them. She wasn't alone. They were a family by bonds. Bonds that could never be broken no matter how hard one tried. Just like Sasuke.

The bubbles in the boiling pot snapped him out of his gloomy thoughts when some hot water sprung onto his sun-kissed skin. It took him a moment or two to register the slight burning of the hot water before yelping. He rubbed his nose. He was never really much of a thinker. Naruto sighed and looked around his accumulated home for a clean bowl. His shoulders slumped when he realized that he would have to look for one. He missed the days when Sakura and Sai would come over and help him clean. It wasn't too long ago that his home smelled of pine and strawberries but now it smelled of sweaty teenage boy and ramen. No woman would want to be courted in his apartment! He sighed. He supposed it was time for the lion's den to be cleaned. After successfully finding a clean bowl that he recalled Hinata had given him on his birthday, Naruto helped himself to some ramen. The sound of a snapping twig was heard when Naruto prepared to eat his ramen with the endless supply of chopsticks Hinata too had given him. He really needed to repay Hinata for her kindness. Perhaps he should take her out for ramen?

Several minutes later, Naruto had finished his ramen and began to clean up his kitchen. It was better to start now than later. Just as soon as Naruto had finished clearing all the trash from his dining table there was a peck on his window. He grinned. He was going to get another mission! Merrily, he took the message from his bird and ran off to the tower. His race to the tower was short lived and he opened the door to see Sakura sitting on a chair with sake in not only Tsunade's but Sakura's hand. He stood in silence. "Sakura-chan, are you an alcoholic?"

Sakura lazily turned toward Naruto her face flushed a light pink. "I am most certainly not an alcoholic Naruto. I just came here on business."

Naruto looked at her with scrutiny. "Then why are you holding sake?"

Tsunade banged her hands on her desk. "Quit it! You're one to talk. Why are you here?"

Naruto looked at Tsunade peculiarly, "You requested for me to come. Are you drunk?"

Tsunade growled, "I'm the Hokage. I can't afford to be drunk. I also did not send for you here. I would have had Sakura or Kakashi get you."

Naruto pouted his lips to the side in thought, "Then why did I get a note from a bird to come here?"

"Let me see." Naruto was about to protest but was cut short when he saw that Sakura already had it the parchment in her hands. She frowned. "I don't see anything."

Naruto crossed his arms in agitation. "What do you mean? It's right there on the paper. It says- Wait a minute. Is that dot getting bigger or is it just me?"

Tsunade snatched the paper from Naruto's hand and scrutinized the paper. The dot that was there was indeed getting bigger. The dot began to spread out in thin curves. Tsunade soon realized that it was forming a series of words. Tsunade bit her lip as soon as it was done and scowled at the message. "Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade turned toward Sakura and handed her the note so that the both her and Naruto could read it. Sakura's eyes widened but Naruto's face still held confusion. "What does it mean?"

Tsunade sighed. "It means Naruto..." she turned her chair toward the village. The sun's final rays were slowly settling for the crisp night. She narrowed her dulled honey eyes. There was an explosion in one of the hotels. The very same hotel that Naruto lived in. "that they're coming after you next."

Naruto looked down at the paper in frustration. The swirling red cloud finally giving him some idea of who sent him that surprise bomb. Akatski.

The demons shall be reunited.

He scowled at the paper. It wasn't like Akatski to send a note to their next victim. Especially since they had just alerted him that they were coming. Hadn't he just killed Pein? How was Akatski still functioning? "You will be put under surveillance until this dilemma is ended. You will no longer receive any missions that involve anything outside Konoha's border."

"What! Tsunade-obaasan that's not fair! I'm going to be getting D-rank missions for months!" complained Naruto.

"No arguing. This is an order." Tsunade's no nonsense tone was enough to keep Naruto quiet. She sighed. "I will have ANBU scout for anything about Akatski's next move. For now, act like nothing ever happened."

Naruto watched as villagers crowded the streets. He noticed a few men go through the rubble trying to find anyone who was caught in the blast. There were a few women crying. Nothing seemed too serious but people were still injured. They were injured because of him. He felt a small hand take a hold of his fingers. He turned toward Sakura and noticed the reassuring smile on her face. He smiled back. At least he had his team for support.

Naruto noticed a shadow moving with the corner of his eye. He looked for the source of the black smudge and saw a cloaked figure. With the red clouds decorating it. "There! Look!"

Sakura and Tsunade turned toward where Naruto was pointing and stood wide eyed. Naruto dashed toward the window and slammed it open nearly shattering the glass. "Naruto wait!"

Sakura's protest was ignored as Naruto jumped out onto the rooftop opposite the figure. It looked at him for a moment before dashing away. "Oi, get back here!"

Naruto chased the cloaked figure. It's movements were smooth and fast. He was going to be a challenge to catch. The Akatski member ran into a forest and Naruto scowled. He was getting coverage. No matter how fast Naruto went the figure went faster. Naruto used his chakra and boosted himself forward to tackle the figure. His arms wrapped around the Akatski's midsection and threw him down into a meadow.

Naruto spit out the grass and dirt that had entered his mouth before heaving himself off the ground. His cerulean blue eyes scanned the clearing for the man he had just tackled. He could tell it was a man. That waist was entirely too thin and muscled. The breeze tickled his face and the flowers he was crouched on danced with the wind. His eyes finally found the man he was looking for. He was walking away. The only thing was that his body was beginning to disappear. With every blob of black that came from the man it turned into a crow. Soon the only thing left of the man was his shoulder and part of his head. Naruto scowled. This was not what he wanted to happen. "Oi! Don't think I'm done with you yet!" screamed Naruto as he stood up and ran toward him.

The figure turned toward him. His face in full view. Naruto stopped and stared in shock. The man smirked and soon the crows flew away. Naruto sank down onto his knees and stared wide eyed toward the sky. Had he just seen sharingan?


Sakura stopped blushing and looked wide-eyed at Naruto. He smiled. That's right. Right around now she will be kissing him feverishly and want to go to Ichiraku's with him. Bonk! Naruto took a tight grasp of his head. Kami that hurt. "Hentai!"

Sakura walked off in a huff. That pervert. "Sakura-chan, what about ramen?"

"I'm not going!"

"But-" Sakura disappeared and Naruto frowned. No ramen again! He turned toward Sai. This was his fault.

"She seemed embarrassed. Did I say something?" asked Sai curiously.

Naruto turned with a scowl on his face. "You told her you wanted to fuck her."

"But I thought that's what you wanted me to say?" replied Sai confused.

"Y-yes, I did but the way you said it made Sakura-chan blush." replied Naruto.

"How did I say it?"



"Like you honestly wanted to screw her." Sai blinked at Naruto's reply and smiled. "Wait you don't honestly want to screw her do you?"

Sai just smiled and waved goodbye before walking away oblivious to the heated glare the blonde was giving him. Naruto growled. He swore sometimes he thinks that Sai does this for his own amusement. This is what happens when you are raised in an organization that make you kill your 'brothers'. A classic example was Sai.

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