Naruto didn't know when here were here was taken all he knew that some one had sneak into his house last night and was waiting to ponces on him when he walk in and the next thing he was it a dark room laying on what felt like a bed with the smell of the forest and strawberries hanging in the air.

"Ah you're awake" said a disembodied voice from across the dark abyss

"Who are you? Where am I?" Naruto wheezed his throat felt like he hadn't had a drink in months.

"Well I'm the bastard. And where you are is hell" the voice said followed by the sound of chain being dragged along the floor.

"The bastard? No what is your name?" Naruto whisper to try and keep his throat from hurting.

"My name? I don't not what this thing is" the voice whisper from just to the right of Naruto's left arm.

"Your name is what others call you. You see mine is Naruto Uzumaki and yours is?" Naruto whisper turning to his left side to try and see the owner of the voice

"Oh so the name is what others call you, well then my name is The Bastard. That is what others call me it is nice to meet you Narutouzumaki." The voice said in an almost happy way

"You mean no one every named you, well I'll give you a name would you like that?" Naruto asked, his voice getting a little better. When suddenly hands reached over and touched his cheek.

"Yes I would like that." The voice whisper so softly that Naruto nearly didn't hear it.

"O…Okay, umm. Let see" Naruto mumbled as the hand slowly moved over his lips and down his neck. "Hmm… how about Kakashi?" Naruto asked as he grabbed the hand that was slowly crawling down his stomach toward his pants.

"Kakashi… do you like this name?" the voice whisper in his ears and lips slowly closed over the lobe and sucked.

"Ah… yes I like the name" Naruto panted and the lips moved down to his neck and started to suck again. When suddenly pain leaped through him as the person behind him sunk his teeth into his neck then started to suck even more, and he heard a gulp and that was when Naruto realised that the one behind was a vampire was set in making Naruto his next meal.

"Mmmm… you taste delish Naruto" Kakashi moaned at his young partner. He had never had a male before the master always sent down girls; I wonder why this year is different. Hmmm. Kakashi wondered as he finally pull a way from the ambrosia that was flowing the into his mouth, and with a swipe of his tongue he sealed the wound to keep from wasting any of his heavenly meal beside him.

"You taste like ambrosia, do you know that? Like pure heaven" he moaned into the dazed young boy's ear.

"… Ah…"

"Shhh… rest now my little sweet" Kakashi said as he round from the bed and walked over to his desk. "You will need your strength" and with that hi sent a command to sleep to the boy and watched and the boy was swallowed by sleep. As he sat down at his desk and picked up his sketch book. His hand flowing over the papers in gracefully strokes as his look over at his best muse yet.