The darkness was oppressive and smothering. Heat poured out from the lava flows below her, causing her body to become slick with sweat and her chest to constrict under the pressure of the still leaden air. A sensation, like a thousand filthy maggots crawling beneath the surface of her skin, crept over her as she tried to swallow, but the pervasive dryness took the moisture from her lungs and turned her desperate pants into hollow rasps that scoured the back of her throat. She was naked and unarmed. The ground beneath her, nothing more than blistering ash and the high vaulted ceiling above, buried beneath an eternity of stone. Then it came…

A single cry, or the cries of many, she couldn't tell. Her blood ran chill despite the heat and she wailed pitifully as her muscles cramped at the sudden change in temperature. She fell to her knees, eyes raw from the burning dust and felt her heart begin to pound as the thing from below rose higher into the air. Blacker than night, malignant as cancer and radiating hate and death, the Archdemon soared on vast wings into the vaulted space above and fixed her with its evil stare.

Elissa Cousland, Grey Warden, began to scream…

"Please wake up!"

The voice came from above her and Elissa gasped for breath as she fought the great weight pressing her down into the firm mattress…


Her eyes flicked open and she found she was looking into the concerned face of Alistair Theirin.

"Wha…where am I?" The Archdemon was gone, the heat was gone but there was still stone above her and she could feel the nearness of the darkspawn…

"We're in Orzammar my love." Alistair spoke softly. "Guests of the new King, Bhelen. He said we could all stay awhile, recover our strength before we left for the Brecilian Forest. "

Images flashed through her mind. Memories of fighting in the Thaigs, ghostly legionnaires, bloated Broodmothers, lost Paragons and ancient Golems all rushed in to clear the miasma left by the horror that had been the Archdemon.

"Damn it!" She breathed and pushed against the muscular Templar as she struggled to get out of bed.

She staggered to a nearby stonework dresser and poured herself a goblet of cool clear water. Its pureness soothed her parched throat as its cleanliness washed away the last traces of the nightmare.

Then the door burst open with a resounding thud…

"For the Grey Wardens!" Alistair leapt out from beneath the sheets and dashed to his weapons as Morrigan strode into the room, her twisted staff pulsing with energy and her eyes darting about as she looked for enemies.

"I thought that there was bloody murder going on in here!" She exclaimed, scowling at seeing nothing other than the sight of the two naked warriors. "I could hear your screams from over the other side of the palace!"

"Morrigan…" Elissa shook her head, her thoughts finally slotting into place. "I'm sorry. Being so close to the Deep Roads…"

"It was the nightmares." Alistair said flatly then blushed furiously as Morrigan's eyes travelled over his muscular body to the exposed organ between his legs.

"Well!" The mage raised a perfect brow as she openly studied Alistair's naked form and smiled mischievously. "I see now why you keep him around. What he lacks in brains he certainly makes up for in other areas!"

"Do you mind, witch!" Alistair grabbed his helmet and placed it over his groin, much to the amusement of Morrigan who laughed uproariously at his shame and awkwardness.

Elissa quickly pulled a soft blanket from the bed and wrapped it around herself as she stepped toward the now chuckling mage.

"We're okay Morrigan." She said softly. "I am sorry that I disturbed your rest"

"Tis alright, for I was not resting." Morrigan quipped. "I was studying mother's grimoire. There is much within that I find…intriguing. For example, did you know…?"

"Look! Don't mind me or anything!" Alistair called from behind. "I'll just stand here like this shall I? Like a statue of a…a…"

"Naked Chantry boy?" Morrigan frowned and rolled her eyes. "Statues do not blush so, Alistair."

"Morrigan." Elissa offered her a reproachful smile and nodded back out of the room.

"Oh very well." Morrigan sighed and turned to leave. "I think I shall find that golem of yours. It may not be scintillating conversation, but 'tis much more interesting than listening to Alistair whine about his naked manhood."


"Good night Wardens!" She disappeared back into the corridor and Elissa closed the door.

"Alistair, I am so sorry." She realised she was shaking and felt the cool air inside the bed chamber biting at her skin. "I mean, they're just bloody nightmares!"

"Please, you don't have to apologise." He replied, replacing the helmet on its stand and coming over to sweep her up in his powerful embrace. "The taint affects us all differently and with the Archdemon growing in power…ah…never mind."

She felt tears of frustration running down her cheeks and Alistair must have noticed them as they trickled down his bare chest. Tenderly, he began to stroke her raven hair and kissed her forehead before lifting her chin so that he could look into her cool grey eyes.

"I have you, my love." His lips were soft as they brushed against hers and she felt a jolt of electricity run through her body at the intimacy of the gesture. "The Archdemon cannot touch you here...not now…"

He was taller than she, and she leant up to meet his kisses as they began to lengthen and deepen. His perfect lips explored her own as his tongue gently hovered at the entrance to her mouth. After a moment she parted her lips and he delved into her, tongues clashing and twining round one another as each sought to draw the other deeper and deeper into the waters of desire that were washing over them both as they stood in the bed chamber.

Elissa reached up one hand and rubbed her fingers through his short dusky blonde hair, enjoying the sensation of it as it tickled each digit and he reciprocated by twining his own through her straight raven locks and gently pulling, tilting her head backwards to expose her responsive neck.

She gasped as he began to place kisses over her throat. His lips were feather-light as they flicked over her skin and she moaned softly as he used his tongue to better please her and make her swoon against him.

The blanket slipped to the ground as her other hand reached up to caress his face and guide his attentions. He released her hair and his own arms were soon around her body, pulling her close as the extent of his arousal became apparent.

Elissa could feel the hot hardening length of Alistair's cock against her thigh as he pressed against her. Morrigan was right…he was not lacking in that department. In fact, it was almost like he had an excess…

She moaned again as she felt this teeth nipping delicately at her throat and his hands travelled down to her buttocks. Gently he squeezed them, fingers fitting round their curving form as he began to knead her flesh and gently pull them apart, then push them back together in rhythmic circles that matched that pattern of his breathing. His mouth once again sought hers, and she breathed her passion into him as their need grew in intensity.

"Alistair…" She sighed, feeling his nakedness against her own flesh and aware of the silky creaminess of her longing seeping between her thighs.

"Maker help me…but I…want you." He panted as he cupped her face in his hands, peppering her eyelids and cheeks with kisses. "I love you so much…"

"Then take me." She almost cried with the intensity of her feelings. "Banish the darkness and fill me, Alistair. I want you inside my body, just as you are in my heart."

He smiled and wrapped his arms about her shoulders, before pressing her tightly to his chest. His lips and tongue explored every part of her mouth while his hardened ready shaft pushed insistently against her hip.

A short time ago he would have waited, let her lead him during their nights of burning passion. He had been a virgin before she took him and his experience of women had been limited to snatched fumblings with serving girls and nervous kisses at the county fayres, but now he had learned the ways of her body.

He knew how to move his fingers so that she writhed in exquisite torment. He knew how to tease her with the tip of his manhood, pushing and nudging at her sex while his lips met hers and brought her to desperate need…and he knew how to fuck her, driving his solid length into her body to make her scream his name in the ecstasy of release.

She never wanted to feel anyone else inside her ever again. She was Alistair's now, in body and soul.

She pulled back from his kiss, breathless and aching and stepped back to the bed. Languidly she reclined there, letting his eyes take in her toned body, large round breasts and widely curving hips.

Her own grey eyes drank in his powerful physique as he stood before her. Those wonderfully broad shoulders, perfectly muscled abs and strong thick limbs. His chest was covered in a fine dusting of golden hair and his member was thicker and longer than that of any man she had known.

He wanted her alright, that much was obvious from the clear fluid that leaked from his rosy tip and ran in erotic trails down his coppery shaft.

Maker's breath, if he didn't take her soon she was going to weep…

Slowly she opened her legs wide, letting him see the red swollen flesh of her sex slick with the creamy need of her aching arousal and slid a hand down over her body to sate the growing need with a fingertip.

"Alistair…" She moaned as she teased the fleshy nub of her clitoris, excited even more by the thought of him watching her.

She rubbed and touched at the spot, feeling her inner muscles tense even more as she anticipated his magnificent cock thrusting inside. Deep feelings stirred within her and she began to press harder, her hips rocking in an irregular rhythm as the promise of climax began to build, but then Alistair was climbing over her and he gently pulled her arms above her head.

"Oh no no, my dear." He whispered playfully. "Well, not yet anyway."

His lips fell upon her open mouth and his solid body pressed down onto hers. She could feel the moist hood of his member as it nudged against the thatch of dark hair covering her heat and she strained against him, thrusting her hips into his, eager to take him within.

Alistair arched his back and lifted away from her, grinning boyishly.

"I think there are a few things I would like to do with you first." He sighed. "Now you be a good Grey Warden and just…stay here."

His hands travelled down her body as he moved over her, stroking the sensitive skin of her underarms, deliciously tickling her ribs and finally skimming the surface of her hips to linger on her inner thighs. His lips began to trail kisses down her throat and across her collarbone as he settled into position then he looked up almost bashfully.

Elissa smiled. He was still asking permission in his own way, making sure that it was what she wanted and she nodded softly.

Gently but firmly, she felt the first of his fingers slide into the hot wetness of her sex.

He gasped at her readiness, no doubt surprised by the amount of creamy residue that coated her opening and her thighs. A soft moan escaped his lips as he glanced down at her secret place and slid his finger back out, slick with her juice.

Elissa cried out, her inner muscles twitching in protest at the absence of him and he responded by sliding a second finger inside her alongside the first. His knuckles brushed against her clit and she squirmed as he pushed inside her, covering him in her need. The feel of him as he slid out once more was beyond anything she thought she could stand, until she felt his hot lips on her nipple.

He sucked, gently at first and then harder as he probed inside her once more. As his knuckles worked her clit, his teeth began to tease at the hard dusky pink tip of one breast while his free hand seized the other and squeezed and pinched her until she was writhing as if in pain.

"Alistair…I…can't stand it…!" She cried, feeling the orgasm within staring to surge forth as he plunged a third finger into her, spreading her wide and letting her juice flow freely onto the bedclothes. "Alistair…I need this…I need you!"

His breathing was becoming hoarse, her excitement driving him wild as he bit down gently on her breast, thrusting his fingers into her with force enough to make her shudder. She could feel his own arousal dripping onto her thigh as he worked her and she almost screamed for want of him.

"Come for me, my love..." He breathed as he moved to her neck before kissing her deeply, stifling the screams as her climax began to peak.

"Alistair!" She cried suddenly as her entire body convulsed. Strong inner muscles clamped down around his fingers as contractions of shivering delight pulsed through her sex, covering him in her creamy release. Her head swam and her body became sensitive to all touch as the tremors continued to shake her being and she sank into the bed, all movement and thought lost the delicious delirium of her orgasm.

Alistair kissed her gently on her trembling lips then slid away from her and sat quietly watching and waiting. Dreamily, she opened her eyes and saw him smiling down at her, his skin prickled with goose flesh and his erection still proud and throbbing.

"Oh my love…" She sighed heavily. "Please…I want you."

He flushed and looked away before shaking his head softly. "There was something you did, when we first…well, you know."

He was moving back so that he was kneeling on the floor, between her legs.

"You took me in your mouth…and I think it's high time I returned the favour."


She tried to raise herself up on arms still weak from her climax but at that moment, he buried his face into the gaping wetness of her sex and his tongue tasted her with a sweep that took in both her hole and her receptive nub.

She gasped as she felt his stubbly chin brushing against her inner thighs, contrasting starkly with the soft texture of his tongue as he hungrily swallowed her juices and nuzzled into her, trying to find purchase in the slickness of her desire. She could feel his upper lip travelling over her clit as he pursed his lips to suck at the sensitive organ and she groaned as a whole host of new sensations shot through her body.

"Aghhh!" She screamed as his sucking became more insistent and she reached down to run her fingers through his dusky blonde hair, pulling his face against her as her cream rushed out and dripped from his chin.

His fingers found her again, sliding in easily and making her cry with desperation. She wanted him so much…needed him…needed to feel his own hot release shooting into her and filling her with his love.

"Alistair! Fuck me please! Oh Maker Above I need you in me! Let me show you how much I love you!" She knew that she was begging, knew that it was not the most romantic thing to say to the man she loved, but her body cried out for him with every fibre of her being.

She almost wept with relief when he scrambled over her and positioned himself between her glistening thighs, raised up high on straight muscular arms with his pelvis tantalisingly close to hers.

"I take it that was alright?" He raised a brow and the look on his face was almost gently mocking….almost…

She could see the fire in his eyes and feel the wetness of his cock as he waited there. Only his Templar discipline prevented him from plunging into her and she reached down to seize his pert, hard buttocks in her hands.

"Alistair…" She growled and her nails dug into his cheeks.

His face became serious and he began to push.

Suddenly his tip was at her sex, gently nudging into the tight circle of her hole. Slowly, he squeezed himself into her and she arched her back as his thickness began to fill her need. The juices of their mutual arousal gathered at the point of their union, easing his entrance and making her writhe and moan as inch by inch, he pushed into the hot wetness of her body.

Maker's Breath…He felt so big!

She could almost sense the blood pulsing through his cock as he delved deeper and deeper, filling her completely and stealing away her breath as his balls finally came to rest snugly against her buttocks.

They lay like that for a moment, each unwilling or unable to move as Elissa's body adjusted to Alistair's mighty shaft. A thin film of sweat caused Alistair's golden body to shimmer as he struggled to contain himself and he blinked back tears of joy as he throbbed inside her.

"My love…" He breathed heavily.

"Yes, yes….yes." Elissa whispered back and pushed against him.

It was all the encouragement he needed. With a roar he pulled back, leaving only his hood within, then plunged back into her, taking her breath away with the suddenness of it. She cried his name as she felt him deep inside, the lines between pleasure and pain blurring into one overwhelming sensation as once more he thrust down, claiming her and spearing her to the mattress beneath.

It had begun.

Elissa felt the pressure building as she wrapped her strong legs around Alistair's slender waist. With each of his thrusts she pulled herself upwards, impaling herself on his magnificent cock and feeling him swell with the promise of his release.

Alistair dropped to his elbows, his mouth seeking to devour her screams as their tongues clashed in an erotic battle. She could taste the creamy bitterness of her own arousal on his lips and she wondered briefly if he had savoured the flavour of her sex.

He was moaning now, a deep masculine rumble that stirred from deep within his chest. His rhythm began to pick up in pace and his strokes were becoming faster, smoother and deeper. So he was near…

A throb in her loins caused her to inhale sharply. Again…! Oh Maker! She was going to join him in climax…!

His coarse golden pubic hair tickled at her clitoris as he thrust inside her and she felt the familiar tension inside as her muscles prepared for release. He felt like a marvel, sliding in and out with relentless pleasure as her walls began to seize upon his member, milking him from the inside.

"Oh yes my love!" He moaned as she surrendered to their union. Her body was merely an extension of his now and with each thrust of his cock, her orgasm threatened to burst forth. Her skin was alive and she could feel her nipples brushing against his broad chest as he pinned her, hips pumping up and down pushing them both to the brink.

She screamed!

Her sex felt open and slick as the muscles spasmed around his pulsing member, covering him in her cream as the orgasm tore through her body. She shuddered and cried as her will disappeared into a dreamy state and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as waves of ecstatic pleasure washed over her, draining her of all strength.

"Alistair…!" She gasped and felt herself coming undone beneath his weight.

But he did not hear her.

There was a look on his face like agony and rapture in equal parts. If it were possible, his shaft seemed to grow even more and his rhythm was faster than it had been before. A moan tore from his lips and her name was his battle cry as he suddenly thrust deeply into her swollen sex and his climax ravaged his senses. Hot rich cum gushed forth into her willing body and she felt each one of his eruptions as keenly as if it were her own as he kept driving into her.

Then, he slowed…his eyelids fluttered open and through his tears she could see the love burning brightly in his hazel eyes.

"By Andraste's Holy Sword…" He gasped. "I never thought it could feel so…so…"

His mouth was mere inches from hers and she reached out her tongue to draw him down into a deep, meaningful kiss. The tenderness with which he returned her affection was beyond words.

"I love you Alistair." She sighed happily between kisses.

"As I love you." He replied, stroking her hair and smiling warmly. "Oh…"

He looked self-conscious as his spent member slid out of her and their combined fluids rushed out onto the bed.

"Do you think they'll know what we've been up to?" He murmured softly, chewing his lip and blushing furiously. "I mean, this is a guest room and someone will be in here to clean up after we've gone."

Elissa laughed, causing more of their messy issue to seep from her sex. "My love, I should think half of Orzammar knows what we've been up to after that performance!"

Alistair grinned. "I was pretty good wasn't I?"

"And pretty loud!" Called an accusative voice from outside the door.

"Morrigan." Alistair muttered then scowled. "Go away!"

"If you two must insist on rutting like animals, 'tis good manners to at least wait until you are certain that no-one has to listen to your infernal moaning!" The mage banged on the door with her staff. "I swear it's like being back at camp!"

"So the stupid giggly one is not squishing the leader?" The question came from Shale. "Shame. There is precious little in the way of entertainment around here."

"Oh, if it's entertainment you seek, let us go and wake up the Chantry girl. Her whiny prattle about her Maker always makes me laugh…"

"Then the swamp witch has a very limited sense of humour…"

The voices dwindled as they disappeared down the corridor.

"Oh, I really hate Morrigan." Alistair sighed and then chuckled softly as a mischievous glint came to his eyes. "Do you think we could just leave her in the Deep Roads?"

"No." Elissa rolled her eyes and got up to use the washbasin on the dresser.

"I mean it's not like she'd be alone. She could turn into one of those creepy, darkspawny, spider-things and make lots of new friends."


"Oh come on, what's the harm! It would be an adventure for her!"

Elissa climbed back into the bed and pushed the former Templar onto his back before snuggling under his arm and resting her head against his chest. "No."

"I mean sure, she's useful but Wynne is much nicer. A lot less…witchy!"

"Alistair?" She looked up into his handsome face.

"Yes my love?"

"Kiss me and go to sleep or I'll tell her what you said."

"You're a wicked woman, you know that? But I love you." His lips brushed against hers.

"I love you too, Alistair. Good night."

Soon, there was nothing but the sound of his contented breathing and Elissa Cousland drifted off into peaceful, restful and wonderfully dreamless sleep.