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Her heartstrings pulled as she walked away. Edward's hand on the small of her back, leading her away from Volterra and the one thing her heart longed for. She felt as if a hole was slowly being punched through her chest. Her pant legs still slightly wet after running through that fountain to get to him. A last minute decision. A lonely empty feeling invaded her body. Lonely silence surrounding her. All she could hear was the repetitiveness of their breathing. Leaving the throne room. The home of the man-child with the blood red eyes. Human blood. Screaming following her down the hallway, she walked, alongside Alice and Edward. The screaming of the human tourists. Yet still, her heart tugged. Calling on her. Begging her. "Go back!" it screamed at her. Yet, in her mind, she knew it would be stupid of her. Idiotic. Her heart craving the one thing she should not want. The one called a witch twin. With his dark hair and pale skin and painful look of indifference. Painful to her. His sharp angular face. She looks up at Edward. Trying to recall how it felt before he left. How she felt whole and secure. She looked at his face, which was pointed forward. His beautiful bronze hair, his honey colored eyes, and alabaster skin that was smooth and fine as porcelain. Trying to remember how cold, lonely, and upset she felt after he left her there on the forest floor. Lying there. Alone, forgotten, and afraid. All she felt now though was emptiness and a mild affection when she looked up at him. She felt no love. No painful want. She felt disdain for how he was making her leave her mate. "Mate? Was that what the witch boy was to her?" she thought to herself. The feelings of intense desire for him coursing through her veins. Joy at the thought of being in his arms. And love. Love for him, even though she knew he drank blood from innocent people who didn't deserve it. And with that she made what was possibly the most important decision in her life in that one split second. She tore from Edward's grasp and ran back down the hallway. She ran past all of the brick wall and the torches. Past the human personal assistant. Gianna was her name, she remembered. Into the throne room. She decided then that she must have looked insane just running back in there like that. She found him. Waiting there. A curious look on his face. He was waiting there for her. Aro's face lit up like a child's on Christmas morning. A bright smile on his face. She ran to him. To the witch boy. Within what felt like seconds she was in his arms. His nose buried in her hair. She nuzzled his chest. Edward and Alice watched with a sick curiosity as they had come after her. And she whispered to him. Even though she knew everyone in that room could hear her. She said, "I don't even know your name." He chuckled and nuzzled her hair. He placed a kiss on her forehead. He looked her in the eyes and said, "My name is Alec."


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