Chapter 1: Revenge of the fallen, Fallen

Location: Pandora

A years after the Omaticaya clan won the war against the humans, there is a new threat coming. Two hundred thousand miles away from Pandora lay a massive spaceship. A spaceship owned by The Fallen.

Flying through the skies of Pandora are ten men on their Ikrans, led by Jake. He was once a human until he became a Na'vi. He led the Omaticaya clan to victory in war a lot of times along with his partner Neytiri. He flew with his army, patrolling the skies, when suddenly explosions from the ground came out of nowhere. A jet plane suddenly came out of from behind and started shooting at them.

"Argh!" Shouted Jake. He was trying to control his frightened Ikran. Two of his men were shot dead. He veered to his left and saw the jet plane attacking more of his men. He stood up and shot an arrow from his bow. The arrow hit the plane but did no damage. He cursed.

"What are we going to do?" asked Drewan, Jake's assistant.

"Call Norm and tell him to send three Helicopters to take the jet down."

Drewan went off to contact Norm, while Jake was busy trying to shoot the jet down. His men kept shooting but to no avail. While trying to defend himself, Jake noticed a big large vehicle on the ground. Then it transformed into a large robot! It lifted its head up and aimed with his cannon at one of Jake's men, but one of the helicopters spotted it first and started spraying bullets at it. It didn't do much damage but it was slowed down. The other two helicopters attacked the jet. It seemed to be working. The helicopters were doing a good job fighting the jet off, until finally it flew away.