Chapter 4: The War is on!

Location: Pandora

"Pandora…….the legendary moon of the planet Polyphemus. This is where our war begins! Optimus Prime announced as he stepped out of the ship. "Autobots roll out!"

Sam got in Bumblebee and went out, along with the others, to search for the Decepticons. They travelled through the forest with speed. They found no traces of the Decepticons, after all Pandora was a big planet. The Autobots moved from places to places for days but still did not find the Decepticons. After days of search they finally found them. The Decepticons had started building their fortresses. There were hundreds or maybe thousands of them, but Megatron was nowhere to be seen.

"Looks like they're gonna be here for a long time." Sam said through the radio.

"What's the situation, Sam?" Optimus asked eager to know what was happening.

"They have set up a camp and-", Sam was cut off when the three Decepticons, one of them Starscream, spotted them.

"Shoot 'em boys!" Starscream ordered to the other two Decepticons, while transforming into a jet plane. He flew up high surrounding Sam, Bumblebee, Rachet, Mudleflap and Skids. They made a run for it.

"We've been spotted!" screamed Sam over the radio. "We need back up!"

Bumblebee pulls out his machine on his left hand and starts shooting the Decepticons, while Sam was trying to talk to Optimus over the radio.

"We need back up! We are getting outnumbered!" Sam screams over the telephone.

"Back up is coming, three fighter planes coming your way. Sorry Sam I can't be there, we have enough trouble defending the ship. Megatron found us!"

To be continued……….