Miyuki : another story of mine that i would gladly like to share.

Ikuto : *rolls eyes*

Miyuki : Oh did i mention amu's gonna be a bad kind of girl..

Amu : really ? what a turn of events ..

Ikuto : I like them that way *smirking evilly*

Miyuki : And she's kinda a whore here so im sorry but maybe she'll change and she really has a reason which i may add ; )

Amu : o-kay .. - _ -

Miyuki : hey don't ruin my moment!

Ikuto : she don't own us, only her WONDERFUL plot.

Miyuki : *giving ikuto a menacing glare that she could ever give*

Ikuto : i think it's my cue to run

My Bad Ways

Im Amu, Hinamori Amu.

16 well technically im turning 17 on the next few freaking weeks.

I have pink hair but i wear blonde extensions sometimes.

And i have alluring piercing amber orbs.

Want to know what i do?

I break heartsthat's what i do.

I destroy relationships ..

Ask me why?

It was all because of him.

I learned to flirtbecause of him.

I learned to not to care because of him

I changed drastically because of him

And most of all, I learned to love because of him.

I was all over him.

Well until he torn me apart , (a/n : listening to torn great song btw.)

until now.. i was still having a hard time mentioning his name.

I should be livid to him, i must feel devastated to him but i can't

Because until now i was still hoping to

see him

hear him

feel him

and until now i want him to comeback to me.

Miyuki : that's all ~

Ikuto : that's it ?

Miyuki : no silly ~ that was the intro, ya know :))

amu : ok i don't really wear blonde extensions. .

Miyuki : uhm o-kay ? i just made you wear some, i think it's cool :X

ikuto : ...

amu : ..

Miyuki : what's with the awkward silence ?

anyways please review and tell me if i should continue or not.

im new so, sorry if it's not that great or something.

adieu ~