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My Bad Ways

Chapter uno –

(Normal POV)

(Amu's Pov)

I was doing the usual. Im heading out to the Club.

Every single nights.

To keep him away of my mind.

I was trying hard not to expect to visit him visits me every night like he used to.

Of course he wouldn't visit.

It was long time ago.

It was 4 years ago.

Who the heck would come back?

I bet he already forgot me.

I don't give a shit if i got screwed up tonight.

i was this girl.

The girl who changed because of a single man.

Like anybody out there, I was fooled, betrayed.

And i want others to have the same experience i had.

Every other boys are the same.

They don't care about girl's feelings,

They use them and when they get tired of them.

They dump them.

That's the truth that I'll believe forever..

But i know there must be some other nice man out there.

Who are still loyal, I envy the lucky girls who have them.

I want to tell them how fortunate they are and never let go of their mans.

But i can't i was busy having my own desires to fool other men.

I want to make them feel what they let girls feels.

I know, it's so sexist.

Why can't she just get a revenge on that guy!

You must poorly think.

Well I just can't because i was still in love with him.

Can't blame me huh!

(Still Amu's Pov)

My thoughts were stopped when i heard a text message.

I flip my LG Pink Lollipop phone(a/n : which i don't own)

It was from my err friend would be a better word.

"Amu girl sup! Wanna hit the club again tonight? I'll meet you at the bar section ; ) "

He texted. Hmmm .. even if he doesn't send me a message i was still going. I thought

and i received another text message it was from my another friend.

"Hey gorgeous, How's life? Wanna hang at my crib tonight?"he texted.

I was too lazy to reply to them.

So i just never bothered to text back.

I never cared about them anyways.

I get like tons of text messages like this every fucking day.

But i got used of this.

Guys hitting on me.

Just looking at my body and face.

Never bothering to know me more.

Never curious on what's inside.

I shrugged and stood up from my queen sized divan and went to my walk-in wardrobe and took my clubbin outfit for tonight's theme.

It was of course slutty.

I took a sexy bunny outfit and wore it.(a/n picture on my profile if you wanna see.)

Oh by the way I have many piercings.

I have some on my ears, belly button and tongue.

I took my black leather coat and channel bag (a/n i don't own)

I headed out and went to my garage and drove my Porsche Carrera GT.( a/n i don't own again, i wish :\ )

-Driving time-

It was dark as i drove and i never noticed a man on the front of my car that i was about to hit.

I stopped and hit the pedal too hard. And i hurriedly went down to look at the man if he's okay.

hey i think i know this guy,

And he was ...

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