Well, let's see. I've been obsessed with the Anime Battle B-Daman for about four years, and especially Terry McScotty. I've wanted to write a fanfic for a while, but I haven't had any inspiration. Then one of my classmates gave me a great idea. This is what happens when Terry goes to a private boarding school… For girls. This is my very first fanfic ever, so please be nice. ^_^

Chapter 1:

"Terry McScotty, come to the office."

Oh God, what NOW…? That's the third time this week. I thought to myself as I raised my head from my work. The voice over the intercom was fast and angry; they hadn't even bothered to add a "please" in it. I knew I was screwed royally. Right on cue, as children usually are when someone gets in trouble, twenty sets of eyes turned to look at me. Reluctantly, I rose out of my seat and trudged up to the teacher's desk, ignoring the staring eyes, giggles, and snickers of all my classmates. I didn't want to face them, so I kept my eyes on my feet. I really seem to be doing that very often lately.

This was one of those rare times that sitting in the back of the room was a bad thing. Yes, I could cheat on almost anything, but that's not why I usually liked it; I was always far too dignified to ever resort to cheating. I was grateful to be in the back because I could avoid my classmates easiest. All these chatty, gossipy little girls were slowing driving me insane. I couldn't stand their gawking curious stares; their snickers and whispers whenever I turned my back; their sneers and taunting. I know they talk about me. I hear the whispers; I recognize the looks they give me, as if I'm some sort of new species of animal on display in a zoo. I'm an intense subject of gossip; the new boy that their headmistress somehow allowed into a girl-only boarding school. Maybe these girls have been trapped together in this hellhole of a school for so long, they've forgotten what boys look like… I pray that it will all end soon, but I know that it won't.

I made it up to the desk, ignoring the dozen sets of eyes burrowing into my back and took the pass from the teacher. She didn't really seem like she cared. Obviously, she was used to me being called to the office. When I first started coming here, I thought it might be ok, but that was before I realized that the vice principle (whom was also in change of discipline) was extremely sexist and has it out of me. From day one, she's seemed repulsed by my very presence plaguing her hallways. She follows me like a hawk, watching my every move and busting me whenever I do something that she thinks is "inappropriate". Back at my old school, I was one of the best-behaved students. Here I've been labeled as a troublemaker. I've been trying to figure out a way to turn this all around. I don't see that happening in the near future, but I'm not giving up anytime soon. I've never been one to quit; I've barely even started. I know I'm in trouble for a very stupid reason. I can only imagine what it is. Arriving at the office, I took a deep breath and opened the heavy wooden door.