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Summary: Bella is the President of the Student Council and the top of her junior class. While Edward, is the Quarterback and Captain of the Forks High Football team. Everyone in school knows they like each other but they're, both, too blind to see it. Will they stay together as Best Friends? Or the new girl will just ruin them both?

Chapter 1



I heard the school bell ring. Finally, all my classes are now over! But I don't have to go home just yet. Being the Student Council's President I have to go to all the meetings and stuff. But the meetings are usually MWF (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Unfortunately, it's Friday, the last day of the week.

"Hi Bella! Ready to go to the meeting?" Alice asked in her chirpy voice. Ahh, Alice Cullen, my B.F.F. and the sister of my crush, Edward Cullen! She's also the Vice President of the Student Council.

"Sure, Ali! Just let me fix my things first." I said. While she just nodded and sat at my table watching me getting my things and placing it to my black JanSport right pack backpack. Which my mom gave me for Christmas.

When I was finished, me and Alice walked out of Algebra class and went straight to A-2 room just beside Principal Greene's office. While walking, Alice is talking about her boyfriend Jasper Whitlock which, who I might add, is one of Edward's best friend.

"So he took me to this elegant restaurant that looked very expensive and…" Alice started but I decided I'll let it pass my ears and think of the person I wanted to be with. Edward Cullen. My best friend and my crush. Though he doesn't know it. Except for Alice, Jasper and the rest of the student body! Thanks to Alice but they all promised to not tell which I highly doubt they would tell him.

But some told me that he likes me too, a lot. I don't believe in such nonsense even though I wanted it to be real. He couldn't possibly like me I mean with the glasses and everything that makes me really look like a geek or a nerd but people don't treat me that way here all because I'm the president.

"Bella?" I heard Alice asked. She had a confused look on her face.

"U… Yes, Ali?" I asked slightly dazed of what I'm thinking.

"I was just asking you 'why haven't you got inside?' It's time for the meeting Bells." she explained.

"Sorry. I was just deep in thoughts." I explained.

"How deep? Really deep or Edward deep?" she asked teasingly.

"Whatever, Alice! Let's just go inside and talk about the big game next Friday." I said.

"Okay. Whatever you say Miss President!" she said while saluting.

I chuckled and happily went in to discuss about Edward's, I mean, Forks' big game.

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