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So far, so good Bella. You can do this… It's just a few shops away and then you're there… Everything's going to be fine… Right?

I asked myself this. Would everything be fine after I tell all the girls about my problem? (Minus Kelsey, of course)

Emmett's car stood to a stop and I looked out my window and saw La Bella Italia. Our favorite meeting place. Wanna know why? Because:

It's where I bumped into Edward when I was new in town probably by the age of six

Where the other guys have their first dates (except me)

Where we always eat after Alice's non-stop shopping spree with a little "There's a SALE! A FREAKIN' SALE" which would startle everyone in the restaurant

And then there's the First EVER Hug I've received from Edward

We all went out of the car or jeep or truck or whatever Emmett's car is and went straight to La Bella Italia. I could feel my stomach go uneasy. It's like churning butter very fast then I heard a rumble.

Everybody chuckled while I blushed embarrassingly. Am I that hungry?

"Well somebody's hungry. By that I mean VERY HUNGRY! Thank god I wasn't the only one. Though I'm always the one talking about food and stuffing them on my mouth and talking and saying stupid stuff that I usually get hit in the head by Rosalie or Alice or Bella or Esme or… or… or…" Emmet trailed off.

"Yeah… Sure… Fine… Whatever… I'll just go take a sit over..." I trailed off looking for a seat that might be far away from the whole group so I can sulk by myself. "There" I pointed.

Just perfect! It was so far away they won't even see me. I ran as fast as I can to the seat then looked back at the group who just shrugged and sat on another table. Gosh Bella why are you even here?

I don't know. Maybe I just wanna sulk and cry and sulk and cry and do nothing because… because… Edward doesn't care about me! *sniff**sniff* Chit-chat said. (AN: Y'all remember Chit-chat and cuteness right? 'coz they're back!)

Oh snoozles! Stop it! He LOVES YOU! He DOES! Now stop it before I- I- I- Cuteness trailed off.


Ok that was it! I am soo crazy that I even hurt myself inside my thoughts! Get a grip Bella! You're a strong independent woman who never backs down! Everyone knows that right? Right?

"Yup. Everyone knows that." Roxy said.

I jumped a little. Golly! She's just behind me? Ugh! Well I sleep talk and I dream day talk! Great, Just GREAT! NOT!

"Uhh… Hey! Didn't see you there. Umm… What d'you want?" I said nervously.

"I told you we were gonna talk about the problem. Remember?" she said.

I nodded not trusting my voice.

"So talk." She said in a stern voice.

"Well…" I started.

"Well?" she said.

"Can I have a mushroom ravioli please?" I said. Trying to avoid the conversation.

"What? Bella I need to know now!" she said.

"I… AM… HUNGRY!" I shouted. Let all your stubborn attitude out.

"Food can wait." She said.

"Food can but not stomachy!" I said.

"But-but-but." She said.

"But what?" I said hungry now, very, very hungry!

"FOOD LATER. TALK NOW!" She said as if talking to a two year old.

I grabbed the spoon and fork and rattle it on the table.

"FOOD!" I said whinning.

"Let the baby eat her food Rox. Let the baby eat her food." Emmett said while laughing.

"Shut up! Shut up!" I said then stood up.

"Well if no one is gonna feed me? I will fee for myself!" I said walking out of the door then went straight to starbucks. Oh STARBUCKS! I know you can feed me!

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