The Shinobi Prankster

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Chapter 1: finding the mask

Konoha 13 years ago

Now some people think that demons and gods from myths are just myths, well they're wrong. One night a mysterious person decides to awaken the Great Kyuubi no Kitsune and tells her that Konoha woke her up. Why would he do that? For fun that is.

That person was none other than Loki the Norse God of mischief, a true born prankster, but awakening the Kyuubi is just the beginning, he then takes out a green wooden mask and hides it in the wood so if a mortal finds it, he or she will gain his powers and love of pranks if worn. Loki was such a master of pranks that he categorises the pranks in different levels from E to SSS

E level prank are just you average harmless pranks, like whoopee cushions.

D level pranks are still harmless but creative, like apple-pie beds

C level pranks are creative but harmful, something like putting them in a barrel and pushing it down a hill.

B level pranks are like C level pranks, but dangerous.

A level pranks involve magic or skill.

S level pranks are the scariest pranks of all, it makes the victim scare the hell of them.

SS level pranks are hurtful, contains explosives and sexual humor, nicknamed "XXX prank"

SSS level pranks are the most deadly pranks of all, like fallen safes to getting a bear-trap chomping your manhood. (Ouch)

The prank Loki performed was in face a rare SSSS level prank, the last he did that he was exiled by his father Odin because 1000s of innocent lives were lost by that king of prank and this current prank indeed cost 1000s of lives, Kyuubi is rather pissed off as she think that Konoha disturbs her rest, Loki laughs at this as he magic himself some popcorn to watch the chaos.

Then sadly the chaos ended when a certain ninja sealed the Kyuubi into a newborn baby, Loki pouted in disappointment to see his SSSS level prank ended, he was about to go to a tropical island to relax when…


"Oh shit" said Loki

Oh shit indeed as Odin, the Norse God-King appears crossing his arms and tapping his foot at Loki

"Hello father" said Loki unenthusiastically

"Don't "Hello father me" Loki" said Odin "What have I told you about using SSSS level pranks on mortals"

"But I'm bored" said Loki, acting like a child

Odin sighs and shook his head.

"What am I going to do with you" said Odin

"What can't you do, you banished me remember" said Loki

"yes I did, but that didn't made you learn not to use SSSS rank pranks at Mortals" said Odin "So as punishment, I will seal you in that INFERNAL mask for ALL ETENITY"

"No, no nonononono, please, please reconsider please" said the panicking Loki

"Too late Loki, you have no one to blame but yourself" said Odin as he seal Loki in the mask

"DAMN YOUUUUUU…. you old fart" said Loki as he gets sealed in the mask

"May the gods of these lands have mercy to whoever finds that mask" said Odin as he disappears back to Valhalla.

Konoha: present

It's been 13 year since the Kyuubi's attack, the Yondaime Hokage sealed wawy the Kyuubi within a newborn child with the cost of his life. The child was none other than Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha's no.1 prankster. Naruto hates it when someone shuns him and sees him as the demon who attacked Konoha 13 years ago, we wanted revenge against the village and that kind of revenge involves pranks, he has been doing these pranks for 7 years, pranks like putting itching power in the Inuzuka's clothes, pouring laxatives in the Akamichi's foods, spraying insecticide in the Aburame Compund, dying the "Last Uchiha's" hair pink and posting fake rumors of Sasuke being gay in the fangirl's houses.(A/N I think those rumors are true *Shudder*) But the main prank that Naruto did that made him famous is graffiti on the Hokage faces.

However, that main prank got Naruto in trouble as his teacher Iruka Umino caught him and drags him to the Ninja Academy.

Ninja Acadamy

"Naruto, this is the 5th time this week, and you missed today's lesson…again" said Iruka twitching his brow in anger.

"Hmph" said Naruto

Iruka is now ticked off at Naruto's behaviour.

"Now thanks to you, we will review the lesson" said Iruka

The whole class groaned and glares daggers at Naruto, except for a certain white eyed girl. Sakura the pink haired bans… I mean Kunochi in training performed a perfect transformation of Iruka, Iruka nods and tick her on the note pad, and then Sasuke the duck ass e… in mean the "Last Uchiha" also performed a perfect transformation of Iruka, Iruka nods and ticks Sasuke. Sasuke looks at Naruto with a smirk on his face and walks away, Naruto glares at Sasuke as he and Sasuke are rivals.

"Try and beat that…loser" said Sasuke

Naruto growls at Sasuke, Naruto walks in as it's his turn, he channels his chakra.

"Transform" said Naruto as smoke poofs out and Naruto did his perfect transformation, but not Iruka or the students expected.

"Hello boy" said Naruto in his sexy jutsu, flirting with the boys.

The male population in the classroom, including Iruka failed by loss of blood shooting out from their noses. Some girls blushed to see Naruto's invented jutsu and a certain pink-haired girl growled in anger.

"NA-RU-TO!" shouts Sakura as she cracks her knuckles and chases him to beat the living daylights out of him.

Fortunately Naruto noticed Sakura's KI and dashes to a safety spot.

"GET BACK HERE, YOU BAKA!" shouts Sakura as she chases Naruto

"If I'm a Baka, then why am I running for my life then" yells Naruto

The female students sweat drops at what Naruto said, he just said something logical and smart.

Despite his idiotic personality Naruto is quite smart, scratch that he's completely intelligent, perhaps smarter than last year's rookie. He decided to hide his intellect so he can work on his deception and perhaps live a normal life were no one can shun at him.


Naruto managed to lose the raging banshee, he huffed and puffed as he lost his breath, he had been running for hours that class is over and its night time. Naruto decides to walk through the woods to avoid a certain pink-haired girl, he then trip over something and fell on the ground, he looks to see some thing green and wooden half buried on the floor.

He then dugs up the mysterious item and reveals to be a strange green wooden mask, Naruto turns to see the back of the mask then he sees flashes of green and pink, he then tries to put on when.


Naruto stops to see the ANBU that was assigned by the Sandaime Hokage to defend him.

"What are you doing here?" said the ANBU "It's dangerous here at night"

"I was look for…" said Naruto as he search for an excuse until he looks at the mask in his hand "My mask, I got it"


The ANBU escorts Naruto back to Konoha, he told him to stay home as it's the festival of the Kyuubi's defeat and Naruto know what will people think if he is there. Naruto then walks to his apartment, hold the mask he found.

"Well well well, look what we got here guys"

Naruto then sees Sasuke with Kiba and Sai.

"Looks like Naruto is been sent home and is not invited to the festivities" said Sasuke smirking at Naruto "like I don't blame the villagers, who would want a dead last idiot spoiling all the fun"

"Oh don't worry Sas-gay, I don't want you and you little boyfriend be disappointed, I'm going home anyway" said Naruto

Without Naruto or anyone knowing, the mask starts to snicker at the phrase "Sas-gay" Naruto made. Sasuke growls at Naruto for making those rumours, he the grabs Naruto by his Jacket and glared at him.


"Then tell me, why didn't you looks at any of the girls, either that or you're a eunuch" said Naruto

Kiba and Sai couldn't help but chuckle, Sasuke growls and punches Naruto in the face, Naruto dropped the mask, Sasuke notice this and picks it up.

"So, you're thinking of going to the festivals in a mask" said Sasuke as he throws the mask on the floor "I wouldn't bother loser, nobody likes you so piss off and die in a ditch or somewhere"

Naruto growls at Sasuke, he picks up his mask and walks to his apartment, hearing the laughter and cheers in the festivities.

Naruto's apartment

Naruto arrives at his apartment; the walls are all got graffiti saying "Demon", "Die Demon Die" and "Yondaime killer". He ignores the eviction note on the door and enters his apartment, the landlord is like everyone else, he to hate Naruto for being the container of Kyuubi. Naruto looks at his small apartment, the wallpaper were torn and filled with graffiti saying thing that relates to the kyuubi, even there is a doodle of the kyuubi hanging on a noose. He places the mask on the bedside table and drifts to sleep in his messy bed, ignoring the windows being smashed by drunken shinobi shouting "Bloody demon" and "Just die already".

Naruto couldn't sleep, not while there's a party outside, today is October 10th, Naruto's birthday and also the anniversary of the Yondaime's death. He jumps out of bed and picks up the mask. He tries putting it on when it starts to suck into Naruto's face, Naruto took it off and panicked, and he looks at the green and pink light at the back and slowly puts it on. The mask fuses into Naruto's face and he starts to scream.

"AHHHH!" screams Naruto as the mask starts to turn into a second layer of skin, he then starts to spin wildly like a orange and blue tornado, bumping into torn off furniture, bouncing of them like bumper from a pinball machine, the tornado changes colour from "kill me" orange and blue to "Sexy" black and red. Naruto stop to reveal himself in a rather expensive black mafia suit with a red shirt and black tie. His hair grew a few inches and falls down to his neck, it remains spiky but it now has red streak at the end. Naruto took off his fedora hat and reveals his mature, sexy and green face. "SSSSSSSSMOKE'EMMMMM!

Naruto grins as he rushes to the mirror to see his handsome face.

"It's party time, P-A-R-T…Why? Because I gotta" said Naruto as he rushes outside "Watch Konoha, because there's a new Naruto in town, HA HA HA!


Naruto wore the mask and Sasuke is done for and so is Konoha.