AN/ Hi all! This is just a little something I threw together for my DMT's b'day (dtav).

I only found out about hour ago, grabbed some prompts from two unsuspecting friends online. Thank you Kerryn and Penny, Roped Penny (Mrs Agget) into beta'ing it and Bob's your uncle this is what came out.

Hope you all enjoy them. And happy Birthday Denise, big hug and loads of love!



It didn't seem to matter what he was wearing. Whether he was dressed in smart suits for his business meetings or covered in dirt and oil from being stuck underneath the car, he was beautiful.

I was convinced that Jasper could be covered in shit and still look beautiful. He thought I was insane, laughing at me when he caught me staring at him from working on the car.

It wasn't that I was insane, I was just completely taken in, captivated by his beauty, mesmerised solely by him, uncontrollably in love with him.



Five years we had been together. Five passion filled, blissful years. In all the years we had been together, the deep, burning passion had never faded. It only ever intensified between us.

It was an addiction almost, like some drug that we both couldn't get enough of. The more we had the more we wanted.

From the very beginning we had been unable to keep our hands off each other. The first time we saw each other resulted in torn clothes, bite marks, and scratches in a vain attempt to get closer to one another.

Two halves of a whole.


The tenth of August, two years ago, was my heaven. Whisked away on a tropical beach, with just a few of our closest family and friends, we exchanged our vows.

We had spoken about it, toyed with the idea, but it wasn't until we booked this holiday in the Seychelles, that we decided to do it.

His drunken idea, late one night. Half joking, half serious. "Fuck, babe, let's just get married on the fucking beach," he had slurred out sitting on the kitchen floor, looking in the cupboard for a packet of biscuits.

I said yes, and off we went.


I didn't really know what love was until I met Jasper. He created, craved, and showed me a world that I never thought existed.

His loving glances at me across candle light, his loving touches when I felt like crap after a bad day; his loving, silly little messages left on the house phone, or sent via text message, showed me just how much he loved me.

From his dominating side, wanting to mark me and reminding me who I belonged to, to his, gentle, caring, worshipping side, where he would spend hours, covering every inch of me.

I was loved.


Jasper's mouth drove me insane!

Feeling his tongue run up my cock before swirling it around my head. His lips touching and kissing my cock before he took me fully into his mouth made me hard just thinking about it.

His hot, wet mouth covering every inch of me, letting me touch and slide down his throat.

Jasper's talented mouth could take me to the edge in minutes, leaving me fisting the sheets and crying out in ecstasy, before finally pushing me over the edge by pushing his slick fingers into me, causing me to shoot my cum down his throat.

There you go, not bad for my second attempt at drambles.

You know what to do, Jen x