Naruto Shippuuden Reborn

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Normal Speech: "Naruto"

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Jutsu Names: "Summoning Jutsu!"

Biju and Summon Speech: "Now then... Who do you want to kill...?"

Naruto Shippuuden Reborn

Chapter 13: Tsunade's Test

After the meeting with Tsunade, Naruto used the hour she had given him to return to his apartment. Once there, with the help of his Kage Bunshin he cleared out the dust and cobwebs that had buildt up over the 3 years he'd been gone. The process only took a few minutes, but afterward Naruto truly felt like he was home for the first time in 3 years. After he finished making the place more livable he took a quick shower and began preparing for Tsunade's evaluation.

When he was done checking that he had everything he felt he needed he turned toward the clock and saw he had about 20 minutes to get to the Training Ground. Not wanting to be late, Naruto quickly locked up his place and proceeded toward the Third Training Ground, which ironically was the same place Team 7 had been tested by Kakashi. After leaping across several rooftops and sprinting through 3 crowds he had finally made it to the training ground where the others were waiting with 5 minutes to spare.

Naruto grinned when he saw Shikaku, Gai, and Asuma, who, along with Hiashi, Homura, Koharu and many others who hadn't seen Naruto in a while, were stunned by the young man's growth. Asuma's cigarette nearly fell out of his mouth as he gaped at how much Naruto resembled the late Minato Namikaze.

"Naruto?...Is that you?"

Naruto turned and smiled when he saw Asuma.

"Hey Asuma-sensei! It's been a long time. How you been?

Asuma smiled as he closed his eyes and took a deep drag from his smoke.

"I'm doing alright Naruto. Though it seems like you've matured quite a bit since I last saw you."

Naruto chuckled before he thought of something before he grinned evilly at the smoking Jonin.

"So, you and Kurenai still in denial or are you dating already?"

Asuma's eyes shot open as he started coughing due to the fact he had inhaled too much smoke. Everyone looked at his reaction with amusement as his relationship with the red-eyed Genjutsu Mistress wasn't as much of a secret as he would have thought. Naruto snickered at the sarutobi's actions.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Asuma gave the grinning blonde a half-hearted glare before looking away. Naruto chuckled before he turned to Hiashi, Shikaku, and Gai.

"Hiashi-san, Shikaku-san, Gai-sensei, it's good to see you again."

Hiashi nodded politely with a small smile on his face along with Shikaku. Gai though was a bit more vocal in his greeting.

"Yosh! Naruto! It seems your flames of youth are burning brighter than ever! I can't wait to see how much you've improved!"

Naruto smirked at Gai's enthusiasm.

"Oh? well I won't disappoint you Gai-sensei. Just don't blink or you might miss it."

Gai's thick eyebrows rose at those words before he gave Naruto a bright smile and a thumbs up. Naruto chuckled before he turned to the elders.

"Homura-san, Utatane-san."

The two nodded toward him. The atmosphere around the three was palpable as they looked at each other. Naruto's relationship with the elders of Konoha's ruling council was a strained one. These two were the ones who tried to stop him from attending the Shinobi Academy and stop him from becoming a shinobi because they believed he wasn't capable of keeping the Kyuubi, who Naruto refered to by his real name Kurama. He didn't hold it against them as they really did love the villiage they served and he respected that. However, he didn't like how they constantly tried to control things to better suit their more militant ideas. Though Naruto guessed the real reason he didn't like them was that they didn't really have faith in their fellow ninja.

Koharu and Mitokado on the other hand where interested in Naruto's develpment. They admitted that didn't think much of him at first, but after the Invasion of Konoha by Orrochimaru and defeating the now Kazekage, Gaara, their opinions had changed somewhat. After Jiraiya had chosen the boy to go with him to look for Tsunade, they started really looking at him and began to see the hidden potential Jiraiya and Tsunade saw in the boy. The question was, could he reach it? Mitokado gave Naruto a thoughtful look that suprised the blonde though he didn't show it.

"Uzumaki-san, we look foward to seeing how far you have progressed. Being Jiraiya's chosen student, we expect to see great things from you in the future."

Naruto lifted and eyebrow and suprised the elders by chuckling a little before giving the two a bright grin.

"Thank you elder Homura, I fully intend on living up to your expectations. After all, you may just be my advisors someday."

This threw them for a loop before they got what he was getting at. The tension around the three melted away as Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shizune appeared followed by Kakashi and Sakura. The elders nodded toward Naruto before walking over to join the rest of the observers. Naruto smiled to himself before he walked over and took his place opposite Tsunade. Naruto smiled in anticipation.

"You sure you want to do this Tsunade-baachan? Wouldn't want you to strain something in your old age."

A tic appeared on Tsunade's forehead before she smiled back while cracking her knuckles.

"Oh I'm sure, I see I need to teach you to have some respect...again."

Naruto grinned at her as he upped the ante.

"We'll have to see about that now won't we?"

Homura stepped between them and raised his hand.

"The Jonin Assessment for Naruto Uzumaki, conducted by the Hokage will begin momentarily..."

He gazed between to the two who nodded toward him to confirm their readiness.

"Then it is time for the assessment to start and...Begin!"

Homura quickly jumped away from the two particpants and what they saw next suprised them.

As soon as Homura called for the assessment to start Naruto dissappeared from their sight and appeared behind Tsunade, much to her shock at how fast the younger blonde had become. She was barely able to dodge as his hand lunged forward and almost snatched the bells from her waist. The Hokage then retaliated with a quick kick to his his head.

Naruto, knowing her strength was much greater than Sakura's had been earlier decided to dodge rather than block the Hokage's strike. Naruto then put distance between by kicking Tsunade's exposed stomach faster than she could dodge the strike at close range. The blow send her spinning back toward the treeline where she landed gracefully on her feet. She looked up at Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"Impressive Naruto-kun, you almost caught me off guard. You've certainly improved in your Taijutsu skills."

Naruto smirked at her compliment.

"You haven't seen anything yet Baa-chan."

Tsunade grinned.

"Then I guess I don't have to hold back! Hope your ready!"

She lifted her arm and struck the ground with a monsterous punch. The ground shook under Naruto and the spectators feet as it caved in on itself, Naruto jumped back and used the dust to cover up his next move.

Tsunade smirked as she looked at her handiwork and waited for Naruto's next move.

'Okay Naruto-kun, let's see what your made of.'

The dust settled finally and Naruto was nowhere to be found. Keeping the senses she had developed over her years as a medic-nin up, she started guessing which direction the younger Shinobi would come from.

"Jūha Shō!"

Her danger senses went into overdrive as she quickly dodged to avoid getting hit by a blade of pure wind that came from behind. This however, turned out to be a mistake, as soon as she landed within the rubble she had created, smoke erupted all around her. When the smoke cleared she and the observers saw four Kage Bunshin finishing a handseal seqence.

"Ninpō: Shishienjin!"

Tsunade was caught off guard as a purple box-like barrier formed around her effectively trapping her. Tsunade smiled as she realized what Naruto had done. She turned to see Naruto walking out of the treeline.

"Nice work Naruto-kun, a greatly executed plan. However, there was one flaw with your little plan, I still have the bells and the only way for you to get to them is to let me out of this barrier."

The others had to agree with her, though Naruto had managed to effectively trapped the Hokage, he still hadn't managed to get the bells from her. However, They and Tsunade where confused when Naruto smirked.

"I would agree with you...If I was the original."

He poofed into smoke revealing himself as a Kage Bunshin. Tsunade's eyes widened and quickly began searching for the real one but it was too late. Suddenly, Naruto appeared in front of the Hokage and delivered a devastating uppercut to her chin that lifted her off her feet. This was followed up by powerful spin kick to her chest that sent her crashing several feet away. The older blonde quickly shook herself off and got to her feet as she stared at Naruto, who had a serious look on his face. She felt something warm running down her lips and wiped it away to reveal blood, she look back at Naruto as she frowned.

"Impressive, you've drawn first blood. You certainly grown gaki, I haven't been hit that hard since me and Jiraiya fought Orrochimaru."

Naruto tensed, now that he had managed to land a signifigant blow on her, Tsunade's wasn't going to let down her guard again.

'Time to get serious.'

His prediction had proven all to true as she frowned before bringing up her right fist to face level.

"However, you made one crucial mistake. You trapped yourself in with an opponent stronger than yourself...with no place to run!"

She slammed her fist once more into the ground and pluverized it with her monsterous strength. But this time Naruto couldn't dodge it as the earth beneath his feet caved in and forced him to leap into the air to avoid it. The clones holding the barrier dispelled forcing the technique to disappate. It was then Tsunade began her counter-attack.

After she had used her strength to free them from the barrier, Tsunade had leaped up after Naruto, who would be unable to get away from her while in midair. Naruto, knowing what could happen if she got a direct hit in, had to think quickly to avoid getting pulverized by the Hokage's super strength. A few seconds before Tsunade could reach him with her outstretched fist, he quickly made a Kage Bunshin.

The clone quickly grabbed Naruto by the arm and threw him toward the safety of the ground just as Tsunade managed to strike it with her chakra enhanced strength.

Naruto, seeing an opening from the ground, threw several shuriken toward the airborn Slug Sannin, who countered his assault with her own Shuriken. Most of the projectiles just cancelled each other out and fell harmlessly to the ground, but a few managed to get through and both Shinobi where forced to dodge the weapons as best they could. Naruto, who knew that Tsunade probably covered her weapons in poisons, managed to avoid most of them with only one of them cuting his coat's left slevee, but didn't hit Naruto himself.

Tsunade on the other hand wasn't so lucky. Being in midair, the Hokage had more difficultly evading the bladed projectiles wasn't able to dodge effectively and got hit in her right shoulder, her left thigh, and the right side of her stomach. Naruto watched in silent horror until he saw her smirk before bursting into a cloud of smoke to reveal a log with the several shuriken embedded in it. Naruto's eyes widened in sudden understanding.

'A Substitution!'

He quickly opened up his senses in time to feel an attack coming from above him and leaped away just as Tsunade was about to take him out with a devastaing ax kick to the head. The ground cretered in on itself as the impact of the blow pulverized it once more. Tsunade blinked in suprise at how had managed to find her so fast. She looked around just in time to see Naruto throw down a smoke bomb to disguise his movements.

The Hokage was having none of this as she quickly springed toward the smoke cloud. The elder blonde was once again suprised when she was suddenly struck by a powerful punch to the jaw that sent her flying backwards out of the smoke, where she managed to land on her feet in a crouch. Her jaw felt cracked and sore from Naruto's strike. She spat out a glob of blood and ,to her and the observers amazement, two of her back teeth.

'What the hell? I know he is physically stronger than 3 years ago but his eariler attacks didn't pack enough strength to do this much damage!'

She and the others looked over to see that the smoke from earlier had disappated and revealing Naruto. The younger shinobi had a serious look on his face as he beheld the 5th Hokage. When Tsunade saw his eyes, she saw, to her growing list of suprises that day, that they where surrounded by a reddish-orange pigmentation and had become toad-like, with yellow irises and horizontal bar-like pupils. The observers, with the exception of Homura and Utatane, didn't know what it meant, but Tsunade did.

Naruto had become a Sage.

The Hokage frowned as she realized that she had been seriously underestimating the true extent Naruto's abilities. She smiled to herself at this turn of events and how much Naruto had grown from the Blonde Knuckleheaded Shinobi she had meet almost 4 years ago.

'You truly have grown haven't you Naruto? Well, even if you are a Sage. I won't let you beat me without a fight. After all, there is a reason I am the 5th Hokage!'

She looked towards her opponent and shocked everyone as the seal on her forehead spread out and covered her entire forhead and reached a little down past her eyes. The Yin Seal: Release technique, one of Tsunade's most feared creations.

"You ready Naruto? Cause the real test starts now!"

She placed her hands in front of her and formed the tiger handseal.

"Ninpō: Sōzō Saisei!"

The Hoakge's body glowed red with the chakra from the technique as all her previous injuries healed and regenerated. Naruto watched as all the damage he had inflicted was reversed with narrowed eyes. As the technique finished, the seal on Tsunade's forhead receded back to it's diamond shape and the Hokage leaped toward Naruto in a burst of impressive speed.

Naruto, not being one to back down met her challenge and struck with a powerful roundhouse kick just as the Hokage did the same. The two attacks met in midair and countered each other, creating a powerful shockwave. The others watching where astonished Naruto was now matching Tsunade's strength, which just a few minutes ago he had to avoid to keep from getting smashed into a pulp.

Asuma's mouth was hung open enough that his cigarette fell unnoticed to the ground. Gai was grinning ear to ear with those blinding bright teeth of his. The Elder's and Shikaku watched impassively though inside they were impressed at the level of strength Naruto was using. Hiashi's eyes widened at the display of raw power demonstrated by Naruto as he enaged the Slug Princess of the Sannin in Taijutsu.

'Just how strong has Naruto-san become?'

'That's it Naruto, show them the power of youth!'

The two blondes disengaged and leaped away from each other. As soon as his feet hit the ground Naruto finished performing a handseal.

"Senpō: Fūton Sunabokori!"

The Jonin-canidate took a deep breath before exhaling a massive cloud of dust from his mouth, obscuring everyone's view of him. Then, they saw two fūma shuriken fly out from the dust cloud with blinding speed. Tsunade was dodged the first shruiken while catching the second by the ring in center of it large fan-like blades and tossed it back so hard it disappeared from sight. The wind coming off the spinning blade was enough to disperse the cloud but to everyone's shock their was nobody there. The fūma shuriken flew past the observers and left a path of destruction in its wake until it finally lodged itself deep into a boulder about 50 feet away.

Tsuande looked around for where Naruto could be hiding using her medical training.

'Where are you? Not in front, left, right, behind, so he must be...'


She jumped back just time to avoid a devasting uppercut as Naruto burst from the ground in front of her. He smirked, confusing her until Tsunade felt a pair of arms grab her and hold her in a stranglehold. She turned her head to see that it was Naruto or one of his Kage Bunshin.

'When did he...the Shuriken! He tranformed his Kage Bunshin into the first shuriken then followed it up with a real one to throw me off guard.'

She grinned inside at level of tactics Naruto was displaying.

'Clever Naruto, very clever. But it will take a lot more than this to keep me down.'

She was about to break his hold with her strength when she noticed that she suddenly wasn't able to move!

"What the...!"

She was about to question what was going on, then she looked down and noticed several black marks that was spread all over her hand and arm. After noticing this she saw the marks crawl up her body and covering her face limbs. The other's watching where shocked at this turn of events, Asuma and Gai didn't exactly know what they was seeing. While Shikaku being the Jonin Commander had a little knowledge about the technique.

'What is that seal? I've never seen one like that before.'

'Looks like Naruto has learned some fuinjustu. I got to up my team's training if they ever want to keep up with him.'

'So Naruto's learned how to use Juinjutsu. Gotta say I didn't anticipate that...So troublesome'

Hiashi frowned since he knew exactly what this was, having been taught to use the Hyuuga Clan's own form of Juinjutsu, The Caged Bird Seal.

'It seems there is more to this young shinobi then I thought.'

Both of the Hokage's advisors looked at Naruto in shock.

'Could this be?...Juinjutsu? Impossible!'

'How did he learn Juinjutsu?'

Naruto smirked at the Hokage who was looking at the younger man with a frown as she struggled to free herself. He closed his eyes and exited his Sage Mode before leaping foward and snatching the bells from the paralyzed Hokage's waist.

"Looks like I win this bout Baa-chan."

He realeased the Kage Bunshin holding Tsunade which released her from the paralyzing effects of the Curse Seal he had placed on her. The Hokage dusted herself off and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Since when do you know how to use Juinjutsu? I sure know Jiraiya didn't teach it to you. And when did you manage to place the seal on me."

He grinned at pointed to his jaw.

"It was when I hit your jaw when you came after me after I used the smoke bomb to catch you off guard with Sage Mode. I knew you wouldn't think I knew how to do it since Jiraiya really doesn't know enough about Juinjutsu to teach it let alone use it, I figured it would be a good way to immobilize you long enough to take the bells. Two more minutes and you probably would have broken the seal."

Tsunade smiled at the well thought out plan.

"You still haven't told me where you learned it from."

Naruto's grin grew brighter.

"The ruins of Uzushiogakure."

Tsunade blinked at that, she wasn't aware there was anything left from Uzushio after its fall.

"I see...well, I must say I'm impressed Naruto...But don't let this go to your head! I'll beat you next time we spar!"

Naruto chuckled at her declaration.

"We'll see Baa-chan, after all, you haven't seen everything I'm capable of yet."

Tsunade was about to retort when they both heard footsteps and turned to see the others looking at them. Homura and Utatane nodded their heads toward Naruto before Utatane spoke.

"Very impressive Uzumaki-san, I see your three years of hard training under Jiraiya-san has been spent. We the elders recommend Uzumaki Naruto for the rank of Jonin."

Naruto was stunned. He didn't think the elders would ever change.

'Huh? Guess they aren't completely entrenched in their ways.'

Then, Hiashi stepped foward.

"After careful obsevation and consideration, I too, recommend Uzumaki Naruto be promoted to the rank on Jonin."

Asuma came up beside Haishi took a puff as he lit another cigarette before exhaling with a sigh.

"Nice Work Naruto, very nice. I also reccomend Uzumaki Naruto for promotion to Jonin."

Naruto grinned at Asuma before turning to see Gai give his famous blinding grin and thumbs up.

"Naruto-kun, you showed me that the flames of your youth burns brighter than I have ever seen it. I Reccomend you for full promotion to the rank of Jonin."

Shikaku stepped up next to Asuma and Hiashi and nodded to Naruto.

"Your as Troublesome as my son said you were, but I'll reccomend you for Jonin away. With Tactic's like that you could give Shikamaru a run for his money."

Everyone turned to Tsunade, as she was the one who had the final say, she grinned at the younger blonde.

"Yosh! So it's decided! Uzumaki Naruto, by the authority of the 5th Hokage, I hereby promote you to the rank of Jonin. Well Done."

Naruto smiled brightly as Gai presented him with a green flak jacket signifing his new rank.

"Congratulations, Naruto-kun. Good luck in the future."

Naruto looked down at the flak jacket before looking at Tsunade. The Hokage waved him off.

"Go, celebrate. You've earned it."

Naruto nodded before forming a handsign and disppearing in a cloud of smoke via Shunshin no Jutsu.

(Meanwhile in Wind Country...)

The wind howled as two figures wearing two very distinctive uniforms consisting of a pair of long, dark cloaks with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar decorated with red clouds and conical straw hats with small ornamental torques and tassles hanging down over their faces. One looked like a older stooped man with a with a cloth covering half of his face. His parter was was a tall blonde man in his late teens to early twenties holding a pouch in his right hand.

Both men where walking toward an unknown destination as they walked through the sandstorm. The taller man spoke to his companion.

"The one whose in place here will be the first it seems. The one we sent to Orrochimaru will have to wait, this ones turned traitor and is talking about our movements. hmmmm."

The other man spoke up with a gravely voice.

"Can't be helped I suppose. But even I don't know what will happen after the justu is cast. Are you sure what you got in that pouch will be enough. Our enemy is the Jinchuriki of the Ichibi."

The blonde man replied with a scoff.

"Every one of my jutsu is a work of art."

The wind opened up his cloak to reveal a second pouch strapped to the man's waist.

"Just to be sure, I brought along my masterpiece."

He opened up the pouch and reveled that his hands had a pair of mouths in the palms. The mouth above the pouch opened up and used its tongue to lick what appeared to be clay before biting down into it.

"We can't take any chances, when our opponent is the Ichibi."

Both men looked up as they saw a large rock formation that looked like a gate appeared on the horizon.

Akatsuki had come to Sunagakure, and the war for the Jinchuriki was about to begin.

Chapter End.

List of Techniques:

Kage Bunshin no Justu (Shadow Clone Technique) - Similar to the Clone Technique, this technique creates clones of the user. However, these clones are actual copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. They can also disperse on their own. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original.

Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) - is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed

Senpō: Fūton: Sunabokori (Sage Art: Wind Release Dust Cloud) - The user exhales a massive cloud of dust from her mouth, which is thick enough that it is capable of blocking the target's vision completely. The dust cloud is also large enough to hide a summon as large as Gamabunta.

Ninpō: Sōzō Saisei! (Ninja Art: Creation Rebirth) - The absolute pinnacle of medical ninjutsu, created by the greatest of medical ninja, Tsunade, it is the ultimate regeneration technique. By releasing the great volume of chakra stored in her forehead at once, the body's cell division is forcibly stimulated by proteins, reconstructing all organs and all tissues making up the human body. The technique itself does not regenerate the old cells, rather it hastens the creation of new ones through division. If this technique is used, a body whose vital organs are so gravely injured that it cannot bear it any longer will be instantly restored to its uninjured state. As long as Tsunade has chakra it is impossible for her to die by any means, as such she gains a form of "immortality" throughout the duration of the technique

Yin Seal: Release - is a powerful sealing technique used by Tsunade. Over a period of time, Tsunade will focus and build up chakra in the seal mark on her forehead. The release command will disperse the seal and allow the stored chakra to pump back into her body. She has used this stored chakra to perform the Creation Rebirth technique on herself and healed a vast amount of people through Katsuyu. She is also able to use the Strength of a Hundred Technique after releasing the seal.

Ninpō: Shishienjin (Ninja Art: Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment) -A solid, strong barrier formation, performed by four shinobi. Standing in a square formation, the performers are covered from all sides. The faces of the barrier are made from purple flames. The barrier does not allow anyone to enter or exit so long as the ninja are unharmed. The body of anyone touching it will immediately be engulfed in flames. In addition, there is no way to destroy the formation from inside the barrier, since the four people also have a barrier on the inside protecting them. Breaking out is extremely difficult.

Jūha Shō (Beast Tearing Palm) - A powerful technique of wind nature chakra that can cut and slash through any material. Naruto activates it by summoning chakra in his right hand, and then swipes a slicing chakra wave which appears to be controlled by Naruto's will and thoughts. He is also able to use the technique in a rapid-fire, successive motion.

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For those of you who are wondering why Tsunade lost against Naruto, like one reviewer, here's three reasons why I did the fight this way.

(1) This was a test, not an actual battle, so both combatants had to hold back a lot to avoid accidentially killing each other. If they were in an actual life or death fight this fight would have been done very differently.

(2) I don't really know enough about Tsunade's true battling style as we have seen very few of her actual fights and haven't seen her use a lot of techniques outside her insane strength and medical ninjutsu. Other than that Tsunade really doesn't have much going for her as far as Kage's go and she isn't a real diversely skilled ninja in comparison to her teammates Jiraiya and Orrochimaru.

(3) You have to remember that Tsunade is still human and even Kage level ninja can be caught off guard by those of the same or higher level of skill, like Naruto. And you have to remember that Naruto is faster than her at this time so even if she is able to predict where an attack is going to come from she still has to be fast enough to dodge it and if you remember she wasn't able to even see Naruto move while in Sage Mode when he intercepted a charging Asura Path of Pain, which had been using its chakra boots to attack Tsunade, create a Rasengan and slam it down before it could even react, showing him covering considerable distance in a short amount of time.

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