Title: Love's Fool 1-4

Author: forsaken2003

Fandom: BTVS

Ratings: R

Pairings: S/X, W/A

Disclaimer: Characters belong to the one and only Joss

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5ish

Summary: Xander wants Spike, but Spike wants Buffy. Can Xander win Spike over?

Beta'd by: Mulder200

Part 1

Xander looked up from the weapon in his hand when he heard Buffy and Spike come into the Magic Box. The vampire was following Buffy almost like a little puppy looking for attention. The slayer was obviously ignoring him. Spikes eyes shifted from Buffy to Willow nodding at her. He liked her, she started dating Angel almost a year ago and he was pleased. Xander wasn't sure if it was because Willow made Angel happy or because it meant that Angel and Buffy couldn't be together anymore.

"How's Peaches?" He asked leaning against the counter playing with his lighter. Xander can't help but notice how cool he looks when he did that.

"Good, killed a Burko last night. Actually Cordy did but it was a fluke." Willow smiled. "Who knew they were deathly allergic to expensive perfume?"

Spike's eyes fell on Xander glaring, "What the bloody hell are you doing with my axe Harris?"

The brunette looked up startled, "What? I'm fixing the handle. That demon from last night had a harder head then we thought and split the handle in two."

"You mean the demon that tossed your sorry ass into that tree?" Spike asked a smug smirk planted on his face.

"Back off Spike," Buffy said. "No one asked you to be here, unlike you Xander is wanted here." She spit out.

Spike put his hands up giving her a small smile, hoping no one saw him flinch at her words. Xander did of course he always saw Spike's reactions to the slayers harsh words. He couldn't help but feel bad for the vampire, hell the vampire treated him the exact same way and yet here he is trying to do something nice for him just in hope to get some form of positive result, "Just talking with the boy. Not my fault he can't handle himself in a fight and is always getting intimate with trees and gravestones."

"Just shut up before I toss your sorry ass out the door," Buffy glared once more before sitting down beside Willow to discuss an assignment from one of their classes. The only sound was Xander carving a new handle and Spike flicking his lighter on.

Xander watched Spike under his eyelashes as the vampire watched Buffy, Shaking his head slightly he went back to his task.

Part 2

Xander bounced into the Magic Box extremely pleased with his self a week later. He had a plan. He wanted Spike, loved him even but knew that he wasn't good enough for the vampire… yet. So instead of the wimpy Zeppo, he was now going to learn some moves. He had signed up for Karate. He didn't tell anyone in case he ended up sucking and quitting, this way if it didn't work no one was the wiser and he could work on another plan. But he didn't think he would be quitting, he actually enjoyed it and everyone were beginners so even if he was bad he wouldn't be the only one. Classes were three times a week from 6-8 so he figured he could use the excuse of working late those days. He was positive that this would get some wanted attention his way from Spike.

"What has you so happy Xander?" Giles asked as he handed him a book.

Sighing Xander sat down opening the book in his hand, it wasn't that he hated research or reading even it was just his mind constantly wandered off. He had found out the last year of high school he has ADHD. This explained a lot. He did a lot of action first thinking later especially during patrols some nights. "I just had a good day at work today G-man."

"That's good, I'm glad you are enjoying your job." He replied while rolling his eyes at the nickname.

"Oh yeah I am so loving it!" Xander smiled before turning his attention to the book in front of him trying to put all his focus into it and not thinking about he blonde vampire.

Hours later the door slammed open startling Xander and bring Giles out from the back room. "What's going on?" The ex-watcher asked.

"What's wrong?" Buffy screeched. "You want to know what's wrong."

"Calm down Buff and try bringing it down a level," Xander rubbed his ear. "Is it a new demon?"

She stomped over to the table, "Not a new demon. Not even a full demon!" The slayer shot a dirty look at Spike.

"Spike what did you do?" Giles asked cleaning his glasses. He was sick of this. He didn't understand why vampires kept falling for slayers. They were mortal enemies.

"Oi, I didn't do anything watcher!"

Buffy pulled out a stake, "He is stalking my mother!"

"Stalking her?" Xander asked.

"Yeah I go to visit and there he is!"

The ex-watcher frowned, "Spike really. Watching through the windows is wretched."

"I wasn't!" Spike snarled. "I was invited in for a cuppa. Joyce is a sweet lady, saved her from getting snacked on so she invited me over for hot chocolate and little marshmallows."

"I don't see what the problem is then." Giles asked.

The blonde slayer huffed, "He obviously hired those vamps to attack my mother so he could save her and then get an invite!"

"That would make sense," Xander said Buffy looking please that he agreed. "Except he already has an invite to your house."

"What?" She screeched again. "When was this? And how do you know this and I don't?" Buffy demanded to know.

The brunette closed his book, "I was over there about a month ago fixing the pipes in the basement. Your mom and Spike were in the kitchen talking about one of Shakespeare's plays, Hamlet or Macbeth. It's cool Buff."

"You knew he was hanging around with my mom and didn't tell me?" She glared at Xander.

"I like your mum, she's good company." Spike said.

The slayer grabbed Spike by the collar of his duster slamming him into the door, "You stay away from my mother."

"Buffy!" Giles yelled, "You're mother is a grown woman. She knows what Spike is and knows he is chipped. She is perfectly safe with him. I truly believe she would be safe with him even if he wasn't chipped."

She set the blonde vampire down stepping away, "Fine, but the minute he becomes a nuisance for mom Willow is doing a de-invite spell."

"Where is Wills?" Xander asked hoping to calm everyone down.

"Wicca group," Buffy stated.

The brunette stole a look at Spike who was looking absolutely miserable. {Buffy really doesn't understand how lucky she is.} He looked at the clock on the wall 5:30P.M, his class started in half an hour. "Sorry guys I got to go, I forgot about some papers I need to finish before work tomorrow." Xander stood pulling his jacket on and grabbing a pack of Twinkies.

"Keep eating those Twinkies and the watcher is going to have to expand the doorway just to get your fat arse into the store." Spike snorted in disgust.

Xander looked up at Spike stopping the Twinkie that was entering his mouth. Frowning he left without a word. He barely heard Buffy say, "What's wrong with Xander? He seems out of it these days."

Part 3

A month later the Scooby's were noticing a change in Xander. He seemed to be better at patrol being able to hold his own with up to four fledges. They also noticed he stopped eating junk food, when Buffy and Willow would visit him at his apartment they couldn't find a box of day old pizza or even a box of Twinkies. The beer in his fridge was replaced with Diet Soda but for the most part he only drank water.

Another change was that he was looking like he was running himself ragged. He had dark circles under his eyes, darker then before. He told his friends that he was just working longer hours now and he body wasn't use to it.

"Maybe you should stop patrolling for awhile?" Giles suggested.

"What?" Why?" Xander asked.

Willow sat beside her friend, "You are exhausted!"

"I'm fine," Xander lied. After Spike's fat comment he joined a gym. So now he was working 9 hour shifts and patrolling nightly. Three nights a week he was in his karate class and the other four he was working out in the gym, giving him maybe five hours sleep a night if a big bad hasn't decided to visit the hell mouth. "Yeah I'm tired, but aren't we all?"

"I know I am!" Buffy piped up from her spot on the floor.

Willow still looked worried, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure Wills. If I need time off I'll let you know." He gave her a reassuring smile.

"Spike should be here soon." Giles said.

Buffy stood up, "I'm not patrolling with my stalker!"

"No, you will be patrolling with Willow and Xander will be patrolling with Spike." The ex-watcher explained tired of going through the same conversation everyday.

"Buffy, you haven't patrolled with Spike since he confessed his feelings for you over three months ago. Do you really think you'd start patrolling with him now?" Xander snapped he was so tired of her constant bitching about Spike. She was lucky to have the vampire's attention.

The slayer looked at her friend, "What is wrong with you? Maybe Giles is right, maybe you shouldn't be patrolling."

"I'm fine." He got up going to grab a stake when Spike walked in. Before letting the vampire speak he shoved the axe into his hands, "Move it fangless." Xander said before pushing passed him.

Spike looked over at the slayer once before following after the pissed off human. "What crawled up your arse?"

Xander ignored him, his hands deep in pockets scowling.

"Xander!" A voice called from behind them. "Yo Xander!"

The two men stopped and turned around to see a taller brunette man jogging up to them. "Hey Tim, what's up?"

"Hey, I just wanted to thank you for saving my girl the other night." Tim explained.

"No problem," Xander said smiling. "Tina right? She's cute, wonder what she sees in you." Xander joked.

"Something you will never get a peek at!" Tim winked and laughed.

The blonde stood there looking bored but was curious. {Didn't the whelp know this guy was a demon? Probably not, the bloody moron.}

"Well I just wanted to thank you again. I'll see you at work tomorrow." Tim said before jogging off.

"Who was that?" Spike asked.

Xander looked over at him, "Friend from work."

"And you saved his girl?" Spike asked with skepticism.

He rolled his eyes, "Yep."

"You do know he is a demon right?"

"He is actually half demon. A Brachen demon if you need to know."

Spike raised an eye brow, "How do you know he is half demon?"

"Because he told me," The brunette said still looking at Spike. "Do you honestly believe all the people on my crew are fully human? You should know better than anyone that demons can fit in well with us humans."

"You work with demons and you haven't gone and ran to the slayer?" Spike asked wondering what happened to the boy.

They walked through one of the cemeteries, "Not all demons are out to kill people and destroy the world, and again you should know that. The demons I work with are of the non-maim variety."

"And you know this how?" Spike demanded to know.

"God Spike! Are we playing 20 questions tonight?" Xander asked frustrated. "When I first noticed a demon working with us I mentioned it to the boss, he said a lot of demons worked there and I showed some concern for it because you never know what they are planning. So I did some research and found out about mystics. I talked to Willow who talked to deadboy and we were able to summon a spirit to watch over the construction sites, if at anytime a demon of the non-friendly nature starts working with us the boss gets a red flag and that is when I go in at tell Buffy I spotted a demon in need of an ass kicking."

"A mystic? That's playing with fire you dolt." Spike glared. "I can't believe my sire and Red actually agreed to that."

Xander rolled his eyes, "The only thing the mystic is interested in is keeping the peace and for some strange reason Willow's peanut butter cookies. Now can we patrol?"

The patrolled until midnight, both remaining silent. The vampire couldn't help but to feel impressed with the boy it was actually a smart idea with the mystic.

Part 4

Buffy, Willow and Xander were sitting at the table of the Magic Box, it was Thursday evening and no big evil was brewing. Giles was away for some kind of magic convention, Xander didn't exactly know what that meant but all he could do was picture Giles in a Wizards costume running around a large room with other wizard dressed people.

"You guys want to go bronzing?" Buffy asked.

"I'm up for some bronzing," Xander said.

Willow smiled, "Sure but not too late, I'm heading for L.A early in the morning."

"Ahh the one year anniversary," Xander grinned. "And what do you have planned?"

The redhead blushed, "That Xander Harris is none of your business!" Making Buffy and Xander burst out laughing.

Spike fell into the shop. Willow was by his side first since she was closer to the door. "Oh goddess Spike?" She placed a hand on his forehead she looked up at her friends. "He's burning up!"

"How is that possible?" Xander knelt down. "Vampires don't get fevers."

"Witch," Spike gasped out. "Pissed her off."

Buffy stood with her hands on her hips, "Why are we caring?"

"Buff there is something wrong with him!" Willow said as Xander hauled Spike up and over to the couch.

"Spike, tell us what happened," he said.

The vampire sniffed, "I ran into this bint on the way here. She had a huge wart on her nose and I made some comments and it turned out she was a witch. She put a bloody curse on me!"

"What kind of curse?" Willow asked.

"Bloody stupid one! Gave me a human flu, for 3 days."

The slayer scoffed, "the flu? Come on! He is just doing this so I'll feel sorry for him. We'll just drag him back to his crypt before heading to the Bronze."

"Buffy he hasn't been sick in over 120 years! He won't be able to take care of himself."

"Well I'm not taking care of him!" Buffy huffed.

Willow looked down at the sick vampire, "I'll call Angel and tell him I'll go up next weekend."

"No." Xander said. "This is your one year anniversary! It's a big day for you and deadboy. I'll take care of him. I have a spare room." He handed Willow his car keys, "Could you go unlock the doors?" He asked while lifted the passed out vampire into his arms, ignoring the protesting slayer.

Willow and Xander left Buffy at the shop, "Willow could you go to the butchers and get some blood for me?" Xander asked handing her a wad of cash when they pulled up to his apartment building.

"Sure Xan," Willow watched as her oldest friend carefully lifted the vampire out of the car and made his way to the door. "I'll be back soon!"

The brunette managed to get Spike up into his apartment with little jostling. The vampire was burning up. He was able to lay Spike down on the spare bed before pulling the boots off. When Willow walked in Xander was in the middle of pulling off the tight black jeans.

"Xander what are you doing?" Willow whispered her eyes wide.

"They are soaked with sweat," The brunette explained. "Could you go into my room first drawer and grab a pair of sweats for me?"

The redhead came back holding a pair of black sweat pants. Her mouth dropped open. "What happened to his underwear?"

Xander blushed, "He wasn't wearing any." He snatched the pants working them onto Spike. Once he was dressed he pulled a comforter over the still body. Walking Willow to the door he said, "Thanks Wills."

She smiled and turned to leave but stopped, "Why are you helping him? I thought you hated him?"

"I…" Xander wanted to say he did make things easier, "I haven't hated him in a long time."

Tilting her head she thought about it, "You're in love with him." It wasn't a question.

"Yeah," He slumped down slightly. He was going to say more but moans came from the bedroom. "I'll explain everything when you get back and Spike is feeling better." A quick kiss on her forehead and he was back into the bedroom.

Spike was struggling to kick the blankets off. "Hey you have to stay under the blankets."

"Hot," Spike muttered.

Xander pulled the blankets back up, "Stay still." He said gently as he left coming back with a cool washcloth placing it on the vampires' forehead. He smiled at the content sigh that Spike gave. "This is probably going to get worse."

"How the bloody hell could it get worse?" Spike asked before sneezing.

The brunette left the room returning with a box of Kleenex and a trash bin. "You will mostly like start feeling nauseous, stuffy and runny nose, maybe a sore throat."

"How the hell do you get a stuffy and runny nose at the same time?" Spike asked blowing his nose.

"The miracle of the human body," Xander replied. "Do you want some blood?" He could have sworn the vampire turned a shade of green. He grabbed the trash can thrusting it into Spike's hands just has he started puking.

Five minutes later the blonde was down to dry heaves. Xander started rubbing his back trying to ease away the pain before taking the bucket turning a little green himself and dumped the contents down the toilet washing it out and coming back. "Maybe blood is out for now."

"You fucking think?" Spike snarled wiping away tears. How the hell was he to know vomiting hurt so bad? Being human sucked he was a master vampire for fuck sakes.

"How about some soup?" Xander asked ignoring the snark. "You have to stay hydrated."

The vampire snuggled back down pouting, "Yeah fine."

Fifteen minutes later Xander came back with a bowl of chicken soup, figuring tomato looked a little too much like blood and a glass of orange juice. The sick vampire struggled to sit up and take the bowl but his hands shook so much he would have spilled the liquid on the bedspread, so Xander had to feed him.

Xander was jarred awake from Spike's screaming. He looked over to his patient seeing him thrashing around. He grabbed the vampires' shoulders trying to calm him down. "Spike what's wrong?"

"Bugs!" Spike screamed. "Get them off!"

He looked around for the bugs but saw none, "Spike there aren't any bugs. It's the fever."

"No there bugs!" He became hysterical. "Get them off!"

Xander made the blonde look at him blue eyes wide with fear. "Sweetheart there is no bugs. I wouldn't let bugs get you." Not realizing he called Spike sweetheart.

"No bugs?" Spike asked.

"No bugs," Xander reassured before taking washcloth to dampen it again. When he came back Spike was asleep again. He placed the cloth on the hot forehead before pulling the covers up to Spike's chin. Xander stood there a minute he couldn't believe how innocent the vampire looked. Placing his hand on the warm cheek stroking softly.

Spike sighed, "Buffy."

Xander snatched his hand away stumbling back into the chair he had fallen asleep on. He clutched his chest as if trying to make sure his heart was still in his body and it wasn't just ripped out.

The next couple days were hell. Spike had multiple hallucinations, some about Angelus and Drusilla. Others about some girl named Cecily. And how could Xander forget the ones about Buffy. Spike constantly announcing his undying love to her, begging her to give him a chance.

It also didn't help when Buffy came over to hang out with the carpenter while he took care of the sick vampire and refused to even see him.