Title: Love's Fool 9-10

Author: forsaken2003

Fandom: BTVS

Ratings: R

Pairings: S/X, W/A

Disclaimer: Characters belong to the one and only Joss

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5ish

Summary: Xander wants Spike, but Spike wants Buffy. Can Xander win Spike over?

Beta'd by: Mulder200

Part 9

Two nights later Xander was back at the Magic Box, he knew he couldn't stay mad at Buffy and hoped that she realized he wasn't a teenager anymore, that he could take care of himself. He was also hopeful that there wouldn't be too many questions about his sexuality.

"Xander!" Willow smiled hugging him, "You didn't call and tell me how your date went."

He hugged her back, "It was fine until vampires interrupted and my date sacrificed me to save his life."

"Oh Xander I am so sorry," the witch frowned

"Maybe it was a sign that you should stick with girls? I mean you already have female demons going after you, you don't want to have to be worrying about male demons as well right?" Buffy said trying to be supportive in her own way.

He shook his head, "Buffy I'm not going to give up a potential good guy just because a demon may become interested in me. Besides if one does in a bad way we will kill it just like we always do."

"In a bad way? What does that mean? You'd consider dating a demon?" The slayer looked disgusted.

"Well yeah. I mean not all demons are bad. Never know. I am a demon magnet. A good one might come along. Like Clem, he is a good demon."

Buffy's eyes almost popped out of her head, "You're interested in Clem?"

"God no!" Xander said. "He is a nice guy and all but could you imagine having sex with him? All that extra skin just bouncing around?" He shuddered.

Everyone looked at Spike when he snorted while he was drinking pigs' blood and it came out of his nose.

"Uh… yes. Thank you for that image Xander," Giles said dryly. "Now if we could talk about our new demon problem if we are done with Xander's love life?"

Xander took a seat beside Willow. "We have a new demon in town?"

"Several it appears." The ex-watcher corrected. "It seems like a group of Forwaan demons has migrated this way."

"Bloody hell!" Spike swore looking at his grandsire who also became tense.

Willow squeezed her boyfriends' hand, "Baby? What is it? Do you know what these demons are?"

"They are vampire hunters," The brunette vampire answered his mate

"Demons hunting other demons?" She questioned.

Spike lit a smoke, "Not that uncommon, Red."

"I'm assuming they probably were informed that two masters in town." Giles answered.

"Informed?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, these kinds of demons have contacts. Demons do this for protection." Angel explained.

Xander looked from Spike to Angel and back to Spike, "So we find these guys before they find Spike and Angel."

"It might not be that simple," Spike answered. "Tracking them is easy but a clan has five members."

"How strong are they and what are their weaknesses?" The slayer asked.

Giles flipped through his text book, "Railroad spikes imbedded into their eyes. Some grow to be eight feet tall meaning we would need to get them on the ground to kill them." He looked at Spike, "You are the expert with spikes, and do you think you could get your hands on them?"

Spike waved him off, "Have a trunk full of them back at the crypt."

"Xander, you and Willow go and collect them." Buffy ordered getting into slayer mode. Spike began to protest, "By the sounds of it these things aren't after humans it would be stupid for you to be wandering around with the demons that are targeting you."

"Didn't know you cared slayer," Spike said.

Buffy scoffed, "I don't but Angel is at risk too and I protect my friends. We need all the help we can get even if that means saving your ass."

Xander grabbed Willow's hand dragging her out of the shop before he said something he shouldn't.

"So still crushing on Spike then?" Willow asked after they were a couple blocks away from the Magic Box.

The brunette sighed and ran his hand through his hair, "Unfortunately. It doesn't help with the way Buffy treats him. I always feel the need to defend him."

"I'm sorry honey." Willow wrapped her arm around him trying to comfort him as they made there way to Spike's crypt.

"Maybe I'll go up to L.A when Angel leaves. Get away for a bit, visit Cordelia."

The redhead frowned, "Running away isn't going to help."

"I know, but I need to do something. Being around him while he is mooning over Buffy is getting too hard." They walked to Spike's crypt and back in silence. Willow wished she could do something to make things better for her friend.

"Alright, spikes for all!" Xander said chipper while pocketing two spikes for him.

Angel took the stakes from Willow before pulling her in for a kiss, "You be careful." She ordered the vampire.

"I will kitten," Angel kissed her again. "I got a witch watching my back don't I?"

Willow beamed, "Darn tooting!"

"Yes… well perhaps we should head out?" Giles spoke up.

"Right," Willow nodded grabbing Angel's hand leading him out of the Magic Box. She wanted to get rid of these demons before anything happened to the love of her life.

They were walking around the quiet town no sign of the Forwaans, "They are probably hiding." Buffy stated. "Do we really think they are going to attack with the four of us walking with Angel and Spike?"

"I'm afraid Buffy may be right," Giles replied.

"So what we let Angel and Spike go off alone?" Xander demanded.

Willow's eyes became huge, "No. No way!"

"Of course not," Giles reassured them. "I am thinking we get a few blocks distance between us though. Not too much in case they do attack."

"Kitten we'll be fine," Angel nuzzled the redheads cheek. "Spike and I have dealt with these types of demons before."

Spike snorted but didn't say anything, Angel was giving his girl comfort by keeping the fact that they barely got away from that clan.

"Be careful." Xander said looking at Spike before he shifted his eyes. "Both of you."

Half an hour later Xander was walking beside Willow, both of them tense. Xander had both of his spikes in hand prepared for the fight. They could still see Spike the bleach blonde hair standing out under the street lights.

"I wish these guys would just attack already," Willow whispered wanting to get this over with.

"Don't worry Wills," Buffy said. "We will kick their asses and then go bronze in celebration!"

All four heads snapped ahead when they heard loud growling, "That's our cue!" Xander said before running into the fight.

Buffy got there before any of them kicking one of the demons in the head before tripping it. While it was trying to figure out what just happened the slayer slammed her stakes into its eyes. "One down!"

While Giles and Xander tag teamed one of the demons as the slayer and two vampires each took on one. Willow was trying to do a spell to disorient the demons but they were strong so the spell didn't work on all of them leaving Willow to concentrate on one demon at a time, first focusing on the demon Xander and Giles was fighting. The spell worked, making it fall to his knees as they gave out giving Giles and opportunity to drive his spikes into its eyes. Once he was sure the Forwaan was dead he went to Angel's aid when the demon punched the vampire in the face the force driving his body into a lamp post.

Angel shifted into his demon face before jumping onto the demons shoulders that turned its back on the souled vampire when Giles plunged a spike into its lower back giving Angel a chance to regain his footing. The vampire grabbed the Forwaan's head twisting it clean off. Leaving Giles to finish the job Angel went to help Buffy with her demon as Xander was trying to help Spike with his.

The redhead witch blasted the Forwaan that had Buffy by the neck determined to break her neck. When it released the slayer, she kicked it in the gut sending it flying a against a brick wall. Both Slayer and souled vampire each forced a spike into the demon's eyes.

Xander soon figured out that he and Spike were dealing with the leader of the clan. It was faster and stronger then the other four. A fist came down on Xander's shoulder forcing his body to crumble to the ground before going after the chipped vampire. Xander looked up to see the Forwaan slam Spike's body into a wall before pulling out a large stake. "Spike!" Without even thinking he rushed at both demons, body slamming Spike out of the way just as the stake came down slicing through the human's chest puncturing his lung.

Spike roared when Xander went down gasping for breath. Before he could even get to the demon a bolt of lightening struck the Forwaan making it collapse to the ground. Sure that the slayer and his grandsire could finish it off, the blonde was at Xander's side putting pressure on the wound. "You stupid moron!" he cursed the boy.

Looking around he saw that they were close to the hospital without another word he picked up the wounded human using his vampire speed pushing other patients out of his way as he entered the building ignoring the flare of the chip as he knocked the other people out of his way.

Part 10

When Xander woke up he had to squint because of a blinding white light. He went to speak but choked when he realized he had a tube down his throat. Spike leaned over him his piercing blue eyes holding concern. "About time you woke up." Xander went to try to speak again, "Try and relax, I'll get the doctor."

A few minutes later an older man with gray hair came in, "Well Mr. Harris you gave us all quite a scare." He looked over the chart quickly before setting it down. "I'm going to remove the tube. When I start pulling it out cough as hard as you can alright?" When the brunette nodded the doctor started pulling out the long tube making Xander cough and gag. A cup was offered to him, "Slow sips, your throat will be raw for a few days." The older man looked at Spike and back at Xander, "We will release you tomorrow. Your friend here has said that he would take care of you." Xander nodded understanding before watching the doctor leave the room to check on other patients.

Spike offered Xander the cup again for a short sip before setting it back down. "How long have I been out? Where is everyone?" Xander cringed. His voice sounded hoarse.

"Three days, sent them home," Spike replied. "They were all exhausted so I offered to stay with you until you woke. I should phone them." The vampire left the room leaving Xander alone trying to remember what happened.

When the vampire returned Xander was propped up, "What happened?"

"The Forwaan clan," Spike reminded him setting himself into the uncomfortable chair. "What the bloody hell were you thinking?" His eyes flashing yellow with anger.

Xander was silent putting the pieces together. He remembered the demons and rushing at one before getting staked. His brow wrinkled trying to remember why he had done such a stupid thing. He looked at Spike and an image of Spike up against the wall the demon ready to finish the vampire off. "It was going to kill you."

"If you haven't already noticed, I'm already dead."

"That's not funny." Xander said.

Spike leaned his arms on the lumpy mattress, "Xander. You can't just jump in front of a demon to save my unlife."

"Sure I can," Xander replied. "I won't sit back and watch you get turned to ash."

The vampire growled softly, "You're a stubborn git."

"Look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing for Buffy."

Spike looked the brunette in the eye, "I would have done the same thing for the slayer. I would have done the same thing for you. Hell I would have done it for Red, the watcher and the pouf," He took the humans hand in his, "You really know how to screw up a vampire you know that?"

"What do you mean? What did I do?" Xander asked confused.

Spike stood up swiftly pacing back and forth in the small room. "You," He pointed an accusing finger at Xander. "You got into my head!" He pointed to his head. "After you told me that you liked me, I started thinking about it."

"Yeah?" Xander asked biting his lip.

"Yeah," the vampire sat back down. "I keep thinking about what it would be like."

The brunette cautiously took Spike's hand relieved when the vampire didn't pull away, "I'm not sorry for risking my life for yours."

"I know," Spike said. "And that's what scares me luv. What?" He asked when Xander looked at him is shock.

"You've never called me that before."

The vampire squeezed his hand, "I've been thinking a lot. About you and Buffy, I've realized something."

"What's that?"

"I'm not in love with Buffy, I never was." Spike announced. "It was the sodding chip. I couldn't kill her so I transferred my feelings from hate to love," Spike spat out.

"So you were never in love with Buffy?" Xander asked.

The vampire shook his head, "No."

"What does this mean Spike? What do you want?"

"I want you Xan," The blonde answered honestly. "I can completely understand if you don't believe me. But I do want you."

Xander was silent for a few minute absorbing Spike's words. Did he actually believe that Spike had feelings for him and wasn't using him for some Buffy replacement? His eyes flickered to the vampires face. "We can try. I love you but I don't trust you… not completely."

Spike dove in for a kiss, "Wouldn't expect you to pet. If you did I'd have to think you were wrong in the head."

"I'm in love with a master vampire. I don't think I could get anymore messed in the head," Xander laughed before grabbing his stomach. "No laughing."

"Maybe I should go get the doctor," Spike stood up.

The brunette grabbed his hand, "No. He might make you leave."

"Xan, you may need something," Spike tried to reason. "Beside I'll come back if he kicks me out. The other white hats will want to come visit as well. I need to go feed anyways."

Xander nodded, "I have some human blood at my place if you want to stay there for the day."

The vampire leaned down kissing Xander's forehead, "Try and get some more sleep. I'll be back tonight."

The carpenters eyes fluttered shut falling asleep instantly. The next time he woke up Buffy, Willow, Angel and Giles were sitting around the bed. "Where's Spike?" He asked sitting up.

Willow swatted his arm gently, "What? No hi for us?" She pouted making her eyes big.

"Hi guys," Xander chuckled squeezing his best friend's hand. "Is everyone okay?"

"Few bumps and bruises but we're all okay," Buffy assured her friend. "You get to go home tonight. We just have to wait for the doctor. You're going to stay with us."

Xander frowned, "I thought Spike was going to take care of me?" Had that been a dream?

"I'll go find him," Angel offered standing up.

"He might be at my place if you want to phone there." Xander offered.

Giles handed the younger man a cup of water, "How are you feeling? Do you need the doctor?

"No, I'm okay Giles. Just dying to get out of here," he joked earning him a smack from both Buffy and Willow.

Angel walked back in sitting beside Willow, "Spike should be here shortly."

Xander sighed in relief, "good. Do we know what time I'm getting out?"

"Next few hours, they will want to check over you injury and give you instructions for your medications." Giles informed him.

"You'll be bed ridden for a few days and off work for two weeks," Buffy said.

Xander groaned, "What am I suppose to tell my boss?"

"Oh we covered for you!" Willow said. "We told them you we doing some construction type work for a friend and there was an accident. He really understood and told you to get well soon."

A few hours later Xander was in a wheelchair getting ready to be released, Spike still a no show. Xander slumped in his chair obviously the previous night was just a dream. Angel rolled the brunette out to the car.

Spike jogged over to the group, "I'll take it from here peaches!"

"Spike!" Xander smiled.

"Sorry I'm late pet," Spike apologized. "Your bed was really comfortable I didn't want to get up."

Buffy frowned, "What's going on?" She asked as she followed the gang to Spike's car.

"Spike's offered to take care of me," Xander said smiling happily.

"But… he hates you and you hate him." The slayer said before turning to Spike, "Are you doing this for me? Trying to get on my good side?"

Xander sunk into the wheelchair, "Bloody hell woman! Not everything is about you!" Spike growled while helping Xander into the passenger's seat. "I don't love you, I never loved you." The vampire turned to Buffy. "I couldn't kill you, can't kill you so I became obsessed with you."

"So what? Now you are obsessing over Xander?" Buffy asked confused.

"No, we like each other. We decided to see where it could lead." Spike explained.

Buffy was quiet for a minute trying to sort through her thoughts, she turned to Xander. "Oh My God! That's what you meant when you were talking about hooking up with a demon! You were totally crushing on Spike?"

Xander blushed, "Yeah. He isn't exactly a good demon."

"Bloody right!" Spike exclaimed.

"But he can care." Xander continued, "I know you don't like him but I really hope you can accept this."

Everyone was watching the blonde slayer as she processed the new information. "I'm not going to say I'm 100% okay with this," She held up her hand when Xander began to speak. "But it is your life and you were right when you told me that I had no control over it. If you want to date Spike, that is your decision and I will try to accept it. The bonus is he isn't crushing on me!"

Xander sighed with relief, "Well you lot are done with the mushy crap I'm going to take Xanpet home."

Willow bounced with excitement, "Now we can double date!"

Spike and Angel both groaned, "Kitten do we have too?"

"Yes! And you and Spike will both be on your best behavior!" She said pointing a finger at her vampire.

"Yeah peaches, you have to behave." Spike smirked.

Xander poked Spike, "That means you too, buster!"

"I don't play nice mate," He playfully nipped at the offending finger before kissing the mortal. "Now we are going home. You need rest. You can play with your friends later."

"But Dad!" Xander whined.

"Kinky pet," Spike leered making the injured human blush.

The group watched as the vampire took off, Giles took his glasses off cleaning them. "I see things becoming more interesting in our future."

Angel chuckled wrapping his arm around Willow kissing her, "You have no idea."

The End