A/N: Bella finds herself wealthy beyond imagine and on the verge of a blossoming music career. There's only one problem - she doesn't want any of it. When her life is one day intertwined with the world famous musician, Edward Cullen, their lives begin to change. Will Bella's dark past haunt her forever, or will Edward be the key to breaking her from her shadows?

"Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person." -Tennessee Williams

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My face went blank, I stared emotionlessly back at Charlie - his expression pained. He was fidgeting with his belt, adjusting it on his waist over and over, his eyes roaming my face looking for my reaction - anything.

I felt nothing. My body was cold, my head felt detached from my shoulders.

"Bells, did you hear me?" He finally asked, shifting his weight onto his right foot.

Dropping my gaze to his brown, mud clad boot I stared at it like I could find answers there in the dried dirt. Small hairline cracks snaked through the hardened mud, pieces flaking off as Charlie shifted again.

"Yes," I replied lifelessly.

A fission shot through me when I spoke, splitting me in two; part of me filling with sudden rage - the other half of me an overwhelming sadness. How could this be? My frigid hands curled into stiff fists, balled tight at my sides.

I had been so stupid - so selfish - for how many years? The two conflicting emotions swirled inside me, mixing dangerously; my stomach rolled in a sickening way, tipping the scales. My mind barreled toward the anger, as it consumed me whole.

"Why?" I screamed at him, my hands flying to my hair, pulling at the roots, my eyes searching the space around Charlie wildly.

He flinched, he eyes dimming, the sad creases under them deepening. "Bells, there's nothing you could have done-,"

"Nothing I could have done!" I screeched cutting him off.

My stomach twisted again, my legs giving out, and I fell to my knees, dry heaving onto the gravel in front of Charlie's house. His warm hands were on my back instantly, but I could barely hear the soothing words he murmured into my ear.

The world was spinning, I dug my fingers into the gravel trying to still the motion around me - trying to hold the earth in place.

I did this - how could I have been so careless? This is my fault.

My breathing came in short, quick bursts, and my vision faded, my brain wasn't getting enough oxygen.

"Bella, breathe honey!" Charlie was shouting at me, but I couldn't calm the sharp spasms wracking my lungs, they contracted against themselves, strangling the air.

"I… it … was me," I choked out, my arms beginning to tingle. "I … killed her…." I muttered as the earth went black, and I felt myself fall.

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