Hi. This fought me the whole way and the muse was being huffy but finally got it to where I was happy to leave it. Dean reveals something that causes Sam a lot of worry and guilt. Enjoy.

Sam followed his brother down into a small square room. The far wall had been knocked through and he watched as Dean stepped over the low remains and into what looked like a long brick corridor or tunnel. He rubbed his hands down the walls and frowned as his fingers came away black, soot from a fire as well as dirt covering them. "Has there been a fire down here?"

"Long time ago. There used to be a closed up bank and some shops next to the pub. They burnt down about ten or twelve years ago. The pub bought the land and expanded. We're under the carpark." Dean's hand came up and rested on Sam's chest. "Wait here until I get the door open."

Sam peered through the gloom and managed to made out the shape of a metal door, the light in Dean's hand reflecting off the circular wheel in its centre. "Is that a vault?"

"Yeah, stand back." Dean pulled a key from his pocket and slipped it into a lock in the door. Sam stepped in to get a better look at the circle, noting that there was a devil's trap in the centre of the wheel.

"What the….what is this?" He reached out to touch Dean's shoulder as his brother gripped and spun the focus of his attention. "Is this a panic room?" He shone his light over the rest of the door frowning as it picked up markings carved into the metal work; sigils and runes covering its surface.

"No." The bolts retracted back with a solid thunk and Dean started to swing the door open, turning to face Sam as he did. "It's a lock box." With that he stepped round the door and disappeared inside.

Sam's mouth fell open. "It's a what….?," he asked as he quickly followed Dean inside.

"A lock box."

"Pretty big for a lock box. What's it designed to keep in?" Sam thought he already knew the answer to that.

"Take a guess." Dean was lighting two enormous black pillar candles that sat on the floor. "I told you I went back to Stull and I was gonna do it, I swear it but then I realised that if I did that, what you did would have been for nothing. If you couldn't control Lucifer and if Michael was still down there too…..." Dean paused, lit a few more candles that were on a table in the centre of the vault. "Then I found this, realised that it would be perfect. I could make it perfect. Then, even if they got out the cage they'd just be stepping into another one. They wouldn't get passed the devil's trap and the angel proofing on the door and the walls. That and it's airtight, no air vents to escape out."

Sam walked to the table in the centre of the room next to where Dean stood. "This is a black altar." He turned to his brother. "What the hell were you thinking? You were actually going to open the cage with yourself locked in here? Are you crazy?"

Dean met his eyes only for a moment. "No, I was desperate."

Sam didn't know what to say to that so he took a candle from the table and started to circle the room, using that and his flashlight to highlight the walls. His hands drifted over the symbols there, some of which he recognised and others he didn't. He rubbed his hand on the artwork and brought his fingers to his lips. Blood. The sigils and glyphs where drawn in blood. Frowning and shaking his head he walked back to the table, eyes caught by the silver sword that lay on it. Putting the candle back he opened the book that was sitting below the sword and started to read. "So," he asked as he did, "if you succeeded in getting me out you were just going to kill Lucifer? Where would that leave me?"

"I was going to try and get him to let you go first, if that didn't work…." Dean bit his lip. "…I'd rather you were dead than down there, with him."

Sam sighed. "You're an idiot, and you promised me that you wouldn't try this, you told me that you couldn't break that promise when I came back. You lied to me."

"Not like you haven't lied to me before, get over it." Dean words had a bitter edge to them. "Besides, I didn't actually make any promise to you, you asked me to but I didn't reply."

Sam bristled, anger in his next words. "What would have happened if you had managed to get it open Dean? Do you have any idea how much Lucifer detests you?"

"I got a fair idea at Stull," Dean answered.

Sam glowered at him and then brought his eyes back to the book. As he read, a passage in it made his skin crawl. He looked up at the markings on the wall and turned to fully face his brother. "Says that you need to use 'blood borne of vengeance' to make this work properly as a lock box." Dean walked past him and shut the book. "What does that mean?"

"What it says on the tin."



"What does it mean?" Sam turned his brother to face him and pinned him against the table. "I want to know."

"Remember Roy and Walt?," Dean inquired, his face a careful mask.

"Yeah. Hard to forget someone that shoots you in chest. What about them?" Sam wasn't sure that he wanted to know now.

There was a dead look in Dean's eyes as he spoke that Sam felt pull him in and make him sure that he wasn't going to like what Dean was going to tell him. "Well they had a little hunting accident, not far from here actually," his brother stated a little too casually for Sam's liking. "Got their throats slit and drained of their blood in their sleep." Dean pushed his brother off him and walked back to the door, closing it over as he did.

Sam took a deep breath. "Dean?"

Dean just spun the lock and stood there, his back to Sam, hands still gripping the steel wheel hard.

"What did you do? I mean, did you….you couldn't have….." Sam shook his head. "What the hell Dean!" His brother wouldn't look at him. "Dean!"

"They owed me, and I collected. Like I said, I was desperate." Dean came back over and picked up a smaller book from the table, opened it and searched for a particular page.

"You killed them!"

Dean turn, his face cold and hard. "They killed me first. They kill you. I was just returning the favour."

"Returning the favour? They don't have angels that can resurrect them Dean. They're dead! And you….. you slit their damn throats!" Sam lifted his hands to his head. "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking you were being tortured in Hell! I was thinking that I didn't have a choice. That is was them or you," his brother spat back at him, turning away as he did. "I did it for you. See what keeping secrets does Sam?" Dean pulled the rings from his pocket and placed them down in the book. "I needed to get you out. I couldn't bear the thought of what they'd be doing to you down there Sam. I couldn't." His voice cracked on the last words and his free hand came up to worry over his forehead.

Sam slowly exhaled troubled not only by Dean's confession but also his whole manner. "Does Lisa know about this?"

Dean snorted. "What do you think?"

"How did you manage this?"

"I worked on after closing. Told Lisa that I was doing the books after hours when I'd finished them when we were opened."

Sam couldn't stop himself getting a dig. "Seems I'm not the only one that was keeping secrets then, eh Dean?"


"So when did you finish it?"

"Two days before you got here, the night Rufus arrived. Lisa was supposed to be going to see her sister for a few days later that week, she's got a new niece."

"And you weren't going with her?"

"I had work to do here that I couldn't put off." There was a ghost of a smile on Dean's face as he turned back towards Sam. A smile that chilled Sam's blood despite the heat building in the room.

The silence hung heavy between them until Sam broke it. "So, what do you intend doing with this now? With the rings?"

Dean paused, head down, worrying at his lip a little. "Adam might still be down there."

"Oh no." Sam's eyes widened and he raised a finger in warning. "You aren't still thinking of opening the cage? It's suicide Dean, and Cas isn't around to help you this time."

"Adam took a bullet, one that was meant for me," Dean poked his chest to emphasis his point.

"Dean," Sam touched his brother's shoulders, made him raise his head and look at him. "I never saw Adam the whole time I was down there. I don't think he or Michael are even in there."

"But you're not sure," Dean pushed on.

Sam sighed, tightened his grip on his brother. "No, I'm not sure. I'm sure though that I don't want to go poking a bear with a stick! I'm sure that I don't want to risk going back there. I'm sure that I would rather it be him than you! Adam said it himself Dean, he may be blood but he's not family."

"Nice Sam." Dean wiped his hand down across his face. "It's still my fault that he's down there. I left him in that room."

"You didn't leave him Dean, you got me out. They locked him down before you could get back in."

"Same thing. He's still down there in place of me."

Sam switched tack, worried that he hadn't seen how close to the edge Dean was before, worried by how well his brother had been hiding it. "What about Lisa? Ben? Aren't you happy with them? Like I said Dean, opening that cage is suicide. Do you really want Ben to loose the closest thing to a dad that he's had? What if he finds out and does what dad did when he lost mom? I mean he's asked you questions right? About hunting? You even taught him how to shoot."

Worry creased Dean's face and Sam knew that he had scored a point. "He wouldn't do that, besides I've been in the kid's life less than a year. Not enough time for him to miss me if I disappear."

"Do you hear the way he talks about you Dean? It's the way I used to when we were younger and you could do no wrong in my eyes. He hero worships you!"

"You got over it, so can he." Dean words were harsh but his resolve was wavering, Sam could hear it in his voice. His brother's next words caught him on the wrong foot though. "I backed your play, you saying that if I want to look for Adam I'm on my own?"

Dean twisting words as usual. Sam knew that he needed help on this one. "Can we talk to Bobby first? Maybe if we can find out how I got out, who got me out we can use that to check if Adam is still there before we risk this. Please?"

The reply was too long in coming for Sam's liking, the younger brother only relaxing as he felt Dean do so. "Fine, but, if there isn't another way in, I'm doing this."

"Fine," Sam agreed. "…just promise me that you'll not do it without me."

It took a moment but Dean finally nodded and Sam smiled wryly at him. "Uh-huh. Say it this time. Promise me."

Dean snorted, that cold smile playing on his lips and in his eyes again. "I promise. There. Happy now?"

"More than I was. Can we get out of here now. This place is giving me the creeps and it's stuffy." Sam put a little whine on the words and Dean reacted like him knew he would, the reply almost instinctual.

With a mutter that sounded like 'such a girl' Dean took the rings and the small book that they were sitting on and turned towards the door.

"Aren't they safer in here?," Sam asked hoping that Dean would agree and leave them inside the vault.

"Nope. This keeps things in, not really designed to keep them out." He tossed the book on a little table in the corner that Sam hadn't seen. "The rings stay with me."

They made their way back up to the bar, Dean re-arranging his office back before he unlocked the door and stepped back into the noise and the bustle of the busy lounge. Two people acknowledged him and Sam watched his brother switch back to the easy going, relaxed mode that he'd been in earlier. He flirted with a couple of girls on the way to the bar and then stood chatting to some guys that were drinking in the corner next to jukebox. The tense, on edge brother from moments before was gone but Sam could see now that this was mostly an act. He motioned to his brother and stepped outside, calling Bobby's name up before the door had even closed behind him.

"Sam?" He smiled as Bobby's gruff tones filtered down the line. "You and your brother working things out?"

"Kinda. Listen Bobby. There's something that I need your help with."

"It concern Dean?"

"Yeah. He's shown me something that's got me worried about him. Really worried." An idea sprung to mind, a way to put some distance between his brother and the room that he'd just shown Sam. "How about we head your way at the weekend? We can talk some things over?"

"Fine by me son. Tell your brother to bring that gal of his and her boy too. I could do with some proper company for a spell, other than you two."

Sam let out a relived sigh. "I'll ask. Bobby….thanks….again."

"No sweat. Help's what I'm here for Sam. Just keep him outta trouble until you get here okay?"

"I'll try." He ended the call and turned, biting back the cry as he realised that Dean was standing right behind him. Waiting until his heart dropped back out of his throat he gestured to Dean with the phone in his hand. "Bobby says to come down at the weekend, bring Lisa and Ben too."

Dean raised an eyebrow at that. "Really?"

"Really. Says he wants some decent company for a change. Think she'll want to?" Sam thought he realised what Bobby was up to, with Lisa there Sam and Bobby would have a better chance to talk on their own.

"I'll ask her, see if we can get some more time off work. Bar's not a problem but the garage might be." Dean looked at his brother's face. "Don't look at me like that, it isn't my call. Graham's got a lot of work on just now. I'll ask okay?"

Sam nodded. "What now?"

"You want to help out behind the bar again? The girls are due another break." Dean pulled open the door and stood there waiting.


They ended up serving there for the rest of the night as the bar got busy and Dean sent the girls out to keep the tables clean and the glasses coming. Sam was glad of the distraction to keep his mind off what his brother had shown him and worse, worrying about what Dean had done to Walt and Roy. For him.