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So here's my second fic, and yes. It's a Sam/Renesmee fic. I read a fic that contained this pairing and I was like, "Wow! This person's a genius!" and I've been obsessed ever since. So I decided to write my own. It's a really cute couple, plus I just really don't like Emily. Which brings us here.

The story will be told from several different POVs, including Sam, Renesmee, Jacob, and Leah. There will be some Blackwater, since that is my protege. Anyways, enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Stealing Plans


We were sitting in our living room, Emily and I, along with Jacob and Leah, after a lovely steak dinner. The wedding was seven months away, and we still had done nothing, which was why Emily insisted that Leah and Jacob come over so she could share her plans with Leah. Leah, of course, was Emily's maid of honor, While Jared was my best man, Jacob, Paul and Embry were groomsmen, and Seth and Quil were ushers. Things had gone great. Until the actual planning began.

"I was thinking," Emily began. "Maybe pearl white and pale green. For the colors. What do you think, Leah?"

Leah looked up from her fingernails that she kept picking at. "Huh?"

"Pearl white and pale green, with an emerald green dress," Emily repeated. Leah looked stunned.

"Uh, yeah. Sure." Of course she would simply agree.

"Sure? C'mon, what do you really think?"

Leah hesitated; all eyes were on her.

"It sounds beautiful. Green looks wonderful on you." Her expression was anything but joyful. Any other day, I would've been irritated with her for being such a downer, but this time I left her alone. I knew why she was upset.

She had chosen the exact same colors for our wedding so many years ago, and now, for her wedding to Jacob. In four weeks. It would be hell for her to change everything.

"I know, right?" said Emily. She would later claim she knew nothing of Leah's colors. "Green's always been my best color. And for the bridesmaids dresses, I thought we'd do a white dress with adorable green ribbon bows in the back." Leah's design.

"They'll be beautiful," Leah said. Her voice was monotone, unfeeling.

"And so will you," said Emily. "You'll be the perfect little maid of honor."

Leah suddenly stood to her feet, picking up her hoodie from behind her. "Excuse us, Emily, Sam, but Jacob and I have to pick up Renesmee from soccer practice. Forgive us. Jacob," she beckoned him, and like the little love struck puppy he was, he immediately followed her out the front door, but not before we exchanged apologetic smiles.

"Well, that was rude," said Emily. "We were planning our wedding and they just walk out like it's no big whoop." She scoffed and leaned back into the couch. Yes, I should've said something. Did I? Of course not. Why? Because I, Samuel Elliot Uley, am pussy whipped. That's why. As an imprinted man, it is my nature to never, ever, ever do anything to upset my imprint. What imprint wants, imprint gets. If Emily wanted the wedding that Leah had completely planned, than Godspeed to anyone who tried to get in her way. That's how she always was.

The man that I used to be would've put Emily in her place, telling her that she needed to choose something else because she was stealing Leah's wedding. I missed that guy. This new guy was a fluke.

"Let's have a pineapple cake," she said, out of nowhere. "I like pineapple."

Actually, she hated pineapple. But it was Leah's favorite.

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