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Here it is: the Epilogue of Stuck On You.


"Joshua Edward Uley, you put those scissors down right now!"

"No!" My toddler spouts his favorite word as I reach for the sharp object in his hands.

"Give them to me, sweetie, you're gonna get an owie."

"Mine!" His other favorite word. He has just left his terrible twos… and entered his absolutely horrifying threes. He is much more difficult at this age than his sister Maya's had been. Speaking of…

"Maya!" I yell at her across the living room. "Do not hit William! It's not nice!"

"Will took my race car!" five year old Maya cries, pointing to Jacob and Leah's almost seven year old son.

"I wanna play with it!" he yells at her.

"Give it baaaaack!"

I quickly snatch the scissors from Josh and give him a teddy bear instead, then dash over to the other two. I pick up my daughter and try to stop her tears.

"William!" I hear Leah's stern voice enter the living room. "Did you take her race car?"

"Yeah…" says the boy, avoiding his mother's gaze. "I wanted to play with it…"

"Give it back, Will."

Will sighs and holds the car up for Maya. She takes it and stops crying and I put her down.

"Now Will," says Leah. "Can you ask Maya if you can play with her race car?"

"Maya, can I play with your race car?" he asks quietly.

Maya holds the car away from him. "What's the magic word?"

"… Please?"

She smiles and nods, handing Will the car.

I pick Josh up and plop down onto the couch. Leah sits down next to me.

"Y'know, you really shouldn't be running around after these kids, what with your condition," she says.

"I know… I can't help it. I like to be active, and this is the best form of activity I've found so far."

"Have you told Sam yet?"

"No. But I'm going to when he gets home. You can already tell. Especially if you look from the side, it's almost obvious." I hand Josh to her and stand up to show her, turning to the side and pulling my shirt a tad tighter.

"I can't believe you just found out. Don't you pay attention to yourself?" Leah asks, incredulously, handing Josh back to me when I sit down again.

"Usually I do. But Maya's preschool is having a play and I've been working on making costumes and helping with rehersal… so no, I haven't been paying attention until recently, when I realized that I haven't bought tampons for almost four months. Apparently, I was also too busy to bother with morning sickness this time around."

"What do you think Sam's gonna say?"

"I dunno. I think he wants another one. I hope so, because it's coming whether we like it or not." I hear the driveway crackle under the weight of a car. "There he is though."

Sure enough, the door opens and Sam's loud, deep voice rings out through our little house.

"I'm home! And I brought dinner! Where's the pups?"

"Daddy!" Maya yells. She leaps up from her spot on the floor and runs to him as he enters the living room, still in his CSI uniform, vest and all.

God, I love it when he wears that home…

He scoops Maya up and spins her around. "Hey Princess," he says before kissing her cheek. He notices Leah. "Hey, Lee-Bee."

"Hey Sam."

I bring Josh to greet his daddy. Sam kisses Maya again and puts her down, taking our son into his arms.

"Hi, Joshie!" Sam blows a raspberry on Josh's neck, making him giggle. "How's my little man?"

"Oh, no I don't need a hello or anything," I say sarcastically. "It's not like I'm your wife, or the mother of your children or anything…"

Sam laughs and hooks his arm around my waist. "Hey Sweetie," he says, kissing me quickly. "How was your day?"

"Eventful, as usual. But Leah was here with me all day, so it wasn't too bad. Oh! Joshie, do you wanna tell Daddy what you did today?"

"Yeah!" our son squeaks.

"What did you do?" Sam asks him.

"Went potty!" Josh tells him, excitedly.

"In the big chair?"



"Yuh-huh! Did too!"

"Aw, good job, Buddy! I think that since Josh went potty today, we should all go out for ice cream after dinner. What do you think, Maya?"

"Yeah, Yeah! Ice cream!"

"Is that okay with you, Babe?" Sam asks me.

"Sounds good to me," I say.

"Well," Leah begins. "I should probably skedaddle before Will starts paying attention an thinks he's getting ice cream too."

"Well, you know kids," says Sam. "When they hear 'ice cream,' they hear a commitment."

Leah smiles and calls her son. She hugs the four of us goodbye and she and William go home.

"Okay, who's ready for dinner?" says Sam. The kids cheer and run to the kitchen. I make to follow them, but Sam holds me back. He pulls me close to him and kisses me again, more thoroughly this time.

"I have been thinking about you all fucking day," he murmurs. "I can't wait until tonight. We'll put the kids to bed early… have some 'Mommy and Daddy time…'"

"Hm… speaking of 'Mommy and Daddy time…' I need to tell you something."

"What up, hon?"

I pull away slightly and hold his hands. I bite my lip and look up at him. "I'm pregnant."

His eyes widen and his mouth gapes. "Shut up… Shut… up… Are you serious?"

I nod. I am worried for a moment that he isn't happy, but then his face lights up like a Christmas tree.

"Don't play me, Babe. Are you serious?"

I turn to the side and lift my shirt to show him the developing baby bump.

"Oh my God! You're so far already!"

"I know, right? I haven't even been paying attention. I just realized it last week. I've gotta be at least three months, probably closer to four. I've got an appointment with Daddy on Saturday to see how far along I actually am."

Sam kneels down and places his hands on either side of the bump. "We're having another baby… That's gonna be three… Three kids!"

"I know. Remember how we talked about having a big family after we got married?"

"Yeah…" he rests his head gently against my belly. "We're gonna have to move, babe. This house isn't gonna be big enough for five of us."

"I know… Y'know, my parents would probably let us have that cottage they used to live in." Grandpa Carlisle and the rest of the Cullens (except my parents) had moved on a couple years before, leaving the mansion to Mom and Dad. Daddy is becoming a doctor, of course, and has followed in grandpa's footsteps, taking in vampires who didn't want to be murderers. He and Mom have seven "siblings" that live with them now. They've become just like Grandma and Grandpa, and they love it.

Their little cottage in the forest was unoccupied, and I am sure they will let us expand it and move in.

"That… would be perfect! God… I love you so much, Renesmee… I love you so much. And I love you," he adds, kissing my belly and getting up. I let my shirt fall back into place and lean into him for another kiss. "Now, let's go eat!"

We are interrupted by a high pitched bark, and our pug puppy circles our feet. She is an ugly dog; so ugly, she's cute. She's generally very sweet, but if you make her angry, she'll get you back. She is, for lack of a better word, yet so utterly fitting, a bitch. She yaps at us again and sticks out her little tongue.

"Don't worry, Emily," Sam says. "I brought you some chicken nuggets."

She barks at him and he rolls his eyes.

"Yes, I got barbeque sauce… Can't even get a thank you from this thing…. Just like her…" I giggle as Sam goes to the kitchen, little Emily trailing his heels. I watch as he passes out Happy Meals to the kids and places some nuggets in Emily's food dish. The children laugh and play with their toys as they began to eat, and Sam reveals that he got a Happy Meal too, just for the toy.

I think back to when Sam and I weren't together; how I never thought this day would ever come. Every now and then, I replay everything I went through. I used to wish it had never happened, but the more I think back on it, the more I'm happy it happened the way it did. Without suffering, how can you truly appreciate what you have?

I smile at my husband and children, all playing with their Happy Meal toys, and I place a hand on my belly, looking down at it and rubbing circles on it.

"Welcome to the family, little one," I whisper to my unborn child.

This is my life today… and it is perfect.

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