I know, I promised another chapter of Facebook. Dont panic! I'm trying. I was watching Iron Man and this popped into my head. The question of "how Pepper became Tony's PA has not been answered nearly enough so I figure what the hell and gave it a go. I'm also having an attempt at a pepperoni video for IM2, can anyone suggest a song?

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, I get it already. Pre-IM so no spoilers


"Would you care to repeat that Miss Potts?"

Virginia Pepper Potts was not the kind of person who usually has to explain things twice because people usually understand every word to leave her mouth. VERY clearly. Obviously this guy hadn't gotten that memo.

"There is an error on this sheet."

"Miss Potts. Tony Stark himself did the math."

"I dont care if Steven Hawking did the math, there is an error, which means its wrong."

"Is there a problem here?"

A fairly tall man with broad shoulders and a finely shaven head came into view over nitwit's shoulder.

"Mr Stane. No...no problems. Miss Potts seems to have forgotten how a calculator works."

"My calculator works just fine."

"What seems to be the problem Miss...Potts?"

"Sir, you dont-"

"I believe I was refering to Miss Potts, not you Henry."

"Yes sir."

"Miss Potts?"

"I was checking over some numbers and I came across a mistake. Its only the bottom couple of lines but..."

Obadiah took the sheet from Pepper's hand and examined it briefly before handing it back.

"Math isnt my area of expertice. However, if you would both follow me, I believe Mr Stark would be more than happy to settle this matter."

"Mr Stark's time is very valuable, I dont beli-"

"That wasnt a question Henry."

Great Pepper, three weeks in and you're already being sent to the boss's office. Why, for once, couldnt you listen top your mother.


"Obie. Did I forget another of our meetings?"

"You know you did. This is actually about something else. You both like to come in."

Pepper shyly stepped around the door into what could be the most spacious office she'd ever encountered. It could quite possibly be bigger than her entire apartment. Tony Stark sat in the dead center of the back window with his collar open and formal tie pulled down slightly. If she didn't know better, she'd swear he was barely a day over twenty, even if the magazine's said twenty-seven

"Miss Potts believes she has found an error in your math." The young man's eyebrows shot upward in amusement

"Well Miss Potts, you are officially the first person to tell me that. May I see this error?"

She wordlessly handed over the page, watching his eyes dart back and forth at an alarming speed. He slowly began to sit forward, elbows against the desk to support him.

"Mr Lutero, if Miss Potts is incorrect, what course of action do you plan to take?" Obadiah turned to them as he spoke.

"I plan to fire Miss Potts for wasting mine, yours and Mr Stark's time."

"She's right." Three heads turned to Tony.

"Excuse me?"

"Miss Potts is correct. I made a mistake. If I am correct, Miss Potts may have just saved us $1.8 million."

Tony observed Pepper's facial expression. Her expression was nuetral, with the tiniest hint of nervousness. In this sort of situation, he would have looked as smug as possible so this surprised him. With a smug grin on his face, he clapped his hands and rubbed them together.

"Miss Potts, what is your employment status here at Stark Industries?"

"I work down in accounting sir."

"Excellent. Mr Lutero, I would like to personally hand you Miss Potts's resignation."

"Excuse me?"

"I believe, Mr Lutero, you have just provided me with my new personal assistant."