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A month after Bella was turned

I sat by my window, watching the people bustling along the street below. As usual when I had a spare moment, my thoughts turned to people I'd known. My mum, Alice, Rose. I wondered if my mum was still with Phil, if she'd found out about what had happened. I wanted to know if Alice and Rose were still together, still alive. I hoped so.

The door opened and Edward came in.

"Hey honey, what's wrong?" he asked, coming over and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Edward…I want to see my mum. I need to make sure she's okay" he sighed and sat next to me.

"That's what you've been thinking about lately? Why didn't you say something earlier?"

"I was afraid you'd say no, and that I wouldn't be able to control myself" he hugged me.

"Bella, you have more control then anyone I've ever met. And you know I could never say no to you"

A week later

We arrived outside my mum's house. With my newly developed hearing and smell I could tell that she wasn't home yet. Phil was. I snarled quietly.

"We don't have to go in their Bella. We can drive away" said Edward.

"No we can't"

"Bella, you are not evil. I know he wronged you and you want to hurt him for that but you're not a murderer. Don't sink to his level" I sighed and shook my head.

"You're right but I need to let him know. I need to show him" I got out of the car. Edward didn't try to stop me. I knocked on the front door and waited. Phil opened it, a smile on his face. It disappeared when he saw me, my red eyes, my pale skin.

"Hi Phil" I heard his heart race increase and knew he would run. And I knew that I would catch him.

I watched him run, practically in slow motion to me. I grabbed him and pinned him against the wall by his throat.

"How are you Phil? Life good?"

"Why are you here?" he gasped out.

"I was here to see mum but since you're here I'm going to take care of a little unfinished business. You knew what that place was. You knew what would happen to me"

"I didn't…I swear"

"Liar. You knew. You lied to my mum about it too"

"I never lied. She knew all along. We both wanted rid of you" he spat.

"That's not true"

"Yes it is. She wanted to get rid of you as much as I did" my grip tightened, Phil laughed hysterically.

"Are you going to kill me Bella?" I considered for a moment. It would be so easy, to make it look like an accident. Edward's words rang in my head and I dropped him.

"I'm not going to kill you because I'm not like you. I'm not a monster"

"You're not a monster. You're a filthy whore. Which is worse?" I fought the urge to tear his head off.

"Go to hell Phil" I said and I threw him against the wall. Not enough to kill, just enough to hurt. I went back outside to the car. Edward was still in exactly the same position.

"are you okay?" he asked as I slipped back into my seat.

"Yes. Now I am. Come on, we've got the rest of eternity to start"

A/N: that answered one of the questions asked, and the other one (which was 'what happened to Alice/Rose?') will be answered when I get round to writing a sequel