Mark Bedford has been looking again at Mosaic on his wall. Various October 6ths are on his mind (One.), considering the Nazi (Two.):

1939 Hitler has plans for the segment of the population he considers a problem
1943 Himmler wants acceleration of the 'final solution'
-1949 Truman signs 'Mutual Defense Agreement' [MAD} for NATO
-1951 Stalin: Russia has the Bomb
1955 LSD is illegal
1857, 1961, 1983 Russia and China Nuclear tests
1959 Soviet first spaceship designed for photographing in space
1961 JFK says people should build bomb shelters
1996 Miles from Detroit and across the way from the historical Canadian town of Amherstberg the FERMI TWO NUCLEAR PLANT has partial meltdown
2000 Milosevic resigns

However one of the items still stands out (Four.)
Eisenhower goes to The Hague in Hitler's train (Four.) He calls Demetri Noh:
"Your partner; the Hague."

"Forerunner of the U.N., The League of Nations. So? They would have to deal even with the Nazi's as with any other government."
"That's a little like a train from the West with Lenin on it going to Russia."

"So, its history and that…"
"The League of Nations, the U.N. it is where the world's leaders met to solve the problems of the world after the 1st world war (to cut it up between themselves)"

"Isn't the U.N. supposed to be the One World Government?"
"What if we had another Black Out and everyone woke up and felt it was really 2½ years instead of 2½ minutes?"

"For the 2½ years the world had already become the one world state." (Five.)
"Alright the world is Rumplestilskin (I hope I have the spelling right) and 'Amerika'." 47 years

"There is another thing, 7 months later counting October is the flash forward in April 2010. A significant number…there are other significant numbers: three youth leaders all die at 27, which adds up to if you add the 27's together and the take the 8 add it to 1 then you get nine just short of the perfect number 10…they could have been leaders of the youth revolution…two others leaders die at 40 (who talked about the 'The People's Universal Love' and 42, sum 82, add the 8 and the 2 you get 10 and the youth revolution's icons all die finishing off the revolution's aspirations realized by their idols…the Year of JFK's death is 1963—to—2010 the year of the time of our flash forward 47 years, add the 9 and 10 of the would-be leaders and these add up to 66, and the number 6 in 1963 you get 666…may I've been reading too many conspiracy theories (Six.) but these people could have been stimulate an engineered notion of Universality of All Being Together, which later could be used to stimulate a universal dream that the one world state would be a good thing in the next flash forward. Who would rule would be behind the flash forwards…"

"Meaning there is a group behind the group that accelerated the flash forward."

"Himmler on October 6th wanted to accelerate the final solution."
" 'Wild in the Streets', the movie they had LSD in the water supply to influence a vote…which they stopped when the youth leaders all died. Even though LSD was outlawed in 1955 October 6th."

"{So your saying that the flash forward simply replaces not memory, not what is to happen in our private lives but the first flash forward was to prepare us for immediate acceptance of a one world state, unless, we change it to render this acceptance of a one world state null and void and the flash forward has no effect."

"Then we would have to prepare the people before hand to disbelieve en mass on single idea and to focus on their private flash forwards instead."
"What about Simcoe and Simon Campos, what was their agenda?"
"I don't know, I just thing it is odd that if another group accelerated or enhance their event by using another as its catalyst then what is their agenda?"
"Who were they working for because this seems larger than just these engineers academics and scientists?"

"From what I have Simon only thinks they were responsible for it so that rules out their complicity."

"What happens now if your theories are true?"
"What do you mean Demetri [who has gone out of the room]?"
Suddenly some armed men wearing masks appear in his room, just like his flash forward. One of them puts the cell phone down. He hears a shot outside." He remembers the statement Demetri will be shot.

"What was his flashback?"

"We've been watching all of you and all of the people connected to you and any who could piece it together."
"Noh will be kept alive."

"What is March 15th…?
"What happened to JFK?"
"Not on March 15th." (Seven.)
"You mean March 15th is significant, what are you planning?"
"We will keep you both alive, you will be…influenced…to influence your FBI and CIA people…this, is going on all around the globe, protecting OUR interests and keeping any who oppose from stopping our objectives."
He felt a jab in his wrist and collapsed. The last thing he saw on his shelf was his copy of Shakespeare's plays.

When h awoke Demetri was still knocked out but unharmed

He thought to himself:

'If Demetri is still alive then he does not die on another March 15th

They were trying to tell us something if they did not take us…were they who they said they were?'


I have used the words instead of numbers for footnotes since they rarely show up.

One. See which one's listed on the series
Two. I am only following the series on this not the person who gave it to them
Three.) On top of a hill in my city and over 25 miles away I can see in binoculars the top of the plants and the site can be seen across the Detroit River just on the outskirts of the town
(Four.) I forget whether they said this one in the series but if they did I use the series as the reference for this and lists of October 6th
this is on one site I do not have the site name with me
(Five.) See the tv mini series and novel 'Amerika' but long before this series the one world state was predicted and even in Toynbee is the one world government an issue in the 1930-19_ 'A study of History' and elsewhere
(Six.) There are literally thousands of sites or perhaps millions on all these topics

(Seven.) I do not know if they used the Shakespeare line in the story or if anyone else has used it.