Somewhere in the Canadian North, a research team has experimented with military secrets. Posing as government personnel in mining they have set off universal devices that could pose a threat to mankind. They are in fact working for a group of radicals who think the world needs to depopulate so war does not break out over a lack of jobs food and resources. [A.] They feel companies' pulling out of one region has transferred jobs and without replacements in those areas eventual mass unemployment will lead to more terrorism in North America. To scare people away from jobs they will want (this may mean people will pose as foreign to the land in order to obscure their identities. Plans by world organizations to shift populations from Asia to North America would create overpopulation here. When North America finally cannot buy the produce of the world at the highest prices, mass layoffs in Asia will result in wars by desperate groups of traveling job hunters. By seeing the effects of the Flash Forward, the potential to render masses unconscious they see the potential to eliminate populations, as a necessity, putting them to sleep then euthanize them. [One.] In this way it would be easier than war (or the surrender of Life en mass).

They see the two and a half minutes as to small a time frame to accomplish their task but in such a time as the Flash Forward the survivors need to know nothing that takes place. Those who do not have a role in life would go first…Unlike Hitler, this would not involve hate but it is a process of putting an end to uselessness: [Two.]Like Marxian's each according to his abilities but what if they have developed no abilities.

Since the Flash Forward worked they did not experience it as they were underground too deep to be affected by it. As they had been engaged in espionage themselves before they found out about it before it happened and sought to escape its affects and went to an abandoned Northern Canadian mine and went down its long shaft to a complex and hid fro the phenomenon watching it unfold on video screens.

Meanwhile in an unknown space station [Three.] those in it watch the Flash Forward unfold. They had the funds to go up an escape what they thought would be a catastrophe. In fact, around the world some knew the event was going to happen and were in tunnels, mountain and elsewhere. [Four.]

In the Bering Straight underneath the Aleutian Islands the tunnel under the islands are a number of groups making up an international military contingent [Five.] In case of world conflict, these and other underground tunnels containing other troops are waiting to stem violent uprisings or engage in them either helping with relief efforts or thwarting them and preventing or starting World War Three. [Six.] The tunnels and other hideaways were sealed off from sound but also vibration. It is these groups that will be called to action and develop, if necessary from these diverse but separate parts coming together to form a World Military or else World Dictatorship. [Seven.]

A. There are many theories on this subject online. Companies' I took the spell check suggestion here.
One. 'Star Trek' had an episode where hits on a computer sent whole populations to commit mass suicide…see notes on Masada in ancient Israel, and Jim Jones suicide-massacre, 'The Solar Temple' Cult [if I recall that was the name]…R.U.R., replacement of men by robots, and unconscious: 'Snow White'…see other notes on this subject.]
Two. There was the means by which to stop various behaviours in the past by eliminating, for example the aggression in some by cutting part of the brain to limit areas of aggression and this is a similar idea, but these have been part of story telling for quite some time.
Three. There have been a lot of stories with ships etc., not known to the people on either earth or on ships in space sci fi stories…V, they did not know the V's were coming.
[Four.] This is influenced on a lot of conspiracy theories. There are supposed to be such hideaways, where the wealthy and politicians go like inside mountains and of course there were tunnels and underground shelters in the two world wars, the cold war and sci fi shows, President Bush was all during 911 in a plane circling around the U.S..
Five. See my fan fic on the other fan fic site for references to this.
Six. Term WW3 is found in Toynbee, 'A Study of History' and elsewhere.
Seven. There are a multitude of theories on this online so I am not relating anything new in this story…this is just a way to keep people thinking about the possibility….