Of snakes and blossoms…

It all started with Sasuke's betrayal. To say Orochimaru expected it was an understatement, he all out predicted it. He was no fool; no he saw it in the Uchiha's eyes the second he came to sound. It was only a matter of time before the sharingan wielder turned against his master. Unfortunately he had made a mistake in calculating when this would happen. This is why he resorted to this desperate measure, as the Uchiha gave the final blow he moved his soul in a snake at the base of the main body's tail detaching it so he would escape. He buried himself underground making the Uchiha think he was dead and gone forever. The problem with this was that he could not turn back to his human form. The jutsu was still in testing phase when he used it and it also turned his chakra system into that of a simple garden snake. He wondered around aimlessly for about a year living life as a simple insignificant little creature, truly hating himself for his mistake.

One hot summer day he found himself at the gates of Konoha. Passing through them he darted for the first isolated place he could think about, the old training ground at the very edge where he used to seek privacy. He wasn't a very nostalgic person but it would offer him some much needed protection and shelter.

Upon reaching the clearing he saw something like a massive column of light. At first he thought it was just his imagination but as soon as it split into massive spears and turned a boulder in to a mass of sand he knew something wasn't right. Despite his survival instincts that practically screamed at him to turn and flee he went straight to the source. He was surprised to find Konoha's blossom was the culprit. She was practicing elemental jutsu, but what caught his attention was the fact that light and energy seemed to obey her.

She was nothing like the Uchiha had described. He told about a weak ugly little fan girl that practically kissed the ground beneath his feet. What he was seeing now was something entirely different. She had grown into a magnificently beautiful young lady. She had the perfect body with curves in all the right places, nice sized breasts and beautiful pale skin. Her hair had grown out now reaching near the ground which she kept in a thick braid that started from just beneath her shoulders and ended above her knees leaving the rest to dangle showing of the perfect swirl. It had an intense luster, her bangs framing her face. Full red lips intense emerald eyes and also her serene expression gave her an angelic aura. Her clothes differed much from last time he'd seen her at the Forest of Death. She wore a black tank top with a v neck that showed of her chest, long black jeans that became baggy from the knee down and high heeled boots. Black leather fingerless gloves and her crimson red hitai ate completed her attire. In his mind Orochimaru was too busy admiring her beauty to notice that she spotted him until it was too late.

The young kunoichi kneeled next to the snake fascinated by its strange color; black white and purple. It didn't flee like a normal wild animal would, so she concluded that it must have been someone's pet at some point. She gingerly picked it up and studied it delighted that it didn't resist.

On the other hand Orochimaru was slightly nervous about the girl; she could crush him without hesitation. He was surprised when she shot him a smile that made the Sun look like a cheap flash light, her soft hands petting and caressing the entire length of his body. She brought him to eye level, but what came next was something that took him totally off guard.

"What would you say if I were to take you home with me little guy?" She asked searching the small creature's eyes for the slightest sign of approval. Orochimaru was shocked by the stroke of luck he had. He would be protected sheltered and why not even have a hope at becoming human again. He gave the closest thing to a nod he could make in snake form. Delighted with the snake's approval Sakura raised him closer and kissed him on the tip of his nose after which she cradled it in her arms and transported home. By the sudden blood rush to his face Orochimaru was certain that if he was human he would have blushed beet red despite all his control.

Sakura lived in a large mansion alone. Her parents moved from Konoha with business but she stayed behind as the village needed her skills. After their departure she did some major redecorating. The antique woodwork, combined with the modern accessories made the place unique and gave it a peaceful aura. He was surprised again by her room. It had a queen sized bed in the left corner and a large flat screen in front of it, in the other corner near the large window was a very advanced computer with large speakers. The walls were covered with book shelves except a door which led to the closet. The window also had a door which led to a covered terrace with various large inflatable recliners. All in all it was nice; the girl had good tastes he concluded. She set him on a silk cat basket.

Orochimaru noticed that he was not the only animal inhabitant of the house. She also had two white cockatoos, one with a blue beak and one with a red beak. Alco she had a very large black panther. She suddenly turned toward the door and made a beckoning gesture. The animals followed and so did he. She led them into the kitchen where she set the trays of food. The panther got a large side of beef and a large bowl of cream; she fed the parrots a fresh fruit and seed mixture and him chicken and salmon. After their meal Sakura called them to the bathroom where everyone got a nice warm bath. They returned to her room and sat in bed altogether.

"So, Diana did anything interesting happen while I was away." Sakura suddenly asked.

"Nope, this time the blond idiot didn't try set you any surprises." Orochimaru was stunned by the panther's reply.

"You know you shouldn't have been so rough on him last time…" She mused out loud at the smirking feline.

"Aw, don't pretend like you didn't enjoy seeing him run around with a massive hole in his pants." She snickered back. "By the way who's that?" She asked motioning toward and snake.

"He is the new addition to our little family. You know he doesn't have a name yet. How about Sora?" She asked looking into his eyes. 'HN Sky… not bad. I like it.' He thought as he gave a nod 'Well at least she didn't suggest something stupid like Bobby or Scaly'. Again she kissed him on the nose and set him in his new bed. Orochimaru lay contently in his new bed not having to worry for once that he would be attacked. He drifted in a comfortable slumber letting the lavender perfume that lingered in the room to sooth his senses. He hasn't been this relaxed since he was a genin and relished in the feeling.

By the time he woke up it was already early evening. His nose was immediately invaded by the smell of home cooked meal and he went exploring only to find the others in the kitchen while sakura was finishing her cooking. After they ate Sakura went up and changed into her medic attire and left them after saying their respective goodbyes.

That night Orochimaru felt a spike of his old chakra. Could it really be? Could it really be that his chakra was slowly being nudged back to its original form by her chakra? This had not occurred in over a year now and he knew that alone it wouldn't go back to normal. It seems that the Konoha's blossom had many hidden surprises.

Sakura wasn't home till the next night after midnight, she was exhausted and drained if chakra. After a thirty hour long hospital shift she still made time to cook a healthy meal for her and her pets. While she was gone Diana took charge of the house. The panther was really clever serving the pre made meals to the other occupants of the house and keeping guard. It was strange and also cute in Orochimaru's opinion. After eating and bathing Sakura went to bed in an almost unconscious heap. Orochimaru felt slightly sorry by her state. He snuggled by her stomach and felt the chakra spike again. This was all proof he needed.

By the next day Orochimaru's chakra evolved from mere minuscule pulses to a constant but weak presence. He was thrilled by the new discovery and went out to test it. He went to the very back of the garden and concentrated his chakra. He felt the slight pulse that indicated that he was close to performing a rudimentary transformation jutsu. He continued for a few minutes till finally he turned into his human form.

"Excellent, now I can…" POOF He turned back in to a snake, his chakra was a little stronger but not enough to make him human permanently. 'God dammit' he mentally cursed. As he was about to try again but the call of the angelic voice he came to know as Sakura called.

"SORA… Sora where are you...? Sora come inside, you have to eat something before we go training…" She called, the melodic tone in her voice made Orochimaru want to take her and keep her all to himself just so he could hear her. 'Where the hell did that thought come from?' he thought as he scurried towards the voice. He found her on the porch of the house.

"There you are you little trouble maker. Don't leave like that; I searched the entire house for you." She scolded lightly taking him in her arms and proceeding to the kitchen where the other inhabitants if the house were already helping themselves. She put him down and gave him his food, this time he got steam cooked pork and chicken breast. He ate everything truly enjoying her cooking. 'I wonder if there is something she can't do…" He vaguely thought. After finishing their meal she cleaned everything and after making sure the house was in order they left towards the training ground with him on her shoulders and the parrots on the panther's back.

Upon reaching the clearing she put him down on a soft blanket she brought and told him to stay put.

"All right you three… Let' start!" She yelled sending three chakra balls to them. They swallowed the said balls and immediately change their forms. The panther grew to Kyuubi size its fur getting red flame highlights and a dark mist enveloped it. It clearly had fire and darkness powers. The blue beaked parrot turned into a phoenix like blue bird that had crystals dangling from its tail, clearly signaling water and ice while the other one had a similar transformation to green. Clearly earth, Orochimaru thought. They started to spar till the late hours of the evening. Sakura demonstrated just how powerful her light and energy were. As they returned they ran into his old teammate Tsunade.

"Sakura-chan!" She called.

"Tsunade shishou!" Sakura responded as she approached.

"How was your day Sakura? I see you have a new friend…"

"Yes his name is Sora."

"How cute, Sakura, may I ask you something."

"Of course Shishou, what is it?"

"Do you intend to take the Anbu Capitan exams this year?"

"Yes I do. Why?"

"Just wondering. Glad you didn't let Naruto's little tantrum discourage you."

"Still you shouldn't have said that I have more Hokage potential than him…"

"It's the truth. Well gotta get back to the office before Shizune turns it upside-down looking for me…" She said as she poofed away. 'So the little cherry has the stuff to be Hokage… Oh Sakura chan you drop surprise after surprise. After getting home eating and bathing, they all went to sleep, Diana was out in a tree and the parrots were on the rooftop. Snuggled next to her stomach Orochimaru felt a powerful surge of his old chakra. Suddenly he transformed into his old form right besides her. God he was lucky she was a heavy sleeper. But something was bothering him… It was the fact that he was buck naked with an almost naked girl pressed flush against him in the most intimate way. 'This is going to be a VERY long night…' Was the only thought that went to his head as she snuggled closer nuzzling his neck and awakening his 'little friend' to the point he could just flip her over and fuck her senseless till the early hours of the morning. After a hour or so he turned back to his snake form thanking all the gods he didn't have a perverted little accident.

Next morning, same routine, eat bathe train and take care if hospital shifts. Orochimaru was starting to feel more and more at home with her. She was definitely one of a kind and he would surely miss her once he had to leave.

It wasn't till that evening that the fun really started. He was as per usual snuggled against Sakura listening to some music in the PC when he felt it. His chakra had returned full force and permanently. He was twisting and agitated.

"Sora… Oh my God Sora are you alright?" Sakura jumped kneeling on the snake's side trying to use her chakra to heal it. One second she was beside a snake, the next she was kneeling besides a smirking Orochimaru… IN ALL HIS NAKED GLORRY!