In the end…

Orochimaru and Sakura were on their way back to her house. After the whole Danzou ordeal he was a free man till the trial. There were still many more accusations brought on his name and he was not of the hook yet, but they weren't worried for now. Now it was just them and a peaceful night's rest. Upon entering Orochimaru saw that Sakura was not herself. She was slightly wobbly and very pale.

"Sakura-Tenshi Are you alright? You look sick…" He asked concerned as he held onto her.

"Actually I'm not feeling so well…" She managed to mutter before promptly passing out.

"SAKURA! Wake up!" He franticly yelled as he shook her. Seeing as she wasn't waking up he picked her up and in the form of Takeru he rushed her to the hospital. Then they reached the hospital Tsunade was just about to leave when he saw the couple. She rushed to Sakura's aid and put her into the reanimation unit immediately.

"What the hell did you do to her Orochimaru?" She snarled at the man in the waiting room.

"I did nothing. She just collapsed into my arms…" He responded but his voice was laced with concern not furry as Tsunade expected. She only nodded and was about to go check up on her but she started to stir and finally woke up.

"Where am I…?" She asked weakly as she tried to get up.

"Stay put Sakura-chan you fainted…" Tsunade told her as she eased her back on the bed "Orochimaru brought you here to the hospital."


"Are you alright Sakura-chan" He asked leaning near the bed.

"Actually I don't know why I feel nauseous." She answered honestly.

"I'll have to give you a full exam Sakura…"

"There's no need Tsunade-sama." A nurse suddenly walked in. Sakura recognized her as Yuki. She was one of the few people that hadn't abandoned her but they didn't spent too much time together due to the fact that Sakura didn't want to cause her any trouble. "I took the liberty to do it." She smiled at Sakura.

"Alright what's wrong with her?" Tsunade asked impatiently.

"Nothing's wrong with Sakura-san Tsunade-sama. Congratulations Sakura-san you're pregnant!" She squealed jumping up and down while the trio was left stunned.

"Well we better leave you two alone to talk things over…" Tsunade said awkwardly as she dragged Yuki out. Orochimaru took one glance at Sakura and proceeded to kiss her like no tomorrow. He was so happy at the moment he could just start bouncing around like the fox boy but he contained himself opting to just hold her. Sakura was surprised by his behavior but on the other hand she was so happy he wasn't mad. She had seen engaged couples separate just because of the prospect of kids but he was happy and that's what really mattered.

Being a missing nin for so many years Orochimaru had long given up on the thought of becoming a father. Now however the thought thrilled him to n end. It meant that he and Sakura would really be a family… a family; something he had secretly yearned for many years. Coming back to reality he touched Sakura's belly gently and indeed he felt the little life that was slowly forming inside her. The child would be very strong. After all he had the strongest parents possible. Immediately he started wondering about names and the gender of the baby.

Sakura also touched her belly and was surprised at how far in she was. Almost three months in pregnancy and she didn't feel a thing.

"It's a bit early to tell what it is…" Orochimaru stated.

"I know… I mean I'm almost three months in and I never knew I was pregnant…' Sakura admitted astonished, but then she smiled letting a tear escape her eye. "But now that I know I'm so happy…"

"I know my love… I know…" He said kissing her. Finally they separated and Sakura got up.

"Well? Are we going hime or not?" She grinned. Orochimaru just grabbed her and transported them back to her house where he stripped her of all her clothes and then himself lying down on the bed with his love. He gave her a passionate kiss on the lips and lowered down to her stomach to plant some kisses there too. After all they were a family now.

Next morning sakura had an early wakeup call in the form of Tsunade asking her how she was feeling.

"I'm fine Lady Tsunade, Orochimaru made sure I didn't get out of bed today." Sakura soothed as her shishou bombarded her with questions.

"How did he react to the news?" She finally asked.

"You should have seen his eyes light up with happiness Shishou…"

"Do your parents know about this?"

"Not yet. I was going to tell them after the trial. After all I can't drag then here this early."

"Fine… You said you could bring Itachi here too. Tonight we will give the verdicts. It's a clear cut case."

"Alright I'll make sure he's here by tonight." She said closing the phone.

"You're not going anywhere Sakura."Orochimaru simply stated as he took a seat near her. "It's too dangerous and besides you're pregnant. Think of the baby Sakura…" He pleaded.

"Calm down already, I was going to Send Diana Min and Lin for him." She smiles kissing his cheek. Orochimaru was relieved that she didn't plan on going alone to face the Akatsuki.

"Did somebody mention our names?" Diana entered with the parrots on her back.

"Yea, I called. Listen… You have to bring Itachi Uchiha back here till tonight so he can be acquitted for his crimes. Got it?"

"Got it boss!" they replied going out and turning into their giant evolves forms. Sakura bid them farewell as they went straight to the Akatsuki.

(Akatsuki Base)

It was a peaceful day at the base. Leader was in his office doing paperwork and the rest of the organization was around the base resting for a major mission acquiring a new tailed beast. Deidara was stuck with the gowns and makeup pallets from being drugged and still had scratch marks from the weasel. Kisame was too ashamed of his fairy princess ordeal to stay sober for more than five minutes. Hidan had finally managed to get rid of the rash from the poison ivy. It seems that he was allergic to it and if not for him being an immortal he would have died. Also the skunk odor had worn off. Kakuzu in the end had caught the turtle that stole his cock and after many hours of stitches it was back in place but every time he had an erection it would veer to the left. Zetsu was still in intensive care do to the millions of beestings and Konan refused to go near any Christmas trees. Tobi was hyper more than ever, he was parading every day about Akatsuki prettiness and would wear absolutely every dress he got his hands on. He even went on a mission in one of the Gowns Deidara had. Lastly Itachi and Sasori were too traumatized to even look at someone without flitching. They had seen it all, tentacle rape, granny rape, parent president and dead pop king rape, they had it all and now stuck together just in case someone wanted their asses. Itachi's inner was stuck in pervy mode practically begging him to molest the red headed puppet master until finally Itachi grabbed an imaginary gun and killed him. Perverted Itachi is something that will bring the end of the world.

Leaving all aside the base was peaceful till the powerful roar of Sakura's panther ripped through the horizon. Coming at high speed Diana Min and Lin stopped right in front of the Akatsuki base the mere sight of them making the members flitch.

"We require Itachi Uchiha's presence for a trial concerning the Uchiha massacre." Diana announced.

"And what if I refuse?"

"Aw come on man even when you get good news you still are stubborn?" Lin scolded.

"Alright…" He said hesitantly as the leader gave his approval for Itachi's little trip. Diana returned to her normal form and hopped on Min's back as she motioned for Itachi to do the same to Lin and they flew off in the direction of Konoha. "What's this about exactly" Itachi asked really hating surprises.

"I'll give you a hint: Danzou's dead." Min informed. Itachi's eyes widened if shock at the news as he looked incredulously at the trio. Diana only nodded with a smirk on her face. It didn't take a genius to know Sakura had something to do with this. It seems like the pink kunoichi was more of a trouble maker than he previously thought.


Sasuke was frantic Sakura had promised to bring Itachi back today but she was still in the village. Not being able to take it anymore he promptly made his way to her house hell bent on finding out what was happening. He knocked on the door and frowned when Orochimaru answered instead of Sakura.

"Where is Sakura?" He demanded without as much as a Hi.

"Hello, I'm fine thank you have a seat and we can chat." Orochimaru answered sarcastically.

"Cut the crap Orochimaru. Where is she? She was supposed to bring Itachi Today."

"She sent her pets to do it and she's in bed Sasuke." He finally told him what he wanted to hear.

"What? Why isn't she out there getting him in person? Is she sick?" He asked franticly. God he looked like a spoiled brat.

"I didn't let her go there in person."

"Why the fuck did you do that?"

"Because Sakura is pregnant, now stop shouting, I don't want you to wake her up!" He finally snarled at the more than pretentious Uchiha.

"WHAT? You had sex with her? You bastard! Sakura was supposed to be mine! She would have married me and we would have restored the Uchiha clan…"

"Then you should have taken advantage and taken her with you instead of leaving her on a bench all those years ago!" Sasuke was stunned at Orochimaru's words. "You see Sasuke back then it was all part of my plan. I knew of your sharingan but I had mere suspicions about her powers; that's why I bit you in the forest of death and not both. I didn't know if she would survive. But I was counting on her love for you to bring her to me but alas, you left her behind. A few months ago I met her and unlike you I treated her with respect just like a girl of her status and good education deserved. I got attached to sakura and now we are getting married and unlike you I love her. I don't want her just because she can produce powerful offspring." Orochimaru explained. Unbeknown to them Sakura heard the entire story and was so happy hearing her fiancé's words. Sasuke left quietly after this and went straight to the training grounds to think it out.

Sakura walked down the stairs just as he was closing the door. Orochimaru turned to her with a smile on his face.

"You heard didn't you?" He asked as he approached her slowly.

"Yes I heard what you said, and just for the record I love you too Orochi-kun…" She kissed him so hard it knocked the air out of both. "So you were interested in me since I was young." She stated as she played with a strand of his black hair.

"More like infatuated with you since you were a twelve year old. You are a very attractive girl Sakura and to be honest I was afraid some of the older genins in the race would try to rape you. You were so in love with Sasuke back then you didn't notice all the hungry gazes that were directed to you. Especially the one from grass I killed. He was planning to take you as soon as night fell in the forest…" Sakura was stunned. He practically saved her from rape when she was young. Sakura kissed him again but this time it was more passionate and love filled.

"What was that for?" He asked as they separated.

"Well it's a late thank you…" she smiled as she looked at the clock. "Well its half past noon, Diana Min and Lin should be here by now."

As if on cue the sky was shadowed by the two humongous birds that landed gracefully in her yard with Itachi. He hopped down and they instantly took their original forms joining Sakura and Orochimaru.

"So you killed Danzou…" Itachi stated as he looked at Sakura and Orochimaru.

"Yes now let's go… We have to meet Tsunade Shishou before the actual trial.

They both nodded and walked casually to the Hokage tower; people stopped frozen staring at them on the street. The news of their innocence was already out but now that they saw then casually walk around Konoha they were practically stunned. Upon reaching the tower they met Tsunade along with Naruto, Ibiki and Anko waiting for them. Anko was more that shocked seeing her old sensei return. All in all she still had a major crush on Orochimaru ever since she was a genin and now seeing him with Sakura made her blood boil. What did the brat have that she didn't? Ultimately Tsunade was the first to speak. Itachi, Orochimaru… The council is in your favor but if you two want to be acquitted for your crimes you both have to undergo a mental scan by Ibiki to prove everything. Are you two willing to undergo the procedure?" Itachi looked at them reluctant as to whether he should don it or not but Sasuke's arrival made up his mind. They both nodded and were taken to the interrogation chambers. There Ibiki strapped Orochimaru first and proceeded to prod chakra through his mind. Following up to all his memories he found the particular one where Danzou had given him the all clear for his experiments. He made a scroll of it; it would unwind just like a video in front of the jury. Then he did the same thing to Itachi and took the scrolls to the meeting chamber to be discussed. Tension could be felt in the air as they all awaited the verdict. Finally after a long four hour wait Tsunade came out with the final verdicts.

"Orochimaru… Uchiha Itachi… The court has pronounced you innocent and acquitted you of all charges. If you accept you may return to Konoha. The room was ecstatic. Sasuke and Itachi finally had a few moments alone to talk.

"You lied to me Itachi…" Sasuke trailed off.

"I know…" Itachi replies shamefully.

"But I understand you had your reasons… Welcome back brother." He smirked as he hugged Itachi. Itachi was happy that all was clear. At the start he thought he was a condemned man and never expected to ever be back here… To be home again… For the first time in years Itachi Uchiha was truly happy.

Orochimaru and Sakura popped up behind them both with a happy smile on their faces.

"Thank you Sakura-san for everything." Sakura only laughed.

"Just call me Sakura."

"What about the Akatsuki?" Orochimaru suddenly asked.

"It's been taken care of…" Sakura snickered as they she sent a chill through Itachi's spine.

(Akatsuki Base Leader's office.)

Pein had just received a note from Konoha.

"Dear Akatsuki Leader…

Due to the fact that Itachi has been proved innocent of all his crimes within Konoha he will be leaving your organization and living in his hime from now on.

P.S: If you ever come to bother him more of this will come to you…

Love Sakura Haruno.

"Huh? More of what? He asked nobody in particular as a puff of something hit his nose. Instantly he was out climbing trees again.



After the verdicts were given and announced all through Konoha they were free to go home for the night. A major celebration was under way for the return of Konoha's most powerful ninjas their village had ever produced. Orochimaru was more concerned about Sakura than anything else. He knew she was in a delicate state and with her current heroine title she would be even more stressed. Karin being the attention craving bitch she was trying to get on Sakura's good side after all she still wanted to look good in front of Sasuke. Sakura had told Sasuke about Ino's plans to drug and rape him and he was very weary of the blond bitch. Everything seemed to fall into place so nicely but still Sakura couldn't shake off the feeling that they were being watched. But by what?

The night of the festivities came and everyone was having a good time. Finally after an agonizing week they could relax. As soon as word got out of Sakura's marriage to Orochimaru there was a tidal wave of protests from far and wide. Many lords who wanted her as a wife for their suns protested against it but reluctantly gave up at the news that she was pregnant. Sakura had announced her parents and they rushed back to meet the guy that had stolen their daughter's heart and sakura's father promptly passed out at the news of his daughter's pregnancy. But now he had gotten used to the idea and was eager to see his grandchild. All was falling nicely into place but the feeling of someone watching was still powerful. Sakura was nervous as hell. Her pats were also vigilant to the surroundings feeling the dark presence too. Suddenly she felt a pair of arms encircle her. She quickly spun around only to come face to face with her lover. They were both wearing formal kimonos Orochimaru having his black with purple snakes on the sleeves rims and obi and Sakura's was a dark purple with a gold dragon design and black obi. All in all it was a nice evening but suddenly Sakura felt something attack and pushed Orochimaru out of the way.

"What the hell is that thing!" He yelled as she pointed at entrails like things with eyes on the tips. Looking closely she notices something familiar about them. "Sharingan…" She trailed of as these things started attacking random people. It was a mad panic as everyone dashed in every direction. In a flash Sasuke and Itachi were besides them.

"Any idea what they are?" Itachi asked as he chopped one with his Katana that he never left without.

"Sharingan eyes. But where the hell are they coming from?" Orochimaru replied.

"No idea but we have t stop them… LOOK!" Sakura pointed at the crowd as they were all caught in a trance like state. Suddenly they started chanting…

"You killed me I kill you… You killed me I kill you…"

"What the hell do they mean by that?" Sasuke asked getting impatiently.

"The only way to find out is to see where these things are coming from…" Itachi cleared as Sakura grabbed one of them.

"Only one way to tell that…" They started following the disgusting thing right to the training ground where sakura had killed Danzou. The crater was filled with these things to the brim. Finally they saw the problem. In the middle of the gut pile there was Danzou's headless and butchered body apparently revived by the sharingan eyes. Sasuke felt like he was about to puke at the sight. Those tentacles formed Danzou's disfigured face and started chanting like the others.

"You killed me I kill you…You killed MEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHH!" It roared as the slimy appendages lunged at the four Shinobi. Sakura was quick to move out of the way as her pats finally arrived. Diana formed a blazing inferno barrier to keep the possessed people out but stopped to Sakura's scream.

"NO Diana, they're not stopping. Let min raise a wall of rock!" They did as instructed but now the problem was that they were stuck with that thing. Sakura tried to punch the ground to make it sink deeper but it only climbed back up on its tentacles. Diana's fire and the parrot's ice and earth attacks were futile as it had a chakra barrier around it. Orochimaru managed to immobilize its tentacles with his snakes but they still had to destroy it somehow. Orochimaru could not last forever.

"I'll try to absorb it's chakra but Itachi and Sasuke you two have to use Amaterasu on it!" she instructed. As they nodded Sakura summoned her ultimate light armor and just as she did with the kyuubi she struck the newly formed light hypodermic needle right into the center. She started pumping out chakra at a fast rate. The barrier eventually dropped as Sasuke and Itachi attacked with Amaterasu at the same time bathing the monster in black fire. It let out many ear piercing screams as it died down leaving behind only a handful of ash. Sakura returned to her true form falling in Orochimaru's arms exhausted. Just as they were about to breath in a sigh of relief Danzou's body erupted from the ground ready to kill the four responsible for his death. Sakura made a fast series of hand signs summoning lava craters. Orochimaru caught it at using his snakes he managed to throw it into the lava. Al last his bony charred arm tried to crawl out of the hot stuff but it disintegrated finally. They were safe. He was really dead and had no way of returning. Sakura closed the lava craters and when they lowered the rock barrier everyone was waiting for them proud. They really were heroes. Hey were paraded through Konoha in cheers and ovations.

"Well Uchiha's? How's fame to ya. Sakura asked.

"Hn Tolerable..." Itachi replied with a smirk.

"Annoying…" Sasuke said with a frown.

"You're the last person I would have thought to be public shy…" Mused Orochimaru.


After a few hours sakura and Orochimaru were home, with him catching her in a tight embrace.

"O love you my little blossom…"

"I love you too you snake in the grass."She laughed as she kissed him. Yes their life would be very interesting from now on…

(Six months later.)

Sakura and Orochimaru were at the hospital. Earlier that day Sakura had started to have contractions. The last month was ecstatic for everyone. Otogakure and Konoha were united and Orochimaru had become the official Hokage after a unanimous vote from the people. Itachi and Sasuke had become Anbu and Naruto left with Jiraiya to train and took Hinata with him.

Back to the present sakura was in the hospital with Tsunade on her right.

"That's it Sakura deep breaths… deep breaths… Come on Sakura start pushing, you're almost there. The baby is just crowning…"

"AH! I fucking know. Oh god it hurts!" Sakura screamed as she continued pushing. Her parents were outside, her father passed out like he was the day she was born, her mother was shaking with excitement and Orochimaru was about to join mister Haruno in dream land. The atmosphere was that tense.

Suddenly they heard a loud scream that had Orochimaru bolting up and out of his seat followed by the sharp cries of the newborn infant. Tsunade walked out a few moments later.

"It's a boy." She smiled as she gave the al clear to visit. Orochimaru found his Sakura with a fat little bundle in her arms.

"Five and a half Kilograms. And he looks exactly like his father." She smirked showing him to Orochimaru. He on the other hand was about to burst with happiness at the thought that he was now a proud father. Finally mister Haruno woke up and managed to see his grandson.

"Isn't he and angel?" He smiled as he held the child. Finally Sakura's grandfather came in through the door to see his great grandson, and her grandmother teleported there through the window. They were all so proud of the new addition to the family.

"So you two have you thought of a mane for this little man?" Sakura's mother asked

"Takeru." They replied in unison

(One year later)

Today was the big day. Today sakura and Orochimaru would finally be married. It was a long awaited day for everyone especially for the soon to be newlyweds. They had agreed to wait till little Takeru was old enough to fair without them for a while when they would be on their honeymoon. Sakura was wearing a long pure white mermaid cut dress decorated with diamond designs and lace corset. Her hair was loose, a cherry blossom tiara adorning her head with a very full veil and a delicate little single blossom necklace adorned her neck. Sakura was approaching the altar where her love was waiting eagerly for her. When she reached the altar Orochimaru took her hand and turned towards the minister. After reading from the bible he looked at the couple ant told them to turn toward each other.

"You may now speak your vows…"
"I, Orochimaru, take you, Sakura Haruno, to be my wedded wife. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. As is Christ to His body, the church, so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband. Always will I perform my headship over you even as Christ does over me, knowing that His Lordship is one of the holiest desires for my life. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care. I promise I will live first unto God rather than others or even you. I promise that I will lead our lives into a life of faith and hope in Christ Jesus. Ever honoring God's guidance by His spirit through the Word, And so throughout life, no matter what may lie ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as a loving and faithful husband."
"I, Sakura Haruno, take you, Orochimaru, to be my wedded husband. With deepest joy I come into my new life with you. As you have pledged to me your life and love, so I too happily give you my life, and in confidence submit myself to your headship as to the Lord. As is the church in her relationship to Christ, so I will be to you. Orochimaru, I will live first unto our God and then unto you, loving you, obeying you, caring for you and ever seeking to please you. God has prepared me for you and so I will ever strengthen, help, comfort, and encourage you. Therefore, throughout life, no matter what may be ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as an obedient and faithful wife."
"With these said I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."Sakura and Orochimaru kissed so passionately they had the entire crowd howling. They were leaving in stile to their honeymoon; in a helicopter. After the wedding party Sakura threw the bouquet and it seemed like Tenten was next to marry. After that Orochimaru threw the stocking and Itachi was the lucky man to catch it. They finally kissed Takeru good bye and boarded the helicopter.


"OR BOTH."Orochimaru yelled back.

"NOW LET'S NOT EXAGERATE MISTER!" Sakura glared but he only silenced her with a kiss. You this was the best. Now that they were officially a family Orochimaru made a silent vow to protect her, her family and their son forever. These were the people precious to him. The people that pulled him out of darkness. And he would be dammed if he let anything ever harm then. This was his family now, and he loved them. Looking at his wife his eyes softened.

"I love you Sakura…"

"I love you too Orochimaru…" Closing their eyes they kissed and let each other feel the burning love that kept them together. This is the kind of love that lasted forever. And that's how it was going to be…

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