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This is a crossover with my upcoming fic Kamen Rider Ryuki: The War Restarts. While this story focuses mainly on my OC Marcus, several other Riders will be making appearances later on, including the ocs of The Four Horsemen of the End, Jin Shirinue, and Kamen Rider Bushido.

Now then, LET'S RIDE!

"Yo"-regular/human speak


YO-visor speak

"Yo"-surive form/ascended form/advent beast speak

Rider of Zero: Odin

Chapter 1: Arrival

For years, there have been theories on the existence of worlds beyond our own.

A young Haitian American of about 20 years was walking briskly along the sidewalks of Tokyo. He had wild, red and silver streaked, black hair, one bang covering his right eye. He wore a black, steam punk-styled, buckled up shirt, with gold lining the buckles and collar. He also wore matching jeans and black, laced up, fingerless gloves, both of which had a golden phoenix symbol on them. His visible brown left eye narrowed as he stopped a few feet away form a young teen of Japanese descent. He had messy black hair and wore a blue tracksuit. Said young teen was standing in front of a display window which, surprisingly, was rippling like water.

To those who denied the credibility of these theories ….

Suddenly, the teen was sucked into the window, not even getting the chance to yell.

You were wrong.

The older man quickly ran over to where the teen once stood before pulling out a royal crimson, wallet-sized, rectangular deck case. The right side of the case had a small slot, revealing navy blue cards inside. Engraved on the case was a golden phoenix. When the young man held the case out towards the window, it began to glow dully. Suddenly, on his reflection in the window, a golden belt with a large, rectangular space as the buckle appeared around his waist. Said belt then literally flipped out into the real world before wrapping around the young man's waist.

"Henshin," the young man coolly announced before sliding the case into the buckle. The crest on his case glowed brightly as the young man jumped into the rippling window.


"What's going on?" Saito Hiraga yelled as he flew through what appeared to be a tunnel of some sort with a bright light at the end. The teen was just coming back from getting his laptop repaired when he was suddenly sucked into a rippling display window. As Saito continued to fly through the tunnel, he saw golden feathers beginning to float around him.

(Feathers?), he thought to himself before he felt an armored hand grab his shoulder. Turning to face the hand's owner, Saito couldn't get a good chance to get a good look before both were enveloped in the bright light. All he could catch a glimpse of, though, were the two black visor slits of an ornate, golden helmet.


"I summon thee!," yelled a short, pink long-haired, pink-eyed girl as she raised her wand in the air. She wore a white blouse and black skirt beneath a long, brown cloak. It was the day of the sacred summoning ritual for the students at the Tristain Academy of Magic. The purpose of this event was for the students to be able to summon up the creatures that will be their familiars for life. While the other students had summoned up various types of mythical creatures, ranging from floating eyeballs to even a dragon, all were anxious to see what Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, commonly known as "Louise the Zero" to her peers, would summon. Named for her misfortune in the area of magic (i.e. constant explosions), many were expecting the extremely-underdeveloped-for-her-age-teen to either completely fail with another explosion, or summon up a worthless familiar (as if anything were more worthless than the floating EYEBALL, or the GIANT MOLE).




Or not.

"W-what happened?" yelled one of the students. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, a large, golden bird flew out of the smoke before diving back in, causing a brief flash of light. The students would later swear that they saw a winged armored figure in that flash of light. The smoke began to clear and Louise stepped forward, albeit nervously, to welcome her new familiar.

Or, should I say, familiars?


Saito coughed as the smoke around him began to clear.

"What *cough!* the hell?" He then looked around in surprise at the large schoolyard he was in.

"W-where am I?" he asked himself before remembering something.

"T-that armored guy! Where is he?" Saito got his answer in the form of a groan behind him. Saito turned around, expecting to see the armored figure, only to find the older Haitian American from earlier lying sprawled on his back, eyes closed.

"H-hey, you alright?" Saito asked worriedly as he shook the man awake. The young man slowly opened his eyes before pulling himself up.

"Well…that never happened before," he muttered to himself before looking around at his surroundings.

"Hm? A castle yard?"

"Um…I'm not sure," Saito said, causing the man to turn his head.

"You okay, kid?"

"Yeah….but what about you?"

"Meh…I've been through worse," the man replied nonchalantly, cracking his neck, before noticing the large group of students gaping at them.

With strange creatures…..

And a dragon…..

And….Is that a giant mole?

The young man then turned to Saito with a strained grin on his face.

"Well Toto…looks like we're not in Kansas anymore."

Everything turned gray, frozen in time, as glass shards came together to form the young man's deck case.

End of Chapter 1

(Instrumental version of Realize by FLOW)

Next Time, On Rider of Zero: Odin:

"I summoned peasants?"

"What the hell is this place?"

"If we remain here, we might just find our way back home"

"Who are you, really?"

"You know, I really despise those who will treat others like trash…"


"Let me….spread my wings for you…Henshin!"

"Time to pass judgement!"

Chapter 2: Odin's Awakening!