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Train was running. Running faster that he'd ever run in his life-speeding down alleyways and cutting street corners all to get to one insignificant church. The whole while. Echidna's final words rang in his ears: Creed plans to kill your partner. Creed was planning to kill Sven. Kill his brother.

What was it with that guy and killing his family?

First, it was Saya, the first woman sweeper he'd ever met, and the only person to actually care about his at all. It wasn't that he'd been in love with her, not at all. It was more that he fell in love with the way she lived- so carefree and unconcerned. The life of a stray cat. So he began to copy her, completing missions the way he wanted to.

Eventually, he became her downfall.

Creed had gone after her, claiming that he was helping Train become himself again by freeing him from the spell of a witch. The heartless monster had hunted her down and killed her. Train had watched with his own eyes, held her dying form as her life seeped out of her, and had to watch as her killer ran away.
And now he was going to do the same to Sven.

The thing that bothered Train the most was that he could actually see the cathedral, see the killing grounds. He just couldn't reach it. And he needed to reach it.

So he lengthened his stride, lunging forward with all he had so that he was going faster than the wind, speeding by so fast that everything around him became a blur. Buildings and people mashed together in a mix of color as a dark form flashed by, stirring up dust and stray pieces of paper. All too late, a large wooden door blocked his path but the brown haired sweeper merely ducked his head and shouldered open the door, slamming it wide with so much force that the hinges rattled in their secured positions. Skidding to a halt just in time to avoid crashing into the back pews, Train paused long enough to gather what was going on in the cavernous cathedral.

Creed, the emotionless psycho, was standing just in front of Echidna, facing something slumped against the wall. His Imagine Blade had been changed into a wicked weapon that curved and twisted but still reached the other side of the large church. Little drops of red fell from it as he swung it around aimlessly. Golden eyes scanned the room until he saw Sven, who was propped up against the wall. Sven, who had blood coating the front of his jacket. Sven, who was dying...

Princess, Train noted, was trying to help, her black dress stained as she tried to stop Sven from bleeding out. Her long blonde hair was covering her face, but Train thought he could hear sniffles coming from her direction.

And then Creed was talking again, and the Black Cat cocked his head so that he was listening, but he only caught a few words-

"Lucifer...nano-machines...transform...destroy...dead..." before he saw Creed raise an arm and aim a gun. Since when had Creed started using a gun? Train thought as he shot forward, aiming to intercept the bullet before it reached its target. But he only got there in time to swing a hand out and halt the bullet inside of his right arm. As he glanced down, he saw that Sven had his eyes squeezed shut tight, and that Princess was turned away, hands up to her face. Creed was the only one looking at the brown haired sweeper, and his eyes held the expression of a disturbed man.

"Your ideals still tend to involve the innocent. Every time I see you, I get this feeling. You TICK ME OFF!" the ex-assassin roared, before slugging Creed with a bloodied fist.

"I don't think you understand Train. You were shot with...never mind-you'll find out soon enough..." Creed didn't seem to have even felt the solid punch as he regained his feet. Echidna mentioned something about the police, and it was only then that Train realized that he heard sirens.
Sven heard Creed ask Echidna something, and out of nowhere a portal sprang open. The movie star vanished inside of it, leaving only Creed to stare at Train, who was standing protectively in front of his family.

"You won't let this beat you, Black Cat. Not even if you're a monster!" The final words echoed menacingly around the stone church before Creed was gone, leaving only the portal to wink itself out.
Train slumped a little and hissed sharply as his arm gave a pained twinge before turning around to check on Sven. Apparently, for the older sweeper, one eye was enough to reveal worry, curiosity, amazement and horror.

"Why did you do that?" came the shocked shout from the injured sweeper. Train raised an eyebrow as he strode over, amber eyes showing annoyance.

"Gee, thanks! It's no big deal that I just got shot for you!" the sarcastic reply made Sven wince.

"It's not like I asked you to! But Train, that bullet was full of nanomachines. They are going to invade your body and change your DNA! In poetically correct terms, you'll be a monster!" Even Eve was surprised at the unconcerned shrug that Train gave as a response. NO one expected the Black Cat to be that calm about it.

"It's no bi-" The carefree statement that was making its way out of Train's mouth was halted as by a gasp of pain, and Sven had to watch as his partner dropped to the floor, leaning against the pew as he grabbed his wrist in agony.

"Train! Train, what is it?" he started to make his way over to the pained man, barely noticing as Eve scurried over to help him reach train. The golden eyed youth managed to shake his head before letting loose a pained moan. Sven managed to get close enough to grab his shoulder. He felt Eve stiffen beside him as Train curled in on himself a little more.

"...Eve? He started to say her name, but never got the chance to, because at that moment, Train released a particularly loud gasp, and some unseen force shoved him away from the hunched sweeper. The older sweeper slid along the floor, knocking Eve down on his way before he was halted by a wall. Just as he managed to struggle into a seated position, a blinding light filled the church, and Sven threw an arm up to black it while shuffling over so that he was in front of Eve, protecting her from the unseen enemy as she curled in on herself, grabbing her arm tight. He all but froze when a keening human scream became an animalistic howl of pain, and the light got brighter as the volume increase. Yelling himself, Sven bent even more over Eve, waiting, waiting, waiting...

Suddenly, the light vanished, and the dust began to settle, forcing Sven to cough violently into his elbow. When he bet over, Eve managed to poke her head up. The small gasp that came from the blonde made Sven stop choking and look up, after which, he had to blink several times, rub his eyes thoroughly and pinch himself multiple times before he believed that he was seeing.

For where Train had been moments before lay a massive black panther.

The thing was huge-almost five feet long and at least three at the shoulder. Large padded paws were extended by razor sharp claws, and Sven knew if her were to look, he would find pointed fangs along it's jaw. The tail itself was three feet, adding to the initial five of the animal. But what really drew Sven's attention was what decorated the left ear. White fur, the only on the cat, formed a XIII going diagonally across its ear.

"T...Train?" Sven called his partner's name, and noticed Eve shaking her head out of the corned of his eye.

"He's unconscious Sven. But look! It's his bell!" True to form, Sven could see a little bit of red ribbon protruding out from the black mass of the animal. When he ducked down a little, he saw the tiny golden bell being sandwiched between the cat's jaw and the stone floor. He reached to pull it out, but Eve's hand shot out and snatched his.

"You won't be able to-he too heavy." How would she know that? Sven passed it off as reading too many books, but none the less decided to try out her theory. He got his answer when he prodded the limp head, resulting in it only swinging back and forth from where he poked it.

"Hm." The train of thoughts that would have come after were halted in their tracks a police sires notified themselves by squealing loudly. They were nearing the church!

"Uh, ok Eve, I'm gonna need you to help me lift him onto my shoulders, k?" he asked, glancing around for his attaché case. He watched as Eve glanced out the window, cocking her head to the side before nodded.

"We will have to hurry. The police will be here in ninety-eight seconds. Sven blew out a panicked breath before scooting over so that Eve could slide her small hands under Train's shoulders and head. Grabbing the panther's hind legs, Sven nodded, and together they lifted the heavy mass across Sven's shoulder. The man grunted as he shifted the large animal around but froze when a low, keening moan came from Train's...muzzle. The older sweeper glanced across his shoulder, totally missing Eve run down to grab his case, but definitely catching the cat's eyes fluttering, managing to sneak a glimpse of hazy amber before they fell closed.

"We only have fifty-three seconds left." Eve notified him from his left side. Sven jumped, nearly dropping the panther, before glancing down at the blonde.

"Don't do that! But you're right, let's go." Sven started for the door at the far side of the church, and Eve hesitated before bending down, snatching the ribbon off the ground and racing after Sven, long hair swinging behind her.

The only thing the odd family left behind were overturned pews, scorched stone and a few drops of blood.

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