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The front door blasted open, sending splinters of wood and plaster in every direction. Train fell sideways onto the landing in shock and the foursome on the lower floor dropped to the ground. Tearju shouted in surprise, backing away as several men in odd jump suits with weapons walked in. The weapons clacked as the 'men' surrounded the foursome. Rinslet jerked fully awake, jumping to her feet and crouching behind Sven, who had stood as well, suitcase in hand, with the gun already popped out of its compartment. Eve stood alone, sharp knives sprouting out of her arms as her hair balled into fists.

Sharp heels clicked against the marble floor as a woman came out of the smoke-filled doorway. A shadowy figure crouched next to her, but Rinslet stared at the first.

"Echidna Paraz?" She asked in shock. Sven glanced back at her before Echidna spoke.

"Professor Tearju. I'd hoped that you would have changed your mind on the phone, but apparently, you've decided to take different company." She stepped farther into the room, eyeing the sweepers and thief.

"I said no, and that's what I meant. I'd hoped that you would have taken a hint, but apparently, you've decided to take a different meaning on things." Echidna laughed mockingly.

"Funny, Professor. But we have orders. Come willingly, or we force you." Tearju pulled at the hem of her sleeves agitatedly as Sven spoke up.

"I think you should leave the nice doctor alone, if that's ok." Echidna looked over at the sweeper for the first time.

"Sven Volfied. I didn't think you'd be alive after Creed was done with you. Apparently not. What happened to Heartnet?" Faint growling came from the upper level, but the black shadow didn't appear at the top of the stairs.

"He…died." Eve glanced at Sven, confusion shadowing her gaze before she decided to go along with it.

"It's all you master's fault." Rinslet put in, hand inching down to her purse which lay on the couch. The handle of her whip was just peeking out…

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you Miss Walker. See, these men are rather jumpy-do something they don't like and-" The man closest to the actress lifted his gun and a shot rang out. Smoke came from a small hole just above Rinslet's bag. She snatched her hand back.

"Now then, since it's rather obvious we won't get you to come willingly, I guess we just have to use force." The shadow behind the actress came out, and revealed…

A monkey.

The foursome cornered in the middle of the room stared in shock at the beast, watching as it bounced up and down next to the woman.

"Eathes-fetch." The monkey hooted, before a shadowy white mist appeared above him. It extended, stretching until it reached Tearju. She crossed her arms in front of her, not that it actually helped. The mist settled around her, and she yelped in surprise. Sven watched in growing amazement and horror as it withdrew, and he could've sworn he saw something that looked like Tearju's face forming in the mist. However, it returned to the monkey.

Five seconds later, the monkey, Eathes, had changed into an exact replica of the Professor. The only change was that instead of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, this odd copy wore something akin to a Roman toga. Rinslet snickered as the monkey looked down at its dress. Sven stared at Echidna as she explained.

"Eathes's Tao ability is one we call 'Copy'. Because just then, Eathes copied every single thing about you, Professor Tearju. Including everything you know." Sven didn't like where this was going.

"This means you are no longer needed." Tearju looked around as the circle of thugs tightened, and the guns seemed to centre on her.

"Goodbye, Professor. Send Train my love." With that, she created a portal and vanished inside of it with Eathes, leaving the oddly dressed cronies to clean up. They all turned to Tearju, and before they could blink, five gun-shots rang through the air. Tearju peeked open her eyes (which she had snapped closed) to see the men lying on the ground, chests smoking. Twisting slightly, she turned to see Sven standing strong with his gun pointed at the last man to fall. She smiled at the sweeper.

"Thanks Sven-" Eve interrupted the gratitude.

"Sven, they're getting back up!" They all stared in shock as the goons climbed back to their feet, guns clacking against their costumes. The sweeper managed to get in a disappointed sigh.

"They couldn't stay down?" But then they were up, and Eve took over. Her hair fists tightened, and the only thing anyone could see was a flurry of blonde hair and muffled grunts. It took a few minutes for eve to calm down, and for her hair to fall limply down her back. All of the men were lying on the ground, and Eve was glaring at them. Sven moved to pat the girl on the back, but Rinslet motioned for the man to leave Eve to herself. They stayed in that position for a moment until the thief decided to speak up.

"Dang girl." Eve shook her head.

" Do you think it-" But she was interrupted by another gun shot. The wall behind her head started smoking, and she jumped. The men were regaining their feet. Again.

"Gosh, can these guys not stay down?" Sven asked exasperatedly, and he dropped his gun, lifting his attaché case to block a knife jab.

"Eve, Rinslet they have knives!" the blonde dropped her hair fists and changed her arms into a shield and a sword separately. Rinslet dove for her bag and snagged her whip, cracking it threateningly in the air as a man got too close to her. The sound of steel clashing against steel filled the air and the trio fought, making sure to keep in front of Tearju, who was grabbing the handle of a sword that was crafted into a wooden family crest. It clattered noisily as she struggled with it, panicking when she saw that Sven was losing ground to one particularly stubborn guard. He dropped back another pace, starting to worry. His case swung wide, and Sven looked over at the knife carving through the air for his heart when-


The thug slammed into the ground, a large form crumpled on top of him. Fighting ceased for a moment as all occupants of the room stared a Train. Messy brown hair fell into golden eyes, and the sweeper smirked, brushing a few stray locks into place.

"Miss me?" His teeth glinted as he smiled smugly.

"He talks!" Rins shouted, but then the fight was back on, and she was distracted from taunting Train further by a gun in her face. Train leapt off the guy he had landed on and lunged for another.

"Sven! Gun!" The older sweeper opened his suitcase for a moment, hiding behind the younger sweeper as he fought off the men. Pushing aside a neatly folded net, Sven grabbed Hades, which he had kept for Train since the transformation. The lid snapped closed as he slid the locks down, and Sven called Train's name.

"Train! Coming at you!" The sweeper barley turned, snatching the weapon out of the air by the thin rope tied at the bottom. It slid into his hand easily, and Train smiled. Ah, it was so good to be back to normal again! He aimed the gun at the inhuman monsters attacking him and pulled the trigger. Electricity crackled around the room as the bullet blasted through the first man's head, and then the man behind him. The fighting stopped again as everyone turned to stare at Train. He was the first to speak.

"Cool!" He swung the gun up again and aimed it at the guy closest to him. The Black Cat dropped all of the goons in a matter of seconds. The four people in the room Train hadn't shot at stared at him in awe.

"Whoa. New rules." Sven muttered. Tearju shot forward, startling the sweeper as she reached for his gun. He snatched it back, getting tangled in the bandages that still draped loosely around his shoulders and middle.

"Calm down Prof." He cautioned, backing away skitterishly. Rinslet snickered at him.

"Honestly think she's gonna kill you Kitty Cat?" Train stuck his tongue out at the girl before turning back to the Professor. She started speaking immediately.

"You obviously concentrated enough. I think what's happened to your rail gun is that you have left-over nanomachines. Apparently, they're being channeled into your gun whenever you use it. May I?" she gestured to the gun, and Train handed it over warily (and not because Sven gave him 'the look' that meant: Give her the gun or die). He watched her suspiciously for a few moments and then dropped to the ground and lay down, head resting onto his folded hands as he stretched.

"It's good to be back to normal. I actually get to stretch all the way out."

"I liked you better as a cat." Eve muttered, ignoring the put-off look Train gave her before she moved away to get another sandwich. He heard the faint clacking of his gun, and after looking over at Rinslet, who was moving over to join Eve, his eyes landed on Sven, who was looking over the gun.

"You missed me, right?" He asked. Sven glanced at him.

"You complained less when you were a cat." With that, he dropped the gun to Train, who automatically pulled up his feet and stretched out his hands to catch it. It fell past them and crashed into his stomach. His head dropped back to the wooden floor as Sven walked away, snickering.

Stupid friends.

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