Alright! Some of you wanted me to write a sequel to Intertwined Bonds and what can I say: I complied ;).

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Intertwined Bonds ‚Sequel':

One year later:

One year…12 months…365 days…and enough time to change everything. But what had really changed in those months? Well, let's find out, shall we?

A young boy of about 16 years was running down a narrow alley clad in nothing more but black tight pants and a form-fitting black sweater as well as black converse and a matching cap to tame the wild hair underneath. It was nighttime by now and the moon's rays were the only light the young boy had to guide him the way.

''Get back here you murderer! You demon! How could you have killed them?''

The boy visibly shuddered, but he ran on without looking back. He was panting by now and sweat was running down his forehead in heavy beads.

''Oh no! How the hell did I get myself in this mess again? I hope the others will notice my absence soon and come looking for me!''



Two bullets suddenly sizzled past the young boy, one nearly missing his right shoulder and the other grazing his right cheek leaving a red, bloody line behind.

''Stop right there, boy, you're cornered!''

The black-clothed teenager instantly came to a halt when two more police officers appeared seemingly out of no-where and blocked the exit of the alley. And then the boy dared to take a look over his shoulder and tried to stifle the gasp that wanted to escape his throat. He truly was cornered! On either side of the alley police officers were positioned pointing the muzzle of their guns straight at him.

''N-No way! HHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIII! What to do? What to do? I can't use my powers here!''

Slowly the officers advanced towards him, theirs eyes never leaving their target even for a moment.

The teenager felt anxiety well up inside him and his bog honey-brown eyes widened in fear. He couldn't escape!

''Hands up, brat! Surrender and you have nothing to fear!''

''But I didn't do anything! When I got there he was already dead! Please, you have to believe me!''

One of the policemen stepped forward and quickly bent the boy's arms painfully onto his back.

''You are charged for being the main suspect in killing an innocent. Everything you say now, will be used against you.''

''B-But it wasn't me! I swear!''

''Enough of that now, you will come with us to the police station.''

The boy was about to break out in tears, when the bulky man holding him captive snapped tight silver handcuffs around his thin wrists. He pushed the younger boy towards a police car that was waiting at the end of the alley, when suddenly a loud roar penetrated the silence of the night.


The boy broke out into a relieved smile at hearing the familiar sound.

''What the hell way that! Bent, Heff…go and find the cause for the noise.''

Two of the 7 policemen broke away from the crowd and disappeared in the darkness of the alley the others had left only moments before.

For a few seconds nothing happened, but then suddenly a bright orange flame lit up the narrow alley and screams ripped through the silence.

One of the men that stood next to the handcuffed boy gulped audibly and turned towards their chief with a frightened expression.

''C-Chief? What the hell was that?''

''How should I know? Carstairs, Jonson, Miller, follow the other two and look for those damn idiots.''

The addressed men visibly shivered in fear, but they didn't dare to go against orders, so they had to comply. They took out their guns with trembling hands and slowly approached the alley.

After a few seconds, screams and yells were heard again, accompanied by the bright orange flame until silence once more resided.

''W-What the he-''

''You better let me go now, chief. My friend hates anyone who dares to hurt me.''

The chief looked down at the smaller boy and a vein popped out at his temple when he saw the smirk in the round face of his captive.

Anger flared in the older man, until he literally exploded. He suddenly raised his fist and punched the teenager's cheek, causing his face to be snapped to the side.

''Hold your damn tongue, demon! This is all your fault!''

''No, I didn't do anything wrong. It is you, who needs to learn his lesson.''

''Shut the hell up!''

''No I won't! Don't think I don't know that it was you who killed that man! You are a murderer!''

The chief's eyes widened in realization and he quickly looked away from those penetrating eyes that seemed to look beyond his fake front.

''You dare accuse me of a murder, you little demon? Ha, where's your proof? And would ever believe some bratty street kid over an authorized clerk of the state? Give up, boy. You lost!''

''We'll see about that, chief. I will bestow judgment on you as is my duty as the Vongola decimo.''

That did it. The chief stumbled back a step, his mouth hanging open in disbelieve.

''N-No way! You're…you are THE Vongola decimo? This little brat! Ha, don't be kidding.''

But the boy didn't show fear in his expressive honey-eyes. He only kept watching the man.

''The man you murdered worked for me, chief and I view everyone under my care as one of my family members. You killed him and so you now have the whole Vongola familiga against you. Be prepared to face your frightful punishment.''

''S-Shut up! I'm not afraid of some meek little demon-brat!''

''Oh? I'll say it again: we'll see about th-''


''I told you to shut the fuck up!''


A shower of fists hit the younger boy in nearly every part of his body, causing him to spit out blood. But the Volgola decimo didn't back down. Instead he closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Within moments, his hands began to ignite and a bright orange colored flames appeared on his fists and forehead. With a loud yell, he freed himself of his handcuffs and jumped forward, capturing the assaulting hand of the chief who was about to hit him again.

''Now, it's time for you to atone for your crimes, chief.''

The boy punched the taller man in his gut, causing the other to bent over and spit out blood of his own. With one directed hit to the back of the other's neck, the chief broke down unconscious.

The teenager looked down at the murderer of one of his allies and scowled in disdain. He wouldn't kill him, but he needed to be put to justice.


The boy turned around in an instant, putting out his dying will flames and caught the little fluff ball in a tight embrace.

''Natsu! Thank you for finding and helping me out! I wouldn't have managed to catch that killer without your help!''


The boy patted the little lion's head, who in return snuggled deeper into the others warm arms.

''Fhew…that was it. Now I only need to call Kyouya and get home before the others notice my absence.''

With that said the young boy took out a bright orange cell-phone and speed-dialed the familiar number of 18.


''What do you want, herbivore? It's in the middle of the n-''

''Kyouya! I need you to pick someone up at Westminster. And could you make it fast, I'm kinda…ti…r..ed…''

''Herbivore? Oi! Tsunayoshi! Damn it, that stupid brat!''

When he opened his eyes again, he was met with a white ceiling. He blinked a few times to adjust to the glaring light, but he soon recognized the room as the infirmary at home.

With a sudden gasp the brunette boy instantly sat up and looked around only to be slammed back down by a firm warm weight on his chest.


''Huh? N-Natsu? How did I get he-''

''You fainted you stupid herbivore! If you can't even capture a suspect without getting yourself hurt than you should let others do the job you seem to be too incompetent of doing!''

Tsuna guilty looked down at his bandaged wrists.

''I'm sorry for worrying you, Kyouya. But…but I needed to do something! Reborn won't ever let me do anything by myself and I don't want to let you all do the work. It's not fair! I might be the boss, but I am also the sky and I don't want to be left out.''

The young brunette boy was panting after he rushed all of that out in one breath and he fisted the soft white blanket in his lap in anger and discontent.

Kyouya was stunned by the others sudden outburst, but closed his eyes when he saw the glistering of tears in the others honey-eyes. He walked over to the boy and sat down at the edge of the bed to his right.

Natsu was watching the cloud guardian with weary eyes, but said nothing. Instead he curled himself around Tsuna's waist and laid his head on the brunette's lap.

''Tsunayoshi, look at me.''

The addressed boy shook his head, firmly focusing his eyes on Natsu in his lap.

Kyouya felt a flash of irritation course through him at the other's childish behavior, but he forced it down. He raised his right hand and hesitantly patted the others soft caramel-colored hair and scratched the others fluffy cat-ears.

Against his will, Tsuna began to emit a quiet purr of content and leaned into the comforting touch.

''Tsunayoshi…you know that that baby only wants for you to be safe, right? He…urgh, I hate to say this, but he l-loves you and so he don't want anything to happen to you. Well, especially not after what has happened last year. He almost lost you, herbivore, we all did.''

Tsuna looked up at hearing the other's deep but shooting voice and swallowed around the lump in his throat.

He put one trembling hand on the other's pale cheek and stroked it comfortingly.

''Kyouya…I-I'm sorry. I understand your pain, I can feel it within me, but I can't be protected all the time. I need to be strong, stronger than now so I can be the one to protect the one close to me. Can't I, Kyouya? I want to be there for you, too.''

A soft sigh escaped the raven's mouth and his hand slowly traveled down his head and landed on a bandaged cheek.

''I…understand. Maybe…maybe it's time to let you choose your own path. But remember Tsunayoshi, you are not alone. We are all here for you. ''

That did it and Tsuna broke out into one of his beautiful bright smiles that lit up the whole room. Kyouya blushed at seeing the cute and adorable face of the small cat-boy and hurriedly looked away.

''Thank you, Kyouya!''

''I-It's alright, herbivore! Now, shut up and rest a bit longer, it's barely 6 o'clock in the morning now.

With that the cloud guardian got to his feet again and left the room.

''Where the hell is he!''

''Ma…ma…calm down Gokudera, he will come around when he gets hungry.''

''He's not you, baseball-freak. I searched everywhere for him, but he isn't here! Dammit, I hope nothing happened to Juudami-''


Suddenly a nearby door with the door number 18 was banged open, revealing a very angered raven-haired teenager with raised tonfas.

''Shut the hell up, herbivore or I'll bite you to death!''

''Grr…Hibari. Have you seen the tenth? He's not in his bedroom, or in the cafeteria or anywhere else in this whole fucking mansion!''

''In the infirmary. Now shut up and let me go back to sleep.''

With that Hibari rudely turned around and slammed the door shut behind him, leaving Yamamoto and Gokudera to gape at the closed door.

''I-Infirmary! What the hell-''

With that Gokudera instantly ran down the floor in lightning speed, followed by an equally worried Yamamoto.

Soon, they arrived at the infirmary and entered with a loud crash as the door was slammed out of its hinges by Gokudera's forceful opening.

''Juudaime! What happened to you! I'm so sorry that I couldn't protect you. I fail to be your right-hand-man, please punish me, Tenth. You have every right to-''

''H-Haya-chan! It's alright, it wasn't your fault. I was just a little careless and see? Nothing really happened. I'm fine.''

Tsuna had raised arms up in the air to demonstrate that he was indeed healthy and smiled endearingly at his storm guardian. The young cat boy patted the still bowing silverette on his head and waved the other occupant of the room, who still stood by the door to come near him.

Yamamoto smiled and sat down on the other side of Tsuna on the bed, while Gokudera took the right seat.

''So, what happened, Tsuna? Where did you get those injuries?''

Tsuna guiltily looked down and fiddled with his hands in his lap.

''W-Well you see…umm…I was –''


''Sawada! I heard you were in the infirmary TO THE EXTREME!''

''Muahahhaha! Stupid-Tsuna landed himself in the infirmary!''

''Kufufufuuffu….so it seems the little rabbit snuck out and got himself in a mess again, eh?''

''Guys! Please don't make a fuss over it…I'm fin-''




Everyone's attention was instantly focused on the man who stood with his green gun raised at the entrance of the infirmary. His black fedora shadowed his face, so the other's had to guess what the hitman felt. Well, it wasn't that heard considering the angry scowl on the handsome face and the rigid posture.

''Hehe…R-Reborn…n-nice to see …you?''

''Out! Everyone LEAVE THIS ROOM AT ONCE!''

''Hey, don't tell me what to do! I want to stay with Juudaim-''


''HHHHHHIIIIIIII! Don't shoot them Reborn!''

The young catboy turned towards his guardians and put on a fake smile, while asking his friends to leave him alone with Reborn for a few minutes.

The other's complied hesitantly and Gokudera had to be dragged out by Yamamoto. Eventually everyone had left the room, except for the stoic hitman, Tsuna and Natsu, who slept peacefully in Tsuna's lap.

Tsuna couldn't look his lover in the eyes, he felt too ashamed of what had happened to him.

A large, warm hand that suddenly cupped his injured cheek, snapped him out of his thoughts.

''*sigh* what am I supposed to do with you, dame-Tsuna? I told you to now leave the room unless someone's with you. Why did you leave unsupervised?''

Tsuna swallowed hard and stroked Natsu's soft fur gently.

''You know, Reborn…I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own home. I can never go outside when I want to, I can never talk to anyone normally and I have to always stay alert for enemies who might want to kill me. I know that I decided to take on the title of the Vongola decimo, but…it hurts, Reborn. I want to be free.''

Reborn felt a pang of guilt in his heart when he saw the dropped ears on top of the younger boys head and the defeated posture.

Acting solemnly on instinct Reborn reached around the young boy and pulled him tightly to his firm, strong chest, holding him as close as possible.

''Tsuna…I…I don't know how to make you feel better. I'm not one for showing my emotions freely. Since meeting you, you changed me so much and I learned to trust again, to have faith in humanity. If it weren't for you, I'm sure that I would have lost myself long before. I know that you have given up your own freedom, your life for all of our sakes and I'm sorry that you were forced into this without a choice. You deserve better, little Tsuna. I'm so sorry for bringing you into this damn world.''

Tsuna felt tears run down his suddenly pale cheek and he pressed himself close to the other's warm body. He wound his fragile arms around his lovers neck and pulled tight, causing the two of them to topple over, with Tsuna on his back and Reborn laying on with his head on Tsuna's chest.

''Reborn…I'm sorry for putting you through this. It's not your fault that I had to become the decimo, it was my fate and I had to fulfill it. And you know what; I don't regret it, nothing of it. Because of you, I could meet everyone and I AM happy, don't doubt that. This is my home and I don't want to leave it. What I meant was…that I wished that you all would trust me more, that I can be allowed to go outside on my own. I know that you are only worrying about me, that you're afraid that I could leave you, but I won't! I won't! This past year…I have grown on my own. I can be strong, because I have all of you here with me. And I'm not afraid, not like before, 'cause I know that if something will ever happen to me, I know that you are all here for me. You will always protect me. Can you…can you let me be free, Reborn? Even for a little while?''

Reborn had listened to the others words in silence, musing over the others feelings. The hitman heard the strong heartbeat underneath his ear and sighed in content. How could he let the other be free, when there was always the possibility that this heart…could stop beating?

''Tsuna…I…don't know if I can. I almost lost you three times by now. And every time I was so sure that you were gone. I can't do that no more. Tsuna, I can't let you die!''

''Shh…I understand. But you know what Reborn? I came back. Every single time…I found my way back into your arms. And you know why I will always come back no matter what happens? Because you love me…because you believed in me. I will do the same since the day that my time will be up for real. Until then…please give the sky back its freedom. Let me be. ''

The older man gulped, swallowed hard to fight against the moisture that gathered in his eyes. Why did he change so much? He had always been by himself, alone, since the day he remembered. He had known the greatest pain, the greatest agony, but that was nothing compared to the fear of loss and heartache that he had felt when he saw his love lying limp and broken on the ground covered in his own blood. Because of this one soul, this one little boy…he became human.

Reborn slowly raised himself up on his elbows and neared his face that of his little lover. Mere centimeters before their lips met, he halted and gazed deeply into those innocent, but perceptive honey-eyes.

''I gave you my heart, sky. And because of that I allowed you to hurt me the deepest and most painful way there is. Please, don't break it. This life you have doesn't belong to only you anymore. Its mine, as well as theirs…if one dies, the others will follow. This is how it is. I will give you freedom, sky. But remember that this life, this heart that beats in your chest will decide about all of our lives. Die and we will follow. So, be careful with what you do. There won't be a second chance.''

With that Reborn leaned in the rest of the way and connected his warm lips with those sinful plump ones beneath his.

After a few seconds they pulled apart and Tsuna smiled lovingly up at his lover.

''I love Reborn. Thank you…for everything.''

''Tche…enough with this useless sentimentalism, it's annoying. ''

With that Reborn pushed the other a little to the side and got under the blanket with the young brunette boy, while pulling him close to his chest.

Tsuna snuggled up to his lover and listened to his strong heartbeat which gently guided him to sleep.

''Our hearts…forever intertwined….''

Reborn looked down at the already slumbering boy and gently caressed his cheek. He pressed a kiss on the others forehead and put his head on top of the others, smirking slightly when the ears twitched a bit and tickled him.

''Sleep well, my sky. I'll always be with you.''

Natsu watched the both of them with a smile of his own and carefully positioned himself next to his master, snuggling into the small back and keeping the adorable cat-boy warm.

So what did change in this one year? Nothing much, really…for Bonds that are once forged can never be broken.

Intertwined for a life time; for as long as that one heart will beat.

...Intertwined Bonds...

Did you like it :D?