Chapter 10


Now I couldn't help it. Nothing could be held back at this point. I slid down the wall, still clutching the beeping phone. Immediately I was drowning in my tears. Each drop left a salty stain on my dress. I no longer gave two cares about this dress.

I could sit here and have a crying binge until Charlie would get worried and come looking. Or I could call him and get it out of the way. I rubbed my eyes and sucked in a few heavy breathes. I hung the phone back on the receiver and picked it up again and dialed the station. I got no answer. I tried again, and the same. I knew Charlie would not appreciate me dialing 911. If no one was answering, Id have to go down there. If my dad could see that I was in mood for festivities, hopefully he wouldn't try and talk me into staying.

When I got in my room and changed into comfy clothes, I saw a picture of Jake and I. Taken right after graduation. We were standing in front of Charlie's cruiser, outside of The Lodge. Jake and I were still casual, I was still in love with the thought of making him happy. We would never be like this again. I could feel it to my bones I was going to lose Jacob.

I need to get to the station. The quicker I get there the quicker I can leave.

The sun would be completely set within the hour. It was a beautiful night. No chill in the air and not a cloud in the sky. Every thing around me outside seemed so still.

No one was at the station yet except for the on and off duty officers. They were all outside, that would explain the un-answered phones.

"Hi Bella! What can I get you to eat?" my dad said.

"Dad, I'm not hungry. Today didn't go so great. My mood is crappy; I just want to stay at home."

He must have seen the tears on the brink of over flowing. He was not going to argue, I could tell.

"Well I'm sending a plate home with you. Eat it at some point tonight."

I agreed and watched my dad over fill a plate with too much food.

He wished me good night and advised me to watch out the window for the fireworks. I slipped off to my truck as I noticed a crowd of cars heading right to this parking lot.

My block was quiet I noticed as I drove home down my street. I presumed everyone would be at the party on this nice night. There was only a faint bit of light left in the sky. I had forgotten to turn on the porch light, but I did leave the kitchen light on.

Once inside I tossed my plate in the fridge. The phone rang, before I could get 'hello' all the way out, the line was disconnected. This was getting extremely frustrating. I began to put away dishes from the counter, when I heard a squeak. I peeked around the corner towards the stairs, it sounded like a door opening slowly. My feet pulled me forward before I completely thought about what I was doing.

Slowly I crept up the stairs. I saw my door gently waving back and forth. Looking into my room, I saw that my window was wide open. I crossed my little room, thinking that I could not remember opening this window.

I looked out my window to the yard below. It's a dry, silent night. The window slammed shut with just a small tug to it. I spun around and nearly choked on my heart it jumped so fast. I starred at the figure in my bedroom doorway, amazed by radiant beauty.

Air was stuck inside my lungs and my eyes were glued open. I had no idea who this…person is. But without a doubt, I knew it was a vampire. She was utterly beautiful. She had pale alabaster complexion, a slim build with slight curves to her body. Loose strawberry blond waves swept down to her shoulders. A few locks fell over her dull orange eyes. They looked as if they were once gold, but had recently been tinged with red.

Then I realized I had an idea of who she was. I remember a conversation that seemed like forever ago. The Cullen's knew a coven who restrained from human blood like they did. Laurent, Victoria's friend had made nice with that coven. I was right all along. A friend of the red eyed vampires had come to avenge their death.

She looked me up and down, possibly wondering if she has found the right person. I still had yet to blink or breathe.

"Bella." Yes, she knew she had the right person. Her voice was soft and lovely. It gave me the chills.

My breath whooshed out, and my heart started racing. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I was going to die here in my little bedroom. No one would hear me scream. No one would see my killer leave. My life would end here, and Id never even done anything worth living.

I felt thankful for the few months of love and happiness Edward had given me. Even though he no longer loved me, my memories and feelings for him would be the last thing I'd feel.

But then I remembered Jacob. He was out in the woods, I hope far away. But who knows maybe he had stuck around. I doubt it but maybe. I still loved him enough to want to distract this vampire. So she wouldn't be done with me and find him too soon.

I was about to speak, to ask who she was when I heard a loud boom!

Embarrassingly, I let out a little squeal. My nerves were already on edge. I looked back out of my window just in time to see the first explosion in the sky. I could see Charlie's firework display perfectly from my window. My room was illuminating red, green, blue and gold flashes of light.

The vampire guest in my room let out a small giggle. My eyes returned to her, I never would have thought it possible, but her face was far more beautiful than before. The light from the fireworks was shinning off her skin with each round of color. Her skin had a faint luminosity to it, every time each explosion was at its brightest.

"Beautiful right?" she said. I nodded. "While you do smell good, I just don't see the attraction. The point, of the entire hubbub everybody's making about you."

I had to speak. "Who's everybody?"

"The Cullen's. Who else?" She stood in my door way very non-chilant. Hearing the name made my heart burn.

"And who are you?" I muttered.

"Im Tanya, from Alaska. A cousin, I guess you could say, Of the Cullen's." Her voice had an accent I couldn't pin down.

The jacket she wore was a dull gray suede; tight around her body and a big fur hood. Traditional blue jeans stretched down her long legs into black hiking boots.

"And your Bella. The Bella!" she exclaimed. Her attitude against me was starting to bother me.

"What's it to you?" I regretfully snapped at her.

"Well you seemed to have caused some tension with my family." She said. Before I could even blink she was across my room and two inches away from my face. "I think that is a little bit of concern to me." So she was here for the Cullen's. Not Victoria.

In my mind she was making no sense. Why would I be any cause for concern for the Cullen's? They left me, without a word.

Tanya stood straight and began to circle me. I was already dazed with confusion and fear and now she's stalking me. She smelled of salt water, pine wood, and roses.

"Not all of them left because they wanted to." She said as if that was something I should already know.

This was news to me. I had figured if Alice, Esme or Carlisle wanted to say goodbye, they would have.

"Im no harm to anybody! Why would they have to leave just because Edward didn't love me anymore?" I exasperate, trying to watch her as she circled me.

"Is that what the boy told you? Its not the story I heard!"

A large lump lodged itself into my throat. I was told he didn't love me anymore and Tanya had been told another reason.

"Your confusing me. Why did you come here?" I asked.

She said in a low voice, "You ask a lot of questions! I came here because I'm a citizen of the law. And I don't feel its fair you're an exception. Whenever I've pursued my human men, I persuade them, it was all a dream. They walk away from the whole thing thinking it was a fantasy of some sort. The Cullen's left you here with all the knowledge of vampires."

My mind remembered the most important vampire rule: secrecy.

"That secret is safe with me. I would never speak of anything, to anyone that didn't already know." I wonder if she could smell the were wolf. "I have other supernatural friends."

"Yes. I can smell the wet mutt." She said with a wrinkle of the nose.

"So you know I will keep my mouth shut, right?" I wasn't trying to push her buttons, but I also wanted to know if this will be the day that I die.

"Yes I suppose you will. But…" she lingered, looking deep into my eyes. She had defiantly had human blood recently. As I watched her iris' look as if they were melting, blood swirled around looking like lava with liquid gold.

"But." I repeated "Your going to kill me anyway." I guessed.

"That's where a difficult decision lies. If I were to feed on you," the way she said feed gave me extreme goose bumps "Edward would no doubt seek my true death."

I couldn't comprehend this. Every time she spoke of Edward, she spoke as if he cared what did, or didn't happen to me.

"Can you tell me something please?" I asked. I tried to look serious and confident. She waved her hand as if to tell me to continue. "What were you told about why they left Forks?"

"I heard about your birthday incident, the trouble with Jasper. Edward loved you so much; still loves you, and he wants you out of harms way. He felt he and his family had caused you far too much pain already. So they left your town. All of them headed north to my family's home. After a few tiffs with Alice, dear Edward took off. Alice said she seen him decide to try and track an enemy. I believe he's held up in South America still."

My heart fluttered out of control with this new information. This would mean, he had lied that day in the woods. If this was true, the whole world had just changed completely. I stared at my bed and contemplated all this. Could this be? I had no proof it was true, I can't bring myself to hope for such a large wish.

Having Edward love me would be my number one wish. Just then I thought of a fairly realistic wish.

"I have a solution. You don't like the fact that Im a human in the know. And I can't have Edward, with being weak and human." I took a deep breath and met Tanya's eyes. "Change me! Tanya please! I wanted it so bad before. It would solve your dilemma; it could mend my broken life. Tanya please, change me!"

Still keeping her eyes to mine, she sat on my bed.

"I wasn't excepting that." She said "I was hoping to come here and find you had no more interest in him. My selfish desire for Edward would have been boosted to know you didn't feel for him as he did for you. Then I could be the one to comfort him. But here you are begging for eternal damnation. You really love him don't you?"

"I really, truly do." All my feelings for Edward came flooding out, including the contempt I felt for this female vampire; she had just proclaimed feelings for my true love. "Now that Im being told, he loves me, as I do him. Id give everything, anything , my soul included to have him again."

"So you are prepared to become a vampire right now, right this minute?" she pondered.

Before I could answer her, a few things happened so fast. Tanya flipped backwards away from me into the far corner of my room. Then I seen Jacob enter my room with a gust of speed. His eyes were burning a hole straight through Tanya. Even though I was more than aware that she could handle herself, I put myself between the vampire and the trembling human boy. She hissed and he growled, another impatient growl came from outside.

The very last of the fireworks made four large booms and a rainbow of all the colors filled my room. Over that noise, Jacobs heavy breathing, my pounding heart. In my ear, Edward told me 'Be careful.'

Jacob backed up a few steps to be in the doorway. He gripped the frame and I was afraid he would snap the wood right off. His massive body filled the whole doorway. Every muscle was hyper aware. All his length was barely covered with one simple pair of boxers

"Bella. Move so I could get the leach." He said through his teeth. Tanya hissed ferociously behind me.

"No! She's not a threat to me. Do you think Id still be alive if she was?" I asked him. "What are you doing here? You and Corena should be back at the rez by now."

"I was having a hard time tearing myself away from you. I was wondering the woods, thinking, when I caught this disgusting smell. Who is she Bella, and why are you protecting her?"

"She's a friend of the Cullen's. She came here to talk to me about them."

"Damn it, I heard her say she was going to turn you into one of them. Im not going to let her harm you. MOVE!" Jacob was now yelling at me, with a great amount of anger in his voice.

"No" I shouted. "For your information I asked her if she would change me."

"What?" he growled "How in the hell does that make any sense Bella? Do you know what that means?"

"I haven't yet agreed to this. I don't want the responsibility of being your creator." Tanya interrupted.

"Now that I smell you, Ive smelled your stink before." Jake spoke to Tanya with a cold bitterness. "You've been out in these woods stalking Bella. Your probably here for more than a friendly conversation." Jake snapped at her.

"I know what Im asking for Jacob. Nothings done yet, you don't need to talk to me or this vampire like that in my house." I lectured. I couldn't afford for these two to come to blows here in my house.

"Bella how do you know she would even stop once she starts feeding on you? Your asking her to make you my enemy? You couldn't do it anywhere around here. I would have to kill you!" Jake said. His face was pail and he was still trembling with anger, fighting the change.

"Whoa Jake, calm down with that." It broke all of the spirit I had left in me to hear him speak those words. If I were to change; end my life for immortality, he would seek me out to permanently end my life. He was bound to. It is his nature, his law. And I couldn't put that on Jacob. "I don't know if Im even wanted as a vampire. She tells me Edward loves me, but can't be with me as long as Im human. And I need him Jacob."

Confessing this to him made me cry. "I can't have you anymore. I never deserved you, now you have Corena. There is no use for me in your life. I have to seek Edward out, I have to know if I can have a chance with him, if I can live his way of life."

As soon as I stopped talking, the tears stopped. When I looked up at Jake his tough guy demeanor had faltered. His lips were turned down into a deep frown; his hands lay limp at his side. Sadness stretched across his face. Somehow he was able to ignore that there was a vampire in the room, Jake walked to me and took me in his arms.

"You will always have a place in my life. I hate being a wolf. If it weren't for this damn imprinting thing we could be together. We are meant to be together. If it wasn't for the supernatural, nothing would be tearing us apart right now." He complained.

"I know." I said.

Not even a minute had gone by and Tanya made her annoyance clear. She grunted to break our moment.

"I did come here for a reason. I didn't expect you to still love Edward so much. I can't kill you, and I won't be the one to change you. If the Cullen's have no interest in you, you wouldn't be able to live with me and mine." She directed at me.

I broke out of the hold with Jacob and walked over to her.

"If there's any way at all Edward would want me, I need to know. If he doesn't want me, he's yours. But you know you can't have him if he still loves me." I mused.

"Yes. I do know that. So how shall we solve this?" she asked.

"Take me to the Cullen's. Let me ask them myself if Im welcome. I'll contact Edward, he can tell me the truth. And then I'll figure things out for myself no matter what his answer is."

Tanya was thinking this over. "I can handle that, if this boy will let me leave."

I turned to Jake. He still had a frown on his face. He huffed a breath out of his nose then spoke. "If I let this cold one live, if I let you seek him out. Will you please reconsider becoming one of them? I know that today has hurt you, Corena and I. I want you to be happy Bella. But happy as a human. Please Bella."

"Jake. I can't promise anything, I don't know anything yet."

"Come on, Im going against every last instinct I have to even think about letting this vamp go. Give me something. I wont let you go unless I know you may come back human." He shuttered at the last word.

"Okay. I wont make any decision until I find out everything. And you'll be the first to know." I said.

A small howl came from outside. I knew Corena must be getting impatient.

"Im sorry about this whole day." He said to me softly.

"Me too." I agreed.

He shot Tanya one last hateful look and took off down the stairs and out of my house.

Tanya looked amused. "Ready?"

"Actually Im not. I have a father, I can't leave without a word. Can you give me two days?" I asked.

"I suppose, Ive already been in this area for a week or so, two more days of hunting shall be fun."

"Tanya, Im curious. Why are your eyes that color?" I asked.

She let out a small laugh, it sounded like bells ringing in the wind. "Unfortunately, while I was feeding on a bear, some hunters came across me and my dinner. They shot at me, the bullets bounced off. So I had to stop them before they reported their findings. Oops. I sure have missed human blood." She winked at me. "But now I feel dirty. I can't go home to my family with orange eyes. Waiting on you may benefit me."

"Have you been calling my house?" This question made me anxious. I was wondering if it was her, but at the same time, hoping maybe it was someone else.

"Guilty again. I was here trying to get to you, but you always seemed to be with someone. I couldn't very well come too close, I could smell the dog in the area. So I tried to catch you alone. And here it worked."

I wanted to keep asking her questions, but my dad pulled up to the house in his police cruiser. Tanya watched him pulled up. She smiled and looked at me.

" I will see you in two days." She said. When my father walked into the house, Tanya slipped out my window into the night.