Long Lost

As soon as I woke, I felt my nerves all throughout my body. My eyes were teary and my lips trembled. Today is the last day of this life as I know it. Within hours, I will be leaving behind all I've grown to know. Far away: another life maybe waiting for me.

The sorrow I felt about leaving my friends and parents behind was replaced by the uncertainty of the unknown. I was trying to prepare myself mentally. I thought about the pain of transformation, also the pain of rejection.

Another thought I had, was what if he does truly accept me back? I was holding off on this hope- it seems so farfetched. But what if he loves me still? Hopefully I could confirm this with one of the Cullens. If I could reach him, and ask him to change me, I can only hope he'd want to keep me. I would treasure him, and do whatever I could to keep him mine forever.

All these thoughts and more were balled up in one heavy dose of fear. I lay in my bed as long as possible. After an hour of hiding under my covers and thinking, I was drawn out of my room by the smell of cinnamon and bacon.

I walked into the kitchen in my p.j.'s and witnessed something I'd only seen a few times before. Charlie was hovering over the stove franticly stirring and flipping whatever he could keep his hands on.

"Morning Dad." I said as I sat at the table, amused by watching my father cook.

"Good morning. I thought I'd send you off with a good breakfast in your stomach. There's bacon and scrambled eggs. I've got cinnamon rolls in the oven, pineapple orange juice in the fridge and some strawberries on the side."

I was very impressed. I'd never known him to put so much thought into a meal. "Thanks Dad." I smiled, "It smells great."

When we were done eating, I felt stuffed. I had eaten a lot of everything. I cleaned up the mess Dad had made throughout the kitchen.

"So what's your plan for today Bella?" Dad asked.

"I'm going to pack some clothes, clean my room up, and around four-ish I'll call a cab. Since I've got some extra cash, I won't need a ride to the airport." I informed him.

Before I could finish talking, the door bell rang. I had my hands in soapy water, so Charlie went to see who it was. I heard my dad say "Wow. Hello." But I couldn't make out the mumbles after that. I had collected the pans in the mean time. I was scrubbing them in dishwater when Charlie came back to the kitchen.

"Look who it is Bella." He said. When I turned to the door way, Alice was standing there. Without thinking I spun around in shock, still holding the soapy pan. I can't believe she is here, I was in such awe I dropped the pan.

She looked wonderful. Something inside of me had expected her to change in some small way. But she was exactly the same. Her small frame was holding up a strapless pink baby doll dress with way high heels on.

When I didn't move, she giggled and said "Nice to see you too Bella. Miss me?"

"More than you know" I mumbled. I stayed frozen. I came back around when I noticed Charlie cleaning up my soapy mess on the floor. He was done before I could even help him. I sat at the table and just stared at my long lost friend.

Finally Charlie broke the silence. "So what are you doing here Alice? Just visiting or has your family moved back?" I could tell it was a loaded question.

She came over and joined me at the table. "Just me, I'm just visiting. I'm heading off for a trip in Paris before I start at University of Oxford this fall. My flight leaves tonight from Seattle. I thought if I was around, Bella might like to see me."

"You'll never believe it Alice, but Bella's leaving for Europe from Seattle tonight also." Charlie said, genuinely excited.

"Really! Oh Bella will you drive out with me? I'd love to catch up with you!" Alice radiated happiness.

I gave a small nod and whispered "Yeah." I still couldn't believe she was here.

My dad excused himself to leave for work. He promised to be home around 4 to wish me off.

Once he was out in the patrol car, my emotions got the better of me and I began sobbing. Alice seemed a bit shocked and just sat across from me looking in different directions. Then she pulled a pick and black scarf from off her purse and handed it to me.

"I thought you wanted to see me?" she asked.

I looked at her confused.

"I saw you decide to ask Tanya to contact me. And well to be honest I didn't see her decide to truly get a hold of me."

That thought made me sick to my stomach. I shouldn't have put so much trust in Tanya if she never planned to call Alice for the meeting half way.

"I did know you wanted to see me, and I didn't want to stay away from you any longer if you knew." She said.

My heart fluttered because I knew what she was speaking of. "He does then? He still loves me?"

She nodded with a smile. "Of course he does Bella. He's absolutely miserable without you. I've been wanting to come back for months. But I couldn't 'see' that turning out well. Edward and I," My heart felt heavy when she said his name "we fought quite a bit, before he went on a tracking mission. He demanded I stay away from here."

"What do you mean, a tracking mission? Since when could…he track?" I asked.

"He just thought he'd give it a try. He's no good at it." She giggled "But he's been trying to track Victoria. He didn't want her coming back here for you. He would call in and I'd give him some of her decisions. But I haven't been able to see anything from her in a long while. So Edward's just been sulking around Rio De Janero. He won't even answer our phone calls anymore."

I was amazed I knew something and Alice didn't. "There's a reason you haven't seen Victoria decide anything. She's dead. Jacob and his friends killed her."

Alice's face looked blank with something I've never seen before: shock.

"Who is Jacob?" she frowned in perplexity.

"Jacob…he's sort of my best friend."

"And how did this Jacob and friends kill Victoria?"

I wasn't sure if this was okay to tell. But I figured if they are both part of this super natural world, it would be okay to talk about it.

"Well Jake and his friends, they are werewolves. Its' in their Quileute blood."

She sat very still with a blank, far away look in her eyes. I was getting anxious, so I put my hand on her cold hand and she finally looked at me.

"I was thinking there was something going wrong with my visions." Her eyelids fluttered and she still had that far away look. "For a while I kept seeing just flashes of you and Victoria. But one day I couldn't see her at all anymore. And after that day my visions of you got less and less. Until a few days ago, then your decisions were front and center and involved me." Her beautiful face was very obviously frustrated.

After a few minutes, surprised splashed across her face.

"What is it Alice." I asked nervously.

"I'm pretty sure, I can't see these werewolves. That would make the most sense. Have you spent a lot of time with this Jacob since we've been gone?" she asked.

"Yeah. Most of my time has been with him; up until the other day. That's so odd! I wonder why you can't see them?"

"I wonder too." She replied angrily. "Anyways, I wasn't going to let you leave with Tanya if I didn't see her calling me."

"So you're not really going to Paris?" I smiled bleakly.

"No." she smiled widely. "But we can! I haven't been on a shopping spree in ages."

"I need to see him Alice. I'll go wherever he is, I'll do whatever." I begged. If anyone knew what Edward meant to me, Alice would.

"Bella. I don't even know exactly where he is. And only Carlisle and Esme know I'm here. Jazz thinks I'm visiting and old friend. I'm going to have to return to Alaska soon."

"Well, listen, you're taking me with you, I don't care what you tell the others. I'm coming with you." I demanded.

"Okay okay. I'll just tell Jasper the truth. I am going to have a talk with Tanya about her intentions."

I blew that off for a moment. There were things that had to be done. Alice joined me in my room so I could pack. I got my bags out and Alice already started on my closet. She shook her head in dissatisfaction many times. Her fashion instincts took over. She was matching my tops and jeans when she came across my dress from the wedding.

"There is no way this is yours." She said while holding the dress on the hanger up to her body. "Who left this here?"

"It's mine." For the second time in a long time, Alice was shocked. "Honest."

"You picked this out yourself?"

"Yes." I replied.

"Oh Bella, you do have style under the sweats and t-shirts." She said laughing. "Can I try it on?"

I said sure and she had her strapless dress off and my party dress on before I could blink. The dress hung a little longer on her. But not by much, I'm only a few inches taller than her. She twirled in it just like I had and I giggled.

"I missed you Alice."

She winked at me and said. "I know."