Chapter 14


Alice and I spent a little bit of time packing my bags. When we were done with that we headed off to the grocery store to stock up on food for Charlie. Alice showed distaste for the nice car she'd got. "It was the only decent car the rental place had" she said as she made a face. In my opinion, the light gold Audi A5 fit her perfectly.

I had been avoiding asking her straight forward questions about Edward. She had told me when they left Forks after my birthday; the family went to Tanya's before figuring out their next destination. After not being able to agree upon anything; in large part to Rosalie's bitterness towards Edward for making them leave, Edward followed a lead from Alice's vision and began trying to track Victoria. Once he was gone Esme and Carlisle moved out to New York. Rosalie and Emmett traveled to Europe on another honeymoon. And Alice and Jasper decided to stay in Alaska. They were all back now, staying with the Denali's again.

They had found Laurent living with the Denali's when they arrived there. He had taken off shortly after Alice and Jasper decided to stay. Alice had asked me if he faced the same death as Victoria, because she had been 'blind' when she tried to see him. I told her about the day in the meadow with the wolves.

Thinking of the wolves ticked Alice off. Neither of us could figure out why they were blinding her gift.

Alice had started asking questions about my life since they'd been gone. She was quickly disappointed when I had nothing to relay. We talked the little I knew about the people from school, my fling with Jake and that was all I really had go on since they'd left.

Around four thirty, Charlie came home. He had a couple of pizzas and a small gift bag. Alice claimed to not be hungry; although I knew different, her eyes were nearly all black.

Charlie handed me the gift when we were done. I pulled out the tissue paper to find a small book, about the size of a VHS box. It was hard covered with a picture of any tree you would find in Forks. Tall, wet, and covered in soggy green moss.

I had a huge lump in my throat. How am I going to keep a journal of Europe from Alaska?

"Thanks dad." I said sheepishly.

"Welcome Bells. I want you to write it all, everything. This will be the trip of a lifetime. You don't have to let anyone read it if you don't want to. It's for you, something you can read as an old lady." He chuckled to himself.

He sounded very passionate. And while I admired the simple book, I knew I would do just as my dad intended. All the things I would experience and feel would go on these pages. They can be the words I can either read to bring back the past memories of an old mind, or the beginning of the story to my immortal life.

"I promise dad. I think it's a great idea." We hugged and Alice entered the room carrying the three bags we packed together.

"We have to get going Bella. If we wait any longer I'll be speeding to make good timing." She chimed.

My dad walked to the drawer in the kitchen and pulled out the camera he had gotten for my last birthday. I stared at it with distaste because this was something I could not document.

I hugged him again on the porch, and said our teary goodbyes I looked around at my dad's home, and felt sad to possibly never see it again. Charlie didn't say much as we walked to Alice's car with the top down. When I got in to join her, I took her picture, then my dad's. She pulled away from my house with a disgusted look on her face.

"I'm putting the top up! There's a wet dog in the neighborhood." She muttered.

I stared out of the window, saying my silent goodbyes to the town I once hated. My eyes stung with the feeling of wanting to cry, because now, this was my home. Already I missed everything I saw.

When we got out of town, Alice didn't even have time to speed up before she slammed on her breaks. I jerked forward.

I looked at her, "Alice, what's the deal?" Then she let out a menacing hiss.

"Is this your friend?" she asked.

My eyes wondered to the road in front of us and Jacob stood there barefoot and bare-chested. Alice pulled over to the shoulder of the road. I scrambled out of the car. The first thing I seen was three large wolves hiding at the edge of the trees. Teeth bared on all three. I knew them immediately, Sam, Paul and Embry.

Jacob met me half was, and we were still in the middle of the lane.

"Who's she? Where's that other leach from your room?" he practically growled.

His tone scared me. So I spoke softly "Tanya wasn't coming. So Alice did. She's Edwards's sister."

"What do you mean? That other one was here. Her scent is still fresh."

"I didn't know that, but I'm going with Alice. She is going to help me."

"You're just willing to trust all these blood suckers with your life. I don't understand you!"

"Jacob, Alice isn't going to harm me, and I know it. She came here to help me."

He trembled with anger and I could see it in his eyes too. I took one step closer to him and he didn't flinch away from me, so I know it was okay and I grabbed his hands.

"Trust me, please Jake?" I said softly.

His eyes still looked so angry, but his body seemed to soften up. He squeezed my hands a little tighter, and brought me in a little closer. I was about to give him a hug when he said, "This isn't right." And he took off, running into the woods. The others lingered a minute, and then raced off behind him.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stood in the street. I didn't want to start crying because I'd have to get back in the car with Alice. I took long deep breaths through my nose, but it was pointless. It started to rain in that moment. So I let the tears fall.

When I got back in the car, I assured Alice we were okay and she drove off. She hit the gas and we practically flew through the woods. We drove long past the sun setting, and the rain continued, as well as my tears. Alice didn't say anything. Before I knew it I was asleep.

The bright lights from the airport woke me. Alice already had my bags on a cart, ready to go. She smiled when I was fully awake and told me it was time to go.

Before I knew it we were seated on the plane, and taking off to Alaska. My nerves were flipping all over my stomach and I felt nauseas. I stared up a conversation with Alice to keep from throwing up.

"Jake said Tanya's scent was near and fresh. Did you smell her?"

"Yes when we left your house I smelled her. She got a whiff of me, and I seen her decide to go home. So we'll all have a nice little reunion when we get there." She said sarcastically.

"Do you think the rest of the family will be mad you brought me?" I wondered out loud.

Surprisingly it took her a minute to answer me. "No. I don't think so. I know Carlisle and Esme won't mind, Emmett either. But Jasper and Rose I'm sure they will be…peeved I didn't listen to Edward."

"Alice, can you see me being one of you?"

Again, more silence from her. "No Bella. I can't see that right now. I won't be able to see that until Edward makes that decision." When she seen the glum look on my face, she tried to reassure me. "Don't worry Bella. When we see or talk to Edward we will figure it all out."

That really didn't make me feel any better. I hoped for her to say yes. I laid my head back, closed my eyes and let the few reserved tears escape.

After a few minutes, I barely heard it, but I was sure Alice was talking. When I opened my eyes, she was speaking into the phone on the back of the seat in front of her. When she hung up, she looked at me with a small grin.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Tanya is home. She lied to Jasper and the rest about where she'd been. I told him to gather all the family, but not to tell Tanya I'm coming. We should be there in about an hour. I didn't tell him you were with me."

My heart started racing, and I was bouncing in my seat. I was afraid of the confrontation with Tanya in her home. But I was also excited to reunite with the Cullen's who liked me.

I started thinking of the devastatingly sad look on Jacobs face as he ran off to the woods. I feel such horrible guilt for hurting him this way. He never meant to hurt me, Corena imprinting on him was nothing he could control. But here I am, being selfish and bringing this pain upon his heart. Although I would do anything to have my Edward back, I still have to find some way to make Jacob happy again.

As the plane landed at the smallest airport I'd ever seen, Alice looked me in the eyes and asked if I was ready. Even though I was completely nervous about everything to come, I told her "Absolutely."

The weather was cold enough; Alice had to change her clothes in the airport restroom. She had brought along my thick winter coat, knowing it would be chili here. Even at night time, the sky was deep gray clouds instead of black night. It looked as if snow was going to explode from the dark clouds at any moment.

Our drive to Tanya's took nearly an hour. Alice blamed it on the 'old grandma car'. A 2000 ford Taurus was the nicest car the airport had to rent.

Alice was visibly nervous driving along the thin road she said would lead us to the Denali house. She was rubbing her thumbs back and forth on each other. If she wasn't careful, she just might break the steering wheel in half.

"We're here" she said. And when she rounded the corner I was shocked by the Denali Covens home. It appeared to be a one level wood cabin. Only it could probably take up half a city block, it was so long. The road took us up straight to the door way.

When Alice drove up to the elegant double glass doors, Jasper was out and opening Alice's door in half a second. They embraced each other for a long time. I stayed seated, even though I knew Jasper could smell me. I thought it would be best for her to announce my presents.

Alice walked him over to the passenger door and opened it. Before I could even step out, Jaspers voice was livid.

"What have you don't Alice?" he growled.

"Not me, Tanya! I asked you what her story was because I knew she was in Forks, not Quebec like she claimed."

He shook his head back and forth. Then he held out a hand, to help me out of the car. His hand was just as cold as the air around us.

"Pardon me Bella." He said with his old southern accent. "It's nice to see you again. I hope you hold no ill will against me for the last time we seen one another."

My birthday flashed across my mind and I remembered seeing Jaspers ravenous face charge at me. I must have gotten tense with the memory, because I quickly felt Jaspers calming influence throughout my body. "Of course not Jasper, I'm glad to see you."

His gentlemanly smile faded and he said "As I'm happy to see you well, I'm curious," he looked at Alice "Why is she here?"

Alice exhaled. "I saw Tanya head to Forks, I really didn't think much of it, until I seen Bella decide to ask Tanya to contact me. But Tanya's decisions did include Bella but not me, I had to intervene."

"What did Tanya want with Bella" he asked.

"She didn't like that I knew about vampires and I am still human. And she thought if I were out of the pictures, Edward could love her, not me." I explained.

He looked back at Alice and she fluttered her eyes. "Yes she knows. That's how she got me to bring her here. Is everyone available to talk?"

"Everyone is but Carlisle, Esme and Kate. But they are already on their way. What are we discussing?" Jasper questioned.

"Bella?" She chimed. She twirled and grabbed my hand to enter the house. When we approached the doors, the environment smelled just as Tanya had. Like roses, pine and crisp salt water. When I walked in, the décor stood out. It looked nothing like you would think based on the woodsy surroundings and cabin design. The inside was more like an elegant five star hotel. Chandeliers hung from every corner, art work graced all the walls, and big pieces of furniture were carefully placed throughout the room.

Nobody was around while I marveled at the antiques. Alice pointed to the right of the house, a long hallway with about a dozen doors. "Bedrooms" was all she said. We started walking to the left of the grand entrance room. It was another very long hall with only four doors to the left and two on the right. When we came to that second door, Alice gripped my hand a little harder and flashed me a small smile.

I was sure I was ready to get everything rolling, so I nodded my head at her.

When we walked in, there was a lot to take in. I looked to my right, and in the far corner was a gourmet kitchen. No lights were on and there was nothing on the counters. It was just there for show.

A little closer was a formal dinning room. There was a long dark wood table with twenty or so chairs, A full set of dishes in front of every seat.

Directly in front of us was a huge pool table made of the same dark wood and blue felt. I was amazed by the rest of the room. Well the wall mostly. From the pool table on down to the end of the room, was a long library of thousands of books. A large flat TV and bulky, comfy furniture filled up the rest of the book area.

Rosalie and Emmett shot up from the couch when we walked in. A dark haired couple and a platinum blond woman stood as well but stayed near the couch.

"Alice, what's going on here?" Rosalie said as she was looking me up and down. Emmett just stared, arms crossed with a huge grin plastered on his face.

"Where's Tanya?" Alice said sourly.

The blond woman from across the room was joined with us in the blink of an eye.

"Why?" she exclaimed

"My friend and I have some talking to do with her, Irina. Would you mind telling me where she is?" replied Alice.

"Who's your friend?" Irina pressed.

"It's Bella." said a familiar voice from behind me. I got the chills as soon as I seen Tanya appears next to Irina.

"Edwards Bella? How do you know this is her sister?" Irina asked.

I felt a warm burst in my heart to hear her say 'Edwards Bella'. I suddenly wished Jasper were in the room to calm my nerves. Being the only human in front of all these vampires is as scary as you'd think.

"Yes Tanya, how did you know who this is?" Alice practically hissed.

Rosalie stepped up. "Alice, this is your family. What is with the hostility?"

Out of nowhere, I felt the need to say something, to stand up for myself. I wasn't going to have no one fight about me.

"Tanya came to meet me, at my house. After talking with her, she said she was going to bring me up here. But that never happened. Alice seen some of my decisions, and wanted to come get me herself." I said looking Tanya in her deep gold eyes. She must have drowned out the red with animal blood.

By now, the dark haired couple was standing in the group with everyone else. The gorgeous dark haired women asked "Tanya, I thought you had been in Quebec?"

Tanya didn't speak and her eyes were glowing with hate as she looked upon me. Her lips were starting to peel back over her teeth, when I felt a wave of serenity roll through me. Then her mouth relaxed and she threw a glare at Jasper who was now at Alice's side.

A sound of annoyance came from Emmett as he cleared his throat. "Somebody please, get the story rolling."

"I went to meet this human girl, so what?" Tanya said to the group. "She let me know how desperate she was to become a vampire, and I agreed to bring her here. But I quickly changed my mind." she folded her arms and rose her head snobbishly.

"And as for your plans to call me?" Alice reminded.

"I had no plans to do so okay. I had no idea this girl was of importance to you Alice."

Alice said "She is." At the same time that Rosalie said "She isn't."

"Well she is. And if you don't want her here with me, just say so." Alice folded her arms to mock Tanya.

Tanya shook her arms out and stood up straight. She said nothing.

"We will be here only long enough to get ahold of Edward. Does anyone know where Carlisle is?" said Alice.

"Hunting. Why do you need Edward?" Rosalie asked.

"She knows Rose. We all know how much he truly loves her. I'm going to take her to him."

"Is that such a good idea? Their relationship didn't work. That's why he left Alice." said Rosalie "It's not your place to interfere."

This really got me heated and I spoke before thinking. I instantly regretted it. "But it involves me too. Id I asked for Alice's help, so it's not your place to interfere."

Her mouth was pressed in a hard line and her big golden eyes looked menacing. She had always disliked me, and this had helped solidify her feelings.

Alice spoke, breaking the tension. "Tanya, Irina. Do Bella and I need to leave or can she stay here with me?"

"She's welcome to stay Alice" Irina said.

"There's no reason she can't, right Tanya?" She looked at Tanya who was still staring me down.

She didn't say anything just stormed out of the door we entered. Rosalie was right on her heels.

Emmett hugged me and spun me around. When he set me down I nearly stumbled. "I've missed you clumsy little girl." He said before following Rosalie out the door.

Right as Alice and I sat across the room on the big couch, Carlisle, Esme, and who I assumed to be Kate, walked in the big French doors near the kitchen area. They caught my familiar scent right away, because I was in Esme's arms immediately. She hugged me as gently as possible, and kept whispering 'oh Bella' in my ear. Over her shoulder, I saw Alice explaining things to Carlisle. Esme let me go, and brushed her cool fingers along my blushing cheeks.

I seen Carlisle get on his phone and walk away. Alice had a huge grin on her face, for half a second. Her eyes went far away and she started to squint and mumble.

Carlisle rushed back to her side, "What wrong Alice?"

She blinked about a hundred times before Carlisle repeated himself. Her eyes finally focused, she looked straight into my eyes and said "Edward disappeared…he decided to go to Germany…and then he disappeared." By the end of her sentence she was speaking in a bewildered whisper.